Monday, July 23, 2007

MVPs and Big Winners Announcement for July 16-22

MVPs: Amy Henry ("The Next Food Network Star"), Victor Lee, Andrew Unterberger and Andrew Weber ("World Series of Pop Culture")

The team listed here defeated three other teams in NYC, including sweeping Wocka Wocka in the finals, to win the second "World Series of Pop Culture", which was much more competitive than the first one, IMHO.

A few weeks ago, Finley came this close to walking away from her chance to make it on the Food Network because of missing her family back home. But she decided to press on, and after JAG decided to walk away after the semifinals, she came all the way back to win the big contract and the car that came with it.

Other Big Winners and Notables:

Rachel Kayhill, Kelly Bishop and Robert Bishop- Runners-Up ("Worls Series of Pop Culture")
Luke Adams- $350,000 ("Don't Forget the Lyrics!")
The nine "Jeopardy! Teen Tournament Summer Games" semifinalists
Clay Sellers- $100,000 ("Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?")
Lori ?- $50,000 ("The Singing Bee")
Michael Graham- First $25.000 winner ("Without Prejudice?")
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