Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7/17/2007 Results

Cash Cab: Up first, headed to 26th and 27th on 6th Avenue, are Joleen and Rodney. This game's scheduled length was an even thirty blocks long. They sweep the $25 round. When they hit the $200 mark, it's RLC time. Question:

Name four of the five most popular ice cream flavors in America.

They start off by naming all parts of the Neopolitan- Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. A few seconds later, they get Cookies n' Cream to go to $450. Unsaid: Neopolitan.

They finished the game with $500 and decided to bank it.

Headed to F.A. Schwartz are Meredith, Liz and Caroline, and their trip was scheduled to be 39 blocks long. They sweep the $25 questions after traveling only three blocks. When they hit $200, they get an RLC of their own. Question this time:

Name five of the eight most populous cities in Italy.

They wasted no time getting the extra $250 by saying Milan, Rome, Venice, Palermo and Naples.

They finished with $750, but decided to try and double it to $1,500 with this:

While some have been forced into desk jobs, these nomads of nothern Africa and the Middle East have traditionally herded camels for a living. Derived from an Arabic word meaning "desert dwellers", what is the traditional term for these people?

"Beduoins".....is right for $1,500!

Joe and Nick fell just short of making it to their target destination of the piano bar in the final game.

Jeopardy!: If tonight's game is anything like yesterday's, the remainder of the field in this Teen Tournament will have their work cut out in order to even get a Wild Card berth. Tonight's players:

Aiden Pink (a freshman from St. Louis Park, Minnesota)
Ben Noe (a sophomore from Flushing, Michigan)
Amy Levine (a freshman from Maryland)

Opening categories:


Noe had the early lead, but after getting the first three clues in Name the Century, Pink has $3,400 and the lead at the first break. Noe has $2,600 and the lady is $400 in the hole. Pink later finds the Daily Double under the $600 clue in Classic Lit with $5,800, while Noe has $3,400. The leader bets $2,000.

This story begins, "All children, except one, grow up".

"What is.....Peter Pan?"....correct to go to $7,800! At the end of the round, he still leads with $10,600. The other man has $5,600 and the lady is now in the money at $800.

DJ! categories:


The lady starts to make a run at it by reaching the $4,000 mark. She is Daily Double hunting at this point, but it's Noe who finds the first Daily Double under the $1,000 clue in Historic London. He has $7,600, while the lady has $5,600 and Pink has $16,600. Noe bets $3,000, and the clue was given by Cheryl from London's Temple Gardens.

According to Shakespeare, these conflicts began with the plucking of two flowers here in the Temple Gardens.

"What are The Wars of the Roses?"...that's good to take him to $10,600! Noe then finds the other one under the $1,200 clue in Adjectives. He now has $11,800, while Pink leads big with $21,400 and the lady has $7,600. He bets five grand.

This 10-letter adjective meaning "extraordinarily great in size" comes from the Latin for "to shake".

"What is gigantic?"....tremendous, so he drops to $6,800 and is now in last. At the end of the round, we know that Pink has the game locked up at $23,400. The lady is now in second with $10,400 and Noe has $8,800.

FJ! category: 19th Century America.

It was written for American schoolkids to recite on the dedication day of the Chicago World's Fair.

My first thought was the Pledge of Allegiance. Noe writes down my response...RIGHT! He adds $8,600 to go to $17,400. The lady has "America the Beautiful" instead and drops to $800. BTW, Pink was dancing to the FJ! think music! He wagered $613.
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