Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Camouflage" 7/5

Tonight's first three players:

JD Waxman (from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Abbey J (also called A.J.; she's a culinary teacher for the blind from Chicago)
Harrison Sweeney (the pride of the University of Wyoming)

After the lady in the middle scores first with ALTITUDE for 50, here's the second puzzle.


Clue: High-strung toy? The college man rings in right away with in the video game dragon, but that's incorrect. Abbey J. tries for 20 with only this left of the board....


...and she says POODLE to go to 70. After getting BORAT for 20, she goes to 90, and here's the fourth puzzle of the round.


The clue here (or as Roger Lodge put it, "Here comes your dopey clue...")- lead trumpet. The Canadian rings in for 20 with this showing....


...he says TOP BRASS....that's the right two-word answer for 20, and he's on the board. After that, it's Double Camouflage time. Board:


The answer is a lip-smacking plant. Sweeney tries for 60 with this...


...he says OLEO (?!?!?!)...I've never heard of that, and that's wrong. A.J. then immediately rings in afterwards with MISTLETOE....correct! Bonus clue:

Zodiac sign.

She wastes no time coming up with the correct answer of LEO to add on another 60! That ends the round, and she leads with 210. The Canadian has 20 and the collegian currently has an F average on this show, because he hasn't scored any points.

Here's the first puzzle of Round 2.


The person that we're looking for in this puzzle is a big tipper. When the Canadian rings in, he goes for 150 with this remaining....


...he says POLICE INFORMANT...good for 150 and a new total of 170! Second puzzle:


Clue: How Quasimodo is remembered. The college man again tries to get on the board, this time with 150 at stake....


...he says LAND RINGER at the buzzer, which is wrong, so he still has no points. Waxman steals it with DEAD RINGER, so he now has the lead with 320. That leads us to this round's Double Camouflage:


Hint: It gets your drunks in a row. For 120, the lady rings in....


...and says CONGA LINE...correct to take the lead back at 330! Bonus clue:

Strong wind.

After sounding some words out for a few seconds, she says the right answer of GALE to go to 450! Next:


Clue: Seasons as it turns. Sweeney goes at it again for a chance to get on the board for 140 points. Board at this point:


He says PEPPER MILL....and he's finally on the board! After the lady builds on her lead by another 130 with a correct answer of OLD MAN RIVER, here's the last puzzle of the round.


The answer is known as the international man of mystery (in the recent movie world, that's actually Austin Powers). This was one of the easiest puzzles I've seen on this show so far, and Sweeney shows how easy it was by saying SHERLOCK HOLMES with only one decoy letter removed for the full 200, allowing him to end the round with 340 and second place. The other man is just 20 points him, and the lady still leads with 580.

The first board of Round 3:


How octopi stroll together is the clue here. With only the first N of the first line gone, Waxman goes for the full 300 with ARM IN ARM IN ARM....believe it or not, that's the right answer, and he's got the lead with 620! Second puzzle:


Clue: Four score. Also, this is sports-related. Sweeney rings in at 160....


...and he says GRAND SLAM HOMER to go to 500. After that, it's Double Camouflage time. This is the tightest match I've seen so far, so this Double Camouflage could decide the game. Board:


Clue: Evening at the Oscars. The lady goes for 270....


...and she says STARRY STARRY NIGHT...that's right to go to 850! For another 270:

Sole sauce.

She says TARTAR for another 270! And as it turned out, that did decide the game, as she went on to win with 1,120!

She got all of her Double Camouflage puzzles correct, so she might very well go to town in the endgame. In the first part, she gets CRICKET, PANG, SUBWAY and GRAVITY for a grand. Final board:


I knew this one before the clue was even revealed! The clue was...pocket protector. After four letters are taken away....


...she didn't get it at first, but she says KANGAROO with eight seconds left to transform her $1,000 into $5,000!

The other game had players with no last names mentioned. They were Phalana (all the way from Botswana!), Don (from Chicago) and Tevia (from San Diego). Opening puzzle:


Clue: It may have a chip on its shoulder. Tevia says ROBOT right off the bat for a perfect start with 100! Three puzzles later, it's Double Camouflage time. At this point, Tevia leads with 150, while Philana has 70 and the man in the middle has nothing but the dreaded zero mark. Board:


Clue: Reason to surf The Weather Channel. Tevia tries for 60 with this...


...she says RAIN CHECK...which is correct! Extra clue:

Something white worn at the wedding?

I thought RINK, while she thought of RING, but there's no G on the board. Answer: RICE.
At the end of the round, she still leads with 210. The Botswana lady has 150 and the man is now on the board with 30.

Here's the first board of Round 2:


For this answer, sometimes it's all talk. At 170, the man rings in...


...he says A RADIO....NO WAY. Since when did he think A was a word? At 140, Phalana rings in...


..and she tells the man he left out the M, because she says AM RADIO for the points. When we get to the second Double Camouflage of this game, Phalana now leads with 480. Tevia has 210 and the man has 150. Board:


Clue: He might pick up a few pointers at work. For 140, Phalana buzzes in...


...and she says DOG CATCHER...correct! Bonus clue:


She doesn't get it, and I was preparing for the answer to be a profanity word. The answer was....

...OATH. Oh well. When Round 2 ends, she still leads with 620. The man is now in second place with 280 and Tevia is down to third place with 210.

First puzzle of Round 3:


Clue: Southern soap. Tevia rings in right away with AS THE WORD TURNS....NO. For 290, the man takes a shot...


..he says GONE WITH THE WIND....right to go to 570! Next:


Clue: It's a bad place to get a girl's phone number. At the 230 mark, Tevia rings in...


...she says OFF THE WALL...which was the title of a short-lived kids' game show on the Disney Channel, and that's a correct answer to go to 440! After that, it's time for the last Double Camouglage of this game. Board:


The clue paper beats rock. For 280, Phalana buzzes in...


..and she says HAND OVER FIST...fist means the rock and the hand means paper, so that's right! Double clue:

Mountain chain.

I knew it right away, but she must have never heard of it, as she drew a total blank. It was the ANDES. But she still wins after the final puzzle with 900.

She does the worst anybody's done so far in the first part of the endgame, getting only OYSTER (she lost her first 20 seconds on that word) and SAUNA for $500. Given that nobody's gotten a Double Camouflage right this episode, this does not look good for her, folks. Final board for ten times her current amount:


Clue: "That comedy movie's a scream!". After two letters are taken away...


...sure enough, she's in space. If she had linked the famous comedy scream to the famous Mccully Culkin, she might have known it was HOME ALONE.
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