Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"America's Got Talent" ratings drop

The first hour of last night's "America's Got Talent" scored a 6.7 Fast Nielsen with a 12 share (down from last week's 7/13) and the second hour did a 7.6 with a 13 share (down from last week's 8.8/15). The ratings drop is likely because people are starting to travel for the Fourth of July holiday.


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Jim said...

And, of course, this should come as no surprise. First off, who watches televison anymore? The installments for GTA I see are on the web. Makes it easier to shoot past the stuff that's rather anything Piers and Ozzie's lady have to say. It's the same crap all the time. Howie's an inventive comedian and really should focus on that and get out of that judge's chair. He, also, has become rather boring in his comments.
Oh, and one more thing: what's with all the "ringers" that get through on that show? People who are already pros...such as all the slick magicians with their very expensive tricks and the opera singer people were calling the next "Susan Boyle?!
Hype that borders on fraud.
Have a good show...and break a leg:o))