Saturday, June 30, 2007

Next Week in Game Shows: July 2-July 8

On what should be a pretty quiet TV week overall, with most shows taking the week off for the Fourth of July holiday, here's what is on tap...

Jeopardy!: Can Cathy Lanctot set some regular-season records for a female contestant?

Camouflage: Taking the 7 PM and 7:30 PM timeslots occupied formerly by "Lingo", can this new word game show succeed and not bomb like "Starface"?

RW/RR Inferno III: Who will win the $150,000 top prize on what has been a very tight battle between the two teams?

Big Brother: It's season eight for Julie Chen and Co., and one of the latest twists is called "America's Player". Here, one player is unknowingly labeled this, and must do some actions as requested by national polls conducted from time to time during the show. If he/she is successful, he/she will win some cash.
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