Saturday, July 28, 2007

MVPs for July 23-29

The two who share MVP honors for this week have one word in common....comeback.

On Monday, Victor King rebounded from a puny $1,000 win on "WWTBAM" by winning $500,000 on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?". Getting there wasn't easy though- he had already used two of his cheats early on. He was out of cheats after the $50,000 question. But he then knew every single answer right off the bat from that point on to win the money. With zero knowledge on the category of help, he stopped at $500,000.

Just last night, Meryl Federman, part of a very deep field in the latest "Jeopardy! Teen Tournament", entered last night's Game 2 of the final in third place with absolutely nothing. Just shortly before the first commercial break, she started to catch fire. Federman was on the verge of making the comeback complete when leader Greg Peterson missed a Daily Double. She then wagered enough while getting Final Jeopardy! correct to make up a $25,000 deficit, the second-highest deficit ever erased by anybody to win a tournament on this show, to win the $75,000 top prize.

Both players have a chance to make the 2007 Salute of Champions later this year.
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