Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Without Prejudice?" Episode 2

The players this time are:

Kevin Patrick- 26, Hollywood.
Kristine Prechetti- 43, Las Vegas.
Shane Hale- 28, Austin, TX.
Helen Long- 33, Los Angeles.
Henry Tarlow- 61, North Hollywood.

My favorite out of those five is the oldest person of the group. The first person I would cut is the Vegas lady.

Rita McKenzie noticed there’s a lot going on with Patrick. Ryan Fox didn’t like Hale because he was from Texas, and he thought Texans are uneducated. Randy Mayberry liked Long, but didn’t think she was good-looking. Bill Weiner thought Long was the sincerest person out of the five. The other panelist on this episode is Tiffany Dunn. Votes:

Ryan: Hale
Rita: Tarlow (she thought he was an alcoholic)
Tiffany: Hale
Randy: Tarlow
Bill: Hale

That means Hale is the first one cut. Now, for Round 2.

Patrick: Born in Birmingham. His parents seperated when he was only 2. Frequently got into trouble at school and ran away from home.
Prechetti: Her parents divorced when she was only four months old. She majored in Criminal Justice, but dropped out of college after three years.
Tarlow: His father was born in England. His mother was a stay-at-home mom and is 96 years old. Graduated from high school in only 2.5 years, and went to college when he was 17.
Long: Born in Hong Kong. Her neighborhood was one that was strict and middle-class. She didn’t do well playing sports. She immigrated to the U.S. at 17.

Now, for everyone’s work and personal life:

Patrick: Moved to L.A. at the age of 16 in order to start the band he’s in right now. He’s an ordane minister, and has the right to do funk funerals. He’s also a professional fire breather.
Prechetti: She was a Vegas showgirl, but is now a blackjack dealer. Struggled with Autism for most of her life.
Long: She had cosmetic surgery in order to have breast implants and the right to shave. She’s pursuing a career in acting and dancing.
Tarlow: After leaving college, he voluntarily joined the Army. While serving in the National Guard, he met his wife, Michelle, at the L.A. County Fair, and they were together for 32 years. After she passed away, he married Serena.

Patrick has got to go. Let’s see if they agreed.

Ryan: Prechetti
Rita: Long
Tiffany: Long
Randy: Patrick
Bill: Long

That means Long is out. Now, for everybody’s beliefs. The three topics this time:

-Gay/Lesbian marriages
-Legalization of prostitution
-The right for a parent to spank their children

Patrick did not approve of the said marriages, and thought all marriages should have nothing to do with the government. The Vegas lady was fine with the marriages, and she showed no confidence at all. Tarlow said any marriages held outside the churches should be considered contracts or covenants.

Patrick had no comment on prostitution, the remaining lady didn’t support prostitution and Tarlow wanted prostitution cut back.

Patrick didn’t approve of spanking, the lady thought spanking somebody was difficult, and Tarlow said his family had a one-punch system, and thought some scenarios required some strict disclipline, like the grounding of children.

McKenzie didn’t like Tarlow’s comments about spanking, and thought no children should be spanked for anything. Fox disagreed with her.

Now, for the behavior scenario. This time, actors were posing as other contestants.

Patrick thought the actors’ behavior, especially when one said they had a short-term memort, was very funny. Tarlow’s own behavior seemed funny.

I thought the lady’s behavior was dull. Did they agree with me that the Vegas lady had to go? YES, by a 4-1 vote.

Now, let’s find out if I am 2 for 2 on predicting the $25,000 winner on this show. I’m rooting for Henry Tarlow.

First vote, from Weiner, goes to….Kevin Patrick.
Second vote, from Mayberry, goes to….Tarlow!
Third vote, from McKenzie, goes to….Tarlow! One away from $25,000!
Fourth vote, from Dunn, goes to….Patrick, so Fox is the decider.

Am I 2-0 on predicting the winner of this show?.....

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