Monday, June 11, 2007

6/11/2007 Results

TPIR: It's Grand Finale Week time! Today's first four players are Samira Howley, Ashley Norwood, Sonja Purnell and Daniel Pitt. The first IUFB is a surrey cycle. Bids:

Samira: $1,200
Ashley: $750
Sonja: $1,150
Daniel: $1,201

ARP: $2,395, so Pitt will walk the Golden Road! Starting with a can of Geisha mushrooms marked at 81 cents, this man can win some flatware, a bumper pool table....and believe it or not, he also has a chance to win THE MOST EXPENSIVE NON-CASH PRIZE EVER OFFERED ON ANY VERSION OF THIS SHOW, AND IT'S WORTH MORE THAN $100,000!!!!! It's a Fleetwood Terra LX 31" Motorhome!!! Let's start with the flatware, which is $ _ 9 5. Pitt picks 8 and of course is right. The price of the bumper pool table is $ 2, _ 4 9, and the choices are 5, 8 and 9. Of course, Pitt picks 5 here....but it's $2,849! Darn!

Next is George Joseph, and the second IUFB is a pair of mobile phones. Bids:

George: $891
Samira: $960
Ashley: $700
Sonja: $800

ARP: $1,157, so Howley will play the Punchboard. She manages to clear the SPs for four punches. She punches out holes #1, #4, #10 and #50, and she says this is her favorite game!
#1 has $50. #4 has twice as much. #10 has the $10,000! I think Roger wanted to make up for the cruel Golden Road playing by putting a $10,000 slip in a corner, and players in this game love to punch those corners!

New player is Amy Jam, and the third IUFB is a refrigerator/freezer. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Downy. Bids:

Amy: $1,800
Ashley: $2,000
Sonja: $2,200
George: $2,291

ARP: $2,399, so Joseph will play Most Expensive for a TV, a dinette and a treadmill. He thinks the TV is the most expensive. The dinette is $3,477, the treadmill is $1,899....and the TV is only $2,199, so he loses.

SSD1: Joseph spins 60...and 40 for $1 and $1,000! It's not matched (although the lady almost got $1 total on her second spin by not quite getting to 80 cents after spinning 20 cents on her first spin), so he's in the Showcase.

Afterwards, the first of the 15-second goodbye speeches was shown!

Next is Daniel Reese, and the fourth IUFB is a sofa. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Senokot. Bids:

Daniel: $2,500
Amy: $1,700
Ashley: $1,701
Sonja: BUCK

ARP: $1,749, so Norwood will play for a hot tub in Squeeze Play. Board:


Guess is $4,495, removing the obvious zero....she wins!

The next one to "Come on Down" is Cheryl Powers, and the fifth IUFB is a pair of his and her watches. Bids:

Cheryl: $1,500
Sonja: $2,400
Daniel: $3,000

ARP: $1,149, so Jam will play Dice Game for a Chevy Cobalt. First number is 1. She rolls a 1 as the second number, which is obviously wrong, but it's a freebie. It's 4. For the third number, she rolls a 3 and says higher, but it's 2 and she loses. ARP: $14,234.

The last player is Donahi Casanova, and the final IUFB is luggage. Bids:

Donahi: $899
Cheryl: $950
Sonja: $750
Daniel: BUCK

ARP: $580, so Reese will play Hi-Lo for a pair of motorscooters. Products are Hair Clog Blaster, Campbell's Soup, Dole Diced Peaches, Nesquik, Ziploc bags and Cortaid. First pick is the Cortaid, and that's $9.99. Second pick is the hair clogger, and that's $6.99. Final pick is the Ziploc bags, and that's $2.79. The soup is $1.07, the peaches are $2.15....and the Nesquik is $4.39, so he loses.

The Dice Game loser goes to the Showcase.

The first Showcase has sleepwear, a bedroom and a waverunner. Jam bids $17,000. Joseph sees prizes related to legends. First, there's a collection of Elvis CDs and a stereo system. Second, the legend of King Arthur could be learned in England. Finally, a legend like Bob Barker can offer a new Ford Mustang (Std., Prot)! Joseph bids $32,157.

