Friday, July 20, 2007

DEBUT: "Set for Life"

Tonight's first contestant is Chris Reynolds from Shelby, Michigan. He is a karate enthusiast. His "Guardian Angel" is his brother, Kevin.

Here's how the game works. There are fifteen sticks. Eleven will turn white when picked, and the other four turn red. Unlike the British version of the show, the potential dollar amount that could be paid each month over a certain period of time is predetermined. In this case, it's $4,625. The ladder:

SET FOR LIFE (40 years): $2,220,000
25 Years: $1,387,500
20 Years: $1,110,000
15 Years: $832,500
10 Years: $555,000
5 Years: $277,500
3 Years: $166,500
2 Years: $111,000
1 Year: $55,500
6 Months: $27,750
1 Month: $4,625

For each white stick found, the contestant will move up one step on the ladder. For each red stick found, the contestant will move down one step on the ladder. The player's Guardian Angel controls how much money the contestant can win. The Guardian Angel is placed in an isolation booth to watch the player's moves, and the player cannot see what he/she is thinking in there. The player can stop after any white stick found, but must go on if a red stick is found. When the Guardian Angel thinks the player has won enough money, he/she must hit the red button, and whatever amount the Guardian Angel locks in with it is what the player will be taking home, no matter what the player does for the rest of the game. However, if the player finds all of the red sticks and is not saved, the player loses everything.

I will denote white stick selections with a dollar sign, and red stick selections with an X. Here we go....

Pick/$ or X?/Time of Payment
#4/$/1 Month

Beginning with the second pick, one of the player's children, Corey, is helping him out choose numbers.

#8/$/6 Months
#7/X/1 Month
#1/$/6 Months
#9/$/1 Year
#10/$/2 Years
#5/$/3 Years
#6/$/5 Years
#12/$/10 Years- STOP

Now, it all depends on when the brother stopped, if he did at all. Before that happened, if the player had listened to Corey and picked #14, he would gotten a red and dropped down. The other red was behind #3. Now, when did the brother stop??.....

 the five year mark. But still, $277,500 is not a bad way to start this show!

Next is Shenise Louis from Baton Rouge, Louisana. She was recently crowned Miss Plus America. Her Guardian Angel is her friend, Natasha. The target amount for this game is $2,900. If she somehow goes all the way, she could win $1,392,000 over 40 years.

#11/$/1 Month
#14/$/6 Months
#9/$/1 Year
#15/$/2 Years

(WOF Time's Up Signal)

And we're out of time. If the show is back, she will be back to finish her game.
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