Thursday, July 12, 2007

7/12/2007 Results

Cash Cab: First up, headed to South St. and Fulton are David, Max and Solomon. Their game is scheduled to be 38 blocks long, to the South St. Seaport. They made their first mistake on the last $25 question, when they didn't know that Gothic cathedrals are commonly reinforced by arch-like supports called flying butresses. After getting the first two $50 questions right to go to $175, they use a Mobile Shout Out on this:

Shooting water 250 ft. into the air, what Las Vegas casino lights up the strip with its fountain show?

David calls Nicholas, who says the Venetian. David wanted to go with the Bellagio, but he goes with his friend....BAD IDEA, because IT WAS the Bellagio. They then wasted their Street Shout Out on their next question and lost.

Going to 1st and 68th are Elizabeth and Pam, 24 blocks away. After the $25 round, they lost their Street Shout Out and have one strike against them. They finished the short trip with $125 and decided to keep that chump change.

Brian and Ruthie tried to go to a sport at 3rd and 55th Avenues, 43 blocks away. They made it to the end with $550, but decided to try for $1,100 with this:

Hot on the heels of Halloween, this Mecabran Mexican holiday is observed with sugar skulls, chocolate coffins and elaborate graveside decorations. Name it.

Brian says Day of the Dead...and they've got $1,100!

Camouflage: The first game has...

Jeff Diffenbacher (a bartender from somewhere in N.C.)
Sheila Garad (a kids' party entertainer from Akron)
Spencer Scott (from somewhere in Missouri)

First puzzle:


Clue: Meet the transparents. This was very easy, and the bartender gets GHOSTS for 50. After the lady gets FRISBEE to get 20, it's time for a Double Camouflage. Board:


The hint....he has a faraway look. Scott gets on the board for the minimum value of 10 with ASTRONOMER. Double clue:

Capital city.

I had no clue, but he gets ROME with three seconds to spare for another 10 to tie for second. Next:


Clue....maker of compact cars. Scott says TOYOTA for 100....NO. The lady steals JUNKYARD for the minimum of 10 to go to 30. Next:


Here's the clue...Vermin infestation in your toupee? With only the second U gone, the lady says RUGRATS for 90 and takes the lead with 120 as the round comes to a close.

After Scott gets JENNY CRAIG to take the lead with 160 to begin Round 2, we have this:


Clue: Races great. Less filling. After the end letter of both lines go away, the lady says HYBRID CAR for the full 200...right for the lead with 320! Next:


Clue: Hit TV series. After the first and last letters of the first line go away and the first letter of the second line go away, the lady says THE SOPRANOS to go to 510. At that point, it's Double Camouflage time. Board:


Clue: Martin's memoirs? The lady tries for 100 with this showing...


...she says SHORT STORIES....right! For another 100:

Very attractive people.

My instinct was HOSTS. She comes up with not much of anything. The answer was actually HOTTIES. Next puzzle:


Clue: Place with a dating service? I got POST OFFICE with no help, and Scott gets it for 100 to end the round with 260. The lady still leads with 610 and the bartender still has 50.

When we get to the last Double Caouflage of this game (or as the bartender called it, Double Jeopardy! LOL!), the lady still leads with 610. Scott now has 440 and the bartender now has 210. Board:


Clue...cigarette boat exhaust. With only one decoy E left, the bartender says SMOKE ON THE WATER for 130 and a new total of 340. To go to 470:

Oklahoma resident.

It took him a while, but he gets SOONER to go to 470...but the game ends here, so the lady wins with 610. Another record-low maingame score here.

In the first part of the endgame, she gets STUFFING, EASEL, JUSTIN and CELIBACY for $1,000. $5,000 board:


Already, I feel real good about this. Clue: Deep in the heart of Texas. After four letters leave her view...


...but she can't get OIL.

In the other game...

Barry O' Neil (from Olympia, Washington)
Shelley ? (a mortgage loan officer from Hanover, Pennsylvania)
Chad ? (from the Greek island of Cyprus)

At the first Double Camouflage, after getting TOMBSTONE for 100, the Greek man has 180. The lady has 60 and the other man has 40. Board:


Clue: The 5 in '2 + 2 = 5'. I and O' Neil said SUM...but we're both wrong! The lady goes for 50...


...and she says WRONG NUMBER for the points. Bonus clue:

Walkie-talkie name.