ARP for Joesph: $32,959, a difference of only $802! That totally shocked me, because I thought for sure he was over! ARP for Jam....

...$17,046, meaning she's a DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER!!!!!! Total: $51,154!

Jeopardy!: Susan Mitchell had some rough luck the last time, but she's still the champ and has $30,699 after two shows. Tonight, she's defending against Matt Locke and Karla Scotland. Opening categories:

"The New York Times"- Travel

Huge misplay on the $800 clue on Joe Ranft- on a clue with "A Bug's Life" as the correct response, Locke was incorrect with "What is Ant?", and then Mitchell was wrong with "What is Antz?"! At the first break, the champ is the only one with money, with $2,600. Late in the round, she gets on a roll and with two clues left in the round, both in the Shakespeare category, she finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue. With $7,600, she bets $1,000:

"Casual Juries"

"What is Julius Ceasar?"...right again to go to $8,600! She loses the $1,000 back on the final clue, but still has a giant lead with her $7,600. Locke has $600 and Scotland has $400.

DJ! categories:

THE LIFE OF THE SEA (All clues will be video ones, shot from the Seamore Center's Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz).

Mitchell continues her romp early in the round. The man finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in Sarah-Dipity, but only with $1,400, and he trails the other lady by $200 for second place. He bets the $2,000 max:

Mel Torme said this jazz great had "the single best vocal instrument of any the popular field".

He draws a blank. Correct: Who is Sarah Vaughn? He's back in the hole with $600 in it. The champ finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in The Life of the Sea. She is unstoppable now at $14,800, while the other lady has $1,600 and the man is still $600 in debt. The champ bets a grand:

As a bottom dweller, the sculpin has the smallest dorsel fins, but holds itself steady with these big fins.

She blanks out. The big fins are called pectoral fins. At the end of the round, she has the game locked up with 19 grand. The other lady has four large and the man just barely makes it to FJ! with $600.

FJ! category: Entertainers in the '60s.

He won three straight Emmys for dramatic acting and a record six straight Grammys for comedy albums.

The champ is the only one to have the right response of "Who is Shatner?", as in former "Show Me the Money" host William Shatner, but didn't bet anything. Three-day total: $49,699.

Lingo: It's another men vs. women battle. This time, it's Matt and Chris facing Ellen and Stephanie. The boys get the game's first 25 points by solving FROST in three. Board:


They pull 23 and 39. After not being able to come up with SCALE with S-ALE showing, the ladies steal to tie it up. Their first board:


They draw 04 and 08, making 44 available for a Lingo. They get THESE in three to double their score. But Ellen has a stopper right away. The boys then tie it back up with BAKED in four. Matt has 19 and Chris has 07, opening up 03 and 27. But they goof when they repeat their first guess of QUILT on their third guess, which results in an automatic DQ. The ladies then steal QUITS in four to go to 75. They draw 28 and 52, but neither one is of any help. The ladies get HARSH in four to reach 100. Ellen has 20, opening up 24....and Steph has 24 for a Lingo and 150!
They steal ROBIN to go to 175. Their new board:


They get 02 and 54 as the round comes to a close.

The ladies keep it going by stealing PENNY. Ellen has 18, meaning that a WILD or 24 will give them another Lingo...but Stephanie has 64. They walk into ORGAN on their fourth guess to go to 275, but Ellen has a stopper. But the men lose their turn when they say APRIL on their third guess, which is a proper noun. The ladies then steal APART right off the bat to go to 325. Ellen has 32, opening up 36...while Stephanie has 50, opening up 42 and 06. They continue their domination with a solve of LOOSE in two to reach 375. Ellen has a WILD, so they now go to 475! They just miss tying the maingame scoring record of 675, but they still win with 575.

With three Bonus Letters, they only manage to get three words. Board:


With the recent luck in this show's studio, it wouldn't surprise me if one of the ladies gets 20 on the first pull for $10,000, and thus we would have two straight jackpot wins. Ellen has...06, opening up 02 and 16. Stephanie has 12, which is of no help. Ellen, on the last draw, has.....14, so after such a great maingame performance, they only leave with $300. Darn.
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