Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Big Brother" Season 8 Begins

Here are this season's contestants on "Big Brother":

Amber Tomcavage
Carol Journey (interesting name there)
Daniele Donato
Dick Donato
Dustin Erikstrup
Eric Stein
Jameka Cameron
Jen Johnson
Jessica Hughbanks
Joe Barber
Kail Harbick (a LFAT of this show, as she had applied for the show twice!)
Mike Dutz
Nick Starcevic
Zach Swerdzewski

Six of these houseguests will face a friend of theirs who is a big rival or is a person that he/she has major unfinished buisness with. Remember, one of these 14 players will be designated as "America's Player".

Dustin (Joe's ex), Dick (Daniele is his daughter) and Jessica (who is Carol's former rival at high school) were secluded upstairs in a secret room from the other 11 contestants, who were downstairs in the meeting room. The three people upstairs have been locked out from the first Head of Household Competition.

The first HoH Competition takes place outside, and it's filled with big mushrooms. At the start of the competition, each person was given thirty seconds to find a partner. The odd person out is automatically out of the challenge. The five teams of two each stand on their own mushroom. The odd person out is Nick Starcevic, so he's already out of this challenge. Here are the teams:

Kail (mushroom) and Eric
Mike (mushroom) and Daniele
Amber and Carol (mushroom)
Joe (mushroom) and Jameka
Jen and Zach (mushroom)

Each team chose one to be on their mushroom, and must kneel on them. Their partners are asked a series of True or False questions. Every time a team misses a question, their mushroom will spin faster than previously before. When a person falls off their mushroom, their team is out of the challenge. The last team standing will then compete against each other for the HoH honors. First statement:

At least five houseguests admitted to having cosmetic surgery. Answers:

Daniele: FALSE
Amber: TRUE
Jameka: FALSE

That statement is FALSE- only two admitted they had that kind of surgery. Since Jen's wrong, Carol's mushroom spins a tad faster. Next:

More than half of this season's contestants said they would give up their relationships for $500,000.

Daniele: FALSE
Jameka: TRUE
Amber: TRUE

Answer: FALSE, since only four houseguests said they would give up their personal relationships for the big money. Joe's mushroom is spinning a tad faster, while thanks to Amber's second straight wrong answer, Carol's mushroom is going even faster. Next:

More than two houseguests said they wouldn't give up their seats on the bus to pregnant women.

Only Jen said TRUE. Answer: FALSE, as only one said that. Zach's mushroom goes faster for the first time. Next:

More than three houseguests said they are members of the Mile High Club.

Only Jameka said TRUE, and the answer once again is FALSE, so Joe's mushroom is going even faster. Only one person is part of the Mile High Club. After a corn mud splash surprise on the mushroom kneelers to make it harder to stay on the mushrooms, here's the next statement:

More than half the cast said they would be willing to start an outrageous rumor about somebody.

Only Daniele and Jameka said TRUE...and a statement is finally TRUE, so Mike's mushroom is still at the minimum speed! Joe's mushroom also stays where it was, and everyone else's mushroom goes faster than before. Carol then falls off, meaning she and Amber are out. Not too long after that, Zach falls off, so he and Jen are also out. The previous question asked was the last one, so it's only an endurance matter. At this point, everyone's mushroom speeds are faster, and smoke blows in everyone's faces! Mike can't take advantage of the fact that his partner, Daniele, never missed a question as he falls off, meaning they're out! After the mushrooms go even faster, Joe falls off, meaning the last ones standing are Kail and Eric! Before they are told what will happen to them next, they are told that the three secret people still upstairs are safe from being the first one evicted. Furthermore, since they have been watching everyone else's every move on their TV, they will vote to decide whether to make Kail and Eric the season's first Head of Household.

The one they chose as the season's first House of Household is....

...Kail Harbick!

After that, the three other houseguests finally came downstairs to meet the rest of the cast.

America's Player is.....

...Eric! Now, for every fifth task he completes as voted upon by the home viewers, he will automatically win $10,000.

Remember, you can follow all of the uncensored action of this season by either subscribing to Big Brother by logging on to, or being able to watch "Big Brother: After Dark", which will air every night for three hours, starting at midnight, on Showtime Too.
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