Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"The Singing Bee" 7/17

The house band on this show is called Ray Chew and the Honeybees.

The first song in Round 1 is called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. The man at #141 sung the lyric as “And I can’t be, without”….everything is wrong. The man at #119 also messed up by singing “I’m stupid and contagious”…only the first part of that is wrong. The lady at #5 sung “I’m a liar, I’m a liar”…NO FREAKIN’ WAY. The #200 lady sung “I feel stupid and contagious”…she’s the first one into Round 2!

New song….”Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall. The lady at #73 sang the target lyric as “Why the hell it means so much to me”…bullseye!

Next…”Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. The lyric is “…sunshine, whoa; And don’t it feel good”, and the #48 lady gets it on the nose!

New song: “Electric Ave.” by Eddie Grant. Back to #142, he sung “Gonna take you higher”…not quite. #119 fills out the Round 2 field with “And then we’ll take it higher”.

#200 is Lori and #73 is Royce. Round 2 apparently will be a different game every time. This time, it’s called “Karoke Challenge”. This time, singers will sing the words with the teleprompter, but there will be some blanks along the way in the lyrics, and the lady has to sing in the correct words. Each correct blank is worth a point; most points wins and heads to the Championship Round.

Lori’s up first, and she’s singing a song that may make some people think of Mickie James- it’s “Mickey” by Tony Basil. She got all 15 missing words right! Royce sung to “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel….and fell short, so Lori’s in the finals!

#48 is Katie and #119 is Roger. Katie’s song is “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner. She got all 15 words! Roger must clear the board on “The Joker” by The Steve Miller Band. He….missed it by one, so Katie’s the other finalist!

Lori’s first in the Championship Round, and her song is “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Joel. She messed up right off the bat by forgetting to start the lyric with the word “But”.

Katie’s song is “Take Me Home, Country Road” by John Denver. She messed up by leaving out an s in “roads”, so the round continues with a tiebreaker.

Here, the year and the artist is given, and whoever buzzes in first got the option to play or pass. Singing right wins the game, and singing wrong loses the game. The year was 1957, and the artist is Elvis Presley. Katie buzzes in and decides to play.

The song is “Jailhouse Rock”. She sung “Everybody sing” and messed up right off the bat, meaning Lori’s the winner! Correct: “Those knocked out jailbirds sing”.

The first song in “The Final Countdown” is “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. She sung “Did you think I’d lay down and die”…one down, four to go.

Second is “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. She sung “Brand-new Porsche”…two right!

Third is “How Sweet It Is to be Loved By You” by James Taylor. She sung “And thank you baby”…three in a row!

Fourth is the theme song of “The Flintstones”! She sung “Then the cat will stay up for the night”….NO WAY. It was “Through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet”.

Fifth is “The Warrior” by Scandal. She sung the lyric as “If you survive”…only one more to go! She can do no worse than $20,000 now.

Next is “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benetar. This is her first chance to close out the 50 grand. She sung “Or am I the best thing you’ve had”….give her the cash!
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