Monday, July 16, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 7/15

The food challenge this time was called "Name That Pie!". Here, all the men except for Joe Barber II were placed on one team, while Barber was placed with all of the women not named Jen Johnson. Here, one member from each team faced each other in each round, and each person bid on how few bites they thought it would take them to name the two ingredients of the given pie. If successful, his/her team got a point; otherwise, the other team got the point. The team who earned seven points first won food for the week.

First up were Jameka Cameron (Red) and Dick Donato (Blue). The lady says five bites...and the man decides to let the lady have it. She immediately got bacon, and after her last bite, she said the other ingredient was banana...correct for the first point!

Second were Amber Tomcavage and Dustin Erikstrup. The man say five, while the lady says four, and the man decides to challenge her. She said lemon and sweet potato....only half right. Potato was right, but the other ingredient was pineapple, so we're tied up.

Third were former HoH Kail Harbick and Eric Stein. The lady said five, but the man got the challenge by saying four. He knew it was a meat anf fruit pie, and said SPAM and fig....wrong on both accounts. The meat was sausage and the fruit was apple, so the Red Team took a 2-1 lead.

In the fourth round, Jessica Hughbanks had four bites to figure out the pie. She said SPAM and pomegranate....again, both parts are wrong. It was hot dog and strawberry, so we have another tie.

In the fifth round, Zach Swerdzewski tried to give the Blue Team a 3-2 lead by naming a pie in four bites. He said venison and mint....only mint is right. The meat in that pie was pepperoni, so the Red Team was back in front.

But the Blue Team then took the lead 6-5. At that point, the ones up were Daniele Donato and Nick Starcevic. Donato won the right to name a pie in four bites. To send it to a final round, she said pickle and tofu....NO, so the blue team won! It was pickle and clam.

The one person America chose for Stein to try to get nominated for eviction was Hughbanks. The two chosen for eviction this time were....

....the Donatos, so Stein has failed a task for the first time. The next America's Player question;

Which houseguest's bed should he crawl into tonight?
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