Friday, June 22, 2007

6/22/2007 Results- "National Bingo Night" ends

Jeopardy!: Can Jesse Berry win for a fourth time, much less get a Final Jeopardy! clue right? We'll find out as he faces Deanna Weibel-Swanson (an assistant professor from Grand Rapids, Michigan) and Matt Corcoran (an administrative assistant from Philadelphia). The first list of categories:


Believe it or not, Benjamin Franklin was a nudist!!! At the first break, Carcoran leads with $3,200. The champ has $1,400 and the lady has $1,200. With only two categories left, all three players are at about $3,000. The lady finds the Daily Double under the $600 clue in Musical Synopses. She has $4,000, while the man in the middle has $3,400 and the champ has $3,200. She bets $1,500.

Spunky gal dreams of riches while stuck in Missouri, marries prospector, loses prospector, gets on Titanic.

"Who is The Unsinkable Molly Brown?"...right to go to $5,500! But thanks to getting the last few clues of the round, Carcoran leads at the end of the round with $6,800. The lady has $6,300 and the champ has $3,200.

DJ! categories are as follows:

THEY DIFFER BY ONE LETTER (Each correct response will consist of two words, one of which will have one letter different than the other one.)

$400 clue in the sixth category:

A fiery fedora.

Carcoran has "What is a hot hat?"....right to go to $7,200. $1,200 clue:

A mallard's playing card set.

The champ has "What is a duck's deck?"....NO. The lady says "What is a duck deck?"...she's right, meaning an extra S cost Berry $1,200 here. Shortly after taking back the lead, she finds the first Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in Travel Europe. She has $11,900, while Carcoran has $5,600 and the champ is starting to slack off at $4,400. She bets three large on this:

Fans of "The Sound of Music" visit this city to see such sites as Mirabell Gardens, where "Do-Re-Mi" was filmed.

She has "What is Salzburg?" to go to $14,900! After getting on a roll late in the round, Carcoran finds the other Daily Double under the $800 clue in Presidential Humor with ten grand. The lady leads with $14,900 and the champ is still at $4,400. Carcoran bets three grand.

This president criticized Ed Asner for opposing U.S. foreign policy by asking, "What does an actor know about politics?".

"Who is Ronald Reagan?"....right on to go to 13 large! At the end of the round, the lady still leads with $16,100. Carcoran still has 13 grand and the champ is pretty much out of it with $1,600.

FJ! category: Food and Drink History.

The world's first pure food and beverage law, one pertaining to beer, was proclaimed by the Duke of this region in 1516.

The champ has "What is Bavaria?"...and is right to double to $3,200. Carcoran has that also and bet 12 grand to go to $25,000. The lady has Saxony, costing her $11,000 and making Carcoran the new champ. Berry leaves with $42,500.

Lingo: Believe it or not, the show this week has had a losing record in Bonus Lingo, as it was lost on the week's first three shows. That's totally unheard of, but the losing streak ended last night with a $5,000 win. Tonight's teams are Cara and Jeff (who run a fashion accessories company together) and Troy and Veronica.

Cara and Jeff strike first blood with GIANT in three. Their first board:


They get 57 and 65, making 61 a possibility to make a Lingo. Troy and Veronica steal CANDY to tie it up, and here's their first board:


They get 06 and 34, opening up 50 for a possible Lingo. They solve VALUE in two to double to 50. Troy has 10, opening up 02....but Veronica has a stopper. But they steal ANGER to increase their score to 75. Troy has 14, making 18 available...while Veronica has 54, opening up 38. They chomp up another 25 points by solving SALAD in four. Troy has 02, meaning they Lingo and eat up another 50 points, putting them at 150! Cara and Jeff then get YOURS in four to double their score to 50. Cara has 41 first, opening up 09 and 13...but Jeff has nothing but a stopper. That allows Troy and Veronica to add on to their lead, as they solve HABIT to go to 175. New board:


They get 16 and 48, opening up 24 for another Lingo. They get LOYAL in four to reach 200. Troy has 08, making 68 available...but Veronica has 28. Their next solve comes in three guesses with RANCH, making their new total 225. And Troy has 24 right away, so they make another Lingo and go to 275! Cara and Jeff then get UNCUT after a failed steal by the leaders, taking them to 75. They get 45 and 53, opening up 49 to end the round.

Cara and Jeff start Round 2 by solving BRICK in the max to make their score 125. Cara has 33, while Jeff has 37, opening up 29. They solve EAGLE in two to go to 175. With the WILDs in there now, they have a very good chance of making a Lingo. If they can do that now, they will tie the game. Cara has 05 first, which is of no help...and Jeff has 01, meaning every ball other than the stopper is good for a Lingo now! Troy and Veronica get SHOCK on a steal to go to 325, and here's their new board:


They get 14 and 18. Troy and Veronica lock up the game with DAISY at 375.

Troy and Veronica have three Bonus Letters to use in Bonus Lingo. They do wonderfully by getting eight words. Board:


A 44 on the first pull wins $19,000. Veronica has....just the ordinary 4. Troy makes a Lingo three draws later for $5,000. The jackpot will be worth $20,000 on Monday.

National Bingo Night: Tonight's first player is Sandy Tenenbau from Denver. In her game, she tries for a $50,000 Trip Around the World and a $5,000 KMart gift card. She's playing Red or Black, and she needs to be right 12 times to win.


At this point, five people are close to a Bingo.


She lost at this point to a man. If it's of any consolation, since there were only ten draws in this game before a Bingo was made, so she never would have won.

Michael Pupillo is our next player, and he's from Granada Hills, California. He's playing the crossword game with Higher or Lower. Remember, he needs to light up both B's, N's, G's, and O's, plus fill in the single I on the board for the $50,000, as well as a Royal Caribbean Cruise.
The player's base age is 34.


Now, for $50,000 and the cruise, did anyone make a Bingo?

NO, so he's a winner!

In the last game with the blue cards in play, one Bingo is worth a trip to the Brickyard 400, another is worth a trip to the set of "Brothers and Sisters", and another is worth $50,000.

Tonight's final studio player is Josh Moore from Miami, Florida. He's playing Money Bags for the 50 grand. This is the serial number he needs to wipe out altogether...


He's playing Odd or Even here.


At this point, 11 people are close to making a Bingo.


Only the 3 needs to be knocked off, but there are now 21 people close to making a Bingo.


Now, he's got a very tough predictament here with 21 close to making a Bingo. Do we go out with another $50,000 winner?.....

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