My gut was ROGUE. She can't come up with it...and I'm wrong. You'll never believe the answer to this one....ROGER!!! Good night! Next:


Interesting board there. Clue....famous last words. The lady goes for 50 again...


...and she says THE END for the points. That ends the round, and the Greek man still leads with 180. The lady has 160 and the other man has 40.

Opening puzzle of Round 2:


Clue: Volcano for sale? I knew the first word was HOT. After the first and third I's go away, the lady says HOT PROPERTY for! For the second round in a row, a Double Camouflage puzzle appears after Chad got a puzzle right for the round's max value (200 in this case). At this point, he leads with 550, while the lady has 360 and O' Neill has 160. Board:


Clue: Wing commander. I thought for sure it was THE WRIGHT BROTHERS, but it wasn't. The lady buzzes in at 160...


...and she says COLONEL SANDERS...correct to go to 520! For the lead and a total of 680:

It's a strain on your noodle.

My gut was COLANDER, and that's the answer, but she can't get it. Next:


Clue....Particle disruptor. The lady again goes for 160 and the lead...


...she says DENTAL FLOSS (?!?!?)...but that's right for the lead with 680! Next board:


Here's the hint...altar ultimatum? O' Neill goes for 110...


...he says VEIL THREAT...he ends the round with 270!

At the final Double Camouflage, the Greek still leads with 780. The lady has 680 and the other man has 420. It's still anybody's game.


The clue is...usual places to date supermodels? O' Neill goes for 240 with this...


...he says IN YOUR it to go to 660! For 900 and the lead:

Bright ones are very hard to find.

We were both stumped- it was IDEAS. But there's still time...


All-important clue, likely for the club. I got THE UNITED NATIONS right away, but O' Neill says that without the "THE"! Ouch. The lady gets it for the game.

In the first part of the toughest endgame in town, she only gets TACO and RETAINER for $500. Here is the final board for you at home:


Clue: Bed and breakfast forever. After two letters go out...


...I thought for sure she wasn't going to get it. But she says CRUMB with 9 seconds left to multiply her $500 by 10!

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Katie Moeser is still here. She picks Classic Rock from the remaining categories, and has a feeling she might need to use a backup singer for the next song. The song choices are "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas and "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money. She picks "Two Tickets to Paradise". There are ten missing words this time in the target lyric, after " far from here".

"I've got __ _____ __ ______, ____ ____ ____ _____ _____ ____".

She sings "two tickets and a six-pack of beer". I don't believe that's ten words, my dear. So obviously, she decides to use a backup singer, which was her male family friend. At this point, they have to start the series of lyrics over. They complete the lyric with "two tickets in my pocket now baby, we're gonna disappear". They then decide to take the multiple choice route here. The choices:

A: "some tickets in my pockets now honey, we're gonna disappear"
B: The players' guess
C: "the tickets in my pocket sweet baby, we're gonna disappear"

Did she go with the backup singer's words for $100,000?....

..yes she did! She decides to face her fears and select the 1980s next. The song choices are "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer and "867-5309/Jenny" by Tommy Tutone. She picks the phone number song. Again, there are ten missing words in the target lyric. The lyric follows "Jenny, Jenny, you're the girl for me". She sings "You don't know but you make me so happy". That is correct, but did she go on?....

...YES SHE DID! Before revealing whether she was correct, she and the host were forced to sing the group of lyrics over again! That was cruel! The two categories left are Country and Rolling Stones, and each correct answer at this point is worth $150,000 apiece. Her next category pick is Country, and the song choices are "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson and "How Do I Live" by Leann Rimes. Her pick is the Leann Rimes song. Again, ten words are needed. Here it is:

"If you ever leave, ___ __ _____ ___ ___ ________ ___ __ __ ___".

She completes the lyric with "Baby you would take away everything good in my life". That's right, but again, did she progress with it?.....

...YES!! Now, for $500,000 with a Rolling Stones song. The choices are "I (Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "Sympathy for the Devil". She chooses "I (Can't Get No) Satisfaction". There are nine missing words in this lyric, and it follows after "And he's tellin' me more and more". She sings "That Katie has $350,000", thus throwing in the towel, and takes the $350,000. The lyric was "...about some useless information/Supposed to fire my imagination". Good way to start this show's run!
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