Tuesday, June 05, 2007

RW/RR Inferno III 6/5

Will the money standings be tied at $60,000 apiece after this challenge? Let's find out.

The challenge this time is called "Giraffic Park". There are fifteen covered cases. Each one has a wooden giraffe inside. Each giraffe has different markings on it, and the giraffes are of different sizes. On the other side of the islands are duplicates of the giraffes, and each one has a different key around their neck. Each player's goal is to study the giraffe they're going for and try to remember what it looks like as they try to find the exact match of that giraffe. If they make a match, the corresponding key will unlock that giraffe's cage. One member from each team will go each turn, and both players have 30 minutes to complete the task.

We all know the rules. The next Inferno Challenge involves females, so the best lady from each team will get a Life Shield, and Susie and Jenn would love to get one. The fastest man and woman overall each get a Schwinn gas scooter.

Starting off are Alton (Good Guys) and Janelle (Bad Asses). Alton picks up a mismatching giraffe for his chosen giraffe, while Janelle has no problems. She finishes at 8:58. Abram took over for the Bad Asses, while Alton continues to struggle. He runs out of time. Abram had some problems of his own, but finished with a time of 21:46. Cara (Good Guys) and Kenny (Bad Asses) are next. Cara is taking a lot of time trying to remember her giraffe, but she managed to finish with a time of 13:56. Davis is next for the Good Guys. Kenny runs out of time, and Aneesa takes over. Davis finishes in about ten minutes, while Aneesa finishes in 11:42. John (Good Guys) and Jenn (Bad Asses) are next. John finishes at 11:26.

When they get through everybody, the Good Guys were declared the winners, so we have a tie at $60,000! Janelle and Paula got the Life Shields. Paula and John win the scooters.

Inferno Challenge: The Susie vs. Jenn matchup stands. This challenge is called "Zero Gravity". There are two ladders at the center of the arena, and at the top of the ladders are eight flags.
Each person will be attached to a harness. To make it hard to get to the flag, each person's harness will be attached to the equivalent of 75% of each person's body weight! Each player must attach their collected flags to spots on the floor. The first person to collect and attach four flags stays alive.

Susie gets off to a 2-0 start and doesn't look back, sending Jenn home.
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