Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 7/17

After putting both Donatos on the eviction block, it seemed like the entire house hated current HoH Jen Johnson.

It was revealed that Joe's bed was the one Eric Stein needed to sleep in order to complete the latest America's Player task. He tried....but failed, making this the second task in a row he has been unsuccessful in.

Joining the HoH and the eviction nominees in the Veto Competiton were Amber Tomcavage, Mike Dutz and Joe Barber. The challenge was called "The Cutthroat Christmas". Here, each person chose from six gifts, one of which contained the Golden Power of Veto. Each person participated in a curling contest. Each person tried to have their puck be the closest to the red line. The one whose puck was the furthest from the red line was eliminated, and was given the option of opening another one's present or opening up a new one.

In Round 1, Barber was eliminated by an inch, 13 to 12 over Johnson. He decided to open a new gift...and got a Slop Pass!

In Round 2, Johnson got eliminated when she missed the line by 20. She chose a new gift....and got a unitard to wear for the rest of the week.

In Round 3, Dutz got eliminated by missing the line by 10 inches. When he opened a new gift...he got the right to choose another houseguest to have a gourmet dinner with in the backyard.

In Round 4, Dick Donato was eliminated by missing the line by 12 inches, and chose a new gift...he won a Plasma TV!

The final round was between Daniele Donato and Amber Tomcavage. The winner won the remainder of the gifts, which included the Power of Veto. Donato was....five inches from the line. Tomcavage was....further away, so Tomcavage chose a new gift...

....and she got the right to be handcuffed to the houseguest of her choice for 24 hours! She chose to be handcuffed to Kail Harbick. That meant Donato has won the Power of Veto for the second time in a row, and is now off the chopping block!

That meant Jen Johnson replaced her with.....

....Joe Barber. The next America's Player question asked for which one of the nominees they wanted Stein to have evicted.
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