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6/21/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Back with us now is Charles Shelton. He resumes the game with this $4,000 query:

A popular kind of sushi, a California roll commonly features what type of "imitation" seafood in it?

A: Squid
B: Tuna
C: Crab
D: Eel

He calls Beth, who says squid, but is not sure. He agrees over. It was actually crab, so he leaves with $1,000.

Next to enter the hot seat is Rosemary Balsinger from Medina, Ohio. For $2,000:

Written over 2,000 years ago, Euclid's "Elements" was a ground-breaking text in what field?

A: Philosophy
B: Mathematics
C: Astronomy
D: Linguistics

She gave me a bit of a scare here, but her guess of mathematics is right for $2,000. For $8,000:

Which of these comedies features both Luke and Owen Wilson?

A: "Old School"
B: "Meet the Fockers"
C: "The Royal Tenenbaums"
D: "Wedding Crashers"

She asks the audience. 65% said "The Royal Tenenbaums", 18% said "Wedding Crashers" and 15% said "Old School". She goes with the most popular choice and is right. For $25,000:

John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and what other U.S. President died on the Fourth of July?

A: John Quincy Adams
B: James Monroe
C: Andrew Jackson
D: Ulysses S. Grant

The 50:50 leaves Monroe and Grant, but that is of no help, so she calls Scott. He says Monroe. When she agrees....she has $25,000! After switching, this is her final $50,000 question:

In 1940, a young Fidel Castro wrote FDR a letter in which he made the request to be sent what?

A: Chocolate bars
B: Autographed baseball
C: $10 bill
D: Superman comic book

She said baseball, and she's done.....for good, but at least she doesn't have to wait to claim her $25,000. Answer: $10 bill.

Jeopardy!: Back for his third day is Jesse Berry with $31,000 so far. He defends this time against Mary Ann Hilterhaus (an administrative assistant from Glen Ridge, NJ) and Don Stewart (a teacher from Belmont, Mass.). Opening categories:

ANTHROPOLOGY (I took this as a summer class last year.)

Stewart finds the Daily Double under the middle clue in Hello, Mali! with $1,800 to his credit, while the others are tied for the lead at two grand apiece. He bets $1,000 for a slight lead if he's right.

This European power ruled Mali from 1895 to 1959, when Mali united with Senegal; independence came in 1960.

"What is Portugal?".....sorry. It was actually France, so he's down to $800. After he misses the $1,000 clue there and the champ gets it right, Berry leads with $3,000 while Stewart is $200 in the red at the first break. The lady has $2,000, and BTW, it is later learned that she appeared on the original version of this show with Art Fleming! Towards the end of the round, it is a tight battle between the lady and the champ, as both are at $4,200 heading into the last category of Classic TV Characters. They don't get through the whole category in time, but the champ has the lead with $5,400. The lady has $4,200 and Stewart is $200 in the hole.

DJ! categories:


The categories not named Tough Lit are a play on words of their actual titles. Early on, Stewart got out of the red, but went back $1,400 in the hole after missing the $2,000 clue in Tough Lit. The lady had the lead after getting the $1,600 clue in On the Road, but lost it after getting the $2,000 clue there wrong. She finds the first Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in The Son Also Rises with $6,200, and is trailing the champ by $400 for the lead, while Stewart is the odd person out with just $600. She bets $1,000 to try and take the lead back.

The Devil you say! He inherited the title "Duke of Normandy" from his dad, Robert the Devil, in 1035.

"Who was Robert the Bruce?"....NO. Correct: Who was William the Conqueror? That drops her to $5,200. Berry gets the last two clues in Animal Farm to go to $11,800, and is starting to pull away with it, as the lady has $6,000. After getting the $2,000 clue in Brave New Word, the lady's back in it with $10,400 with only the category of War and Pizza remaining, and one of its clues has the other Daily Double. $400 clue there:

On the Travel Channel's "Pizza Wars", NYC's thin-crust pies were compared to this city's deep dish style.

Stewart gets $400 with "What is Chicago?". $800 clue:

A punny promo for "Superman Returns" saw Papa John's offer free pies to those living on any street named this.

The champ has "What is Kit?", but that's incorrect. Nobody else gets "Who is Lois Lane?". $1,200 clue:

Pizza Hut paid $1 Million to deliver a pie to Yuri Usachov, who was here at the time.

Berry has "What is the International Space Station?" and is right this time to got to $13,400. He finds the Daily Double under the $1,600 clue and bets $3,000.

After a 5-year legal battle with a sugar company, this pizza chain won the right to keep its name in 1980.

"What is Domino's?"....RIGHT to go to $16,400! That ends the round. The lady has $10,400 and Stewart is somewhat alive with $1,400.

FJ! category: State Populations.

Between July 2005 and July 2006, this state gained nearly 580,000 people, more than any other state.

Stewart wrote down "What is Louisiana"...wrong, but he didn't wager anything. I didn't like the way the lady finished writing, and I had a reason to after she put down "What is California?". She dropped $4,000 to $6,400. Berry has "What is Nevada?"...NO. The right state was Texas. His wager....$5,900, meaning at $10,500, he wins again, and now has a three-day total of $41,500. He has been the champ even though he has never gotten the FJ! clue correct. Do I smell a male version of Faith Love here?

5th Grader: Starting the show off is Ben Vies. His first partner is Jacob, and here are the categories.

1st Grade U.S. Geography
1st Grade Grammar
2nd Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Astronomy
3rd Grade World History
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Cultural Studies
4th Grade Measurements
5th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade U.S. History.

First selected category is Grammar.

What is the abbreviation in the following sentence?

"The class voted for Mr. Foxworthy as Teacher of the Year."

The answer is Mr., and the man has it for $1,000. Next chosen topic is U.S. Geography.

Alana went on a trip to see Everglades National Park. What state did she go to?

He says Florida to double his money. His next partner is Kyle, and the next selected category is 2nd Grade Astronomy.

T or F: The planet Jupiter has a larger mass than Earth.

He says true to go to $5,000. Next category picked is 2nd Grade World Geography.

What city is the capital of Japan?

He says Tokyo to double to ten grand. Kyle misspelled the city as Tokeio! The player's new partner is Alana, and the next category is 3rd Grade Animal Science. To reach the $25,000 guarantee...

T or F: The Orca is a type of dolphin.

He says false....but it's true. However, Alana wrote down true to get the player to $25,000!
Next category is 3rd Grade World History.

According to the Ancient Roman calendar, the Ides of March falls on which day in March?

He decides to copy Alana's answer. The answer is March 15th....and Alana has it to double to $50,000! Vies's new partner is Spencer, and the next chosen category is 5th Grade Earth Science.

By definition, an anemometer measures the speed of what?

He decides to peek at Spencer's answer, which is wind. That's the right answer, but did Vies agree with it for $100,000?....

....yes! But the player is on his own from here on out. The next selected category is 5th Grade U.S. History.

Who immediately followed Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States?

He goes for it and says Andrew Johnson....RIGHT for $175,000! He tries to make it $300,000 in the category of 4th Grade Measurements.

On a map, if one inch equals 20 miles, how many inches is 180 miles?

I can't believe this was a 4th Grade question. This seems more like a 1st Grade question to me. He says nine for $300,000! The last category left is Cultural Studies. To reach $500,000:

Who was the Greek god of wine?

He drops out here. Believe it or not, if he had gone on and said Dionysus, he would have been $500,000 richer. But he still did great!

Andy Gallas made it to next week's episode, but only has the copy left, and is only at $5,000.
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