Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 7/22

Dick Donato could be headed for trouble. On tonight's episode, it was reported that he made a potentially disturbing comment to some of his houseguests while eating slop, saying that having Jameka Cameron eating slop was "like going to Africa and having hamburgers or something".
This hurt Cameron later on when she was in a personal conversation with Mr. Donato (who, BTW, is the current HoH).

The Food Challenge this time was called "Mission Inpastabowl". The twelve remaining houseguests were divided into teams of two. Each pair on turn slid into two big bowls of spaghetti and meatballs. Each of the meatballs has the name of a food. Should both members of a team find a pair of balls with the same food, they must place the corresponding balls besides their team on the board. Doing so wins the house that particular food for the week. Five minutes were given for this challenge.

The teams were:
Amber and Dustin
Zach and Mike
Kail and Jen
Dick and Eric
Jameka and Jessica
Daniele and Nick

It looked like each team got three pairs of matching food pairs, so it seemed like plenty of food was earned for the house this week. Of course, everybody got in a pasta fight at the end!

America decided that Eric Stein should try to get Jen Johnson nominated for eviction. That's a good call, considering what happened last week, and the fact that on this episode, the two got into a WWE-style brawl!

She, and the first HoH, Kail Harbick, got nominated for eviction this week, meaning Stein is two challenges away from $10,000. Next America's Player question:

Whose personal property shhould he covertly target?
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