Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"America's Got Talent"- Top 8

The first one to perform in the Top 8 round was....Robert Hatcher! He sung "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. He got off to a fairly weak start, but got better late, so I gave him a 7. Everyone liked it, so he gets another 10, meaning his new total is 27!

Second was....Julienne Irwin! This time, she sung "Crazy" by The Boys. I gave her a 10, but that's her final score tonight because Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne thought the song was too old for her. She has a new score of 19.

Third was....Terry Fator! His puppet this time did a bunch of classic songs, including
"That's Amore" by Dean Martin and "I Left My Heart in San Fransisco" by Tony Bennett. I thought the performance didn't grab me as much in previous weeks, so I gave him a 6. But all of the judges liked it, so he gets a TEN POINT BONUS, and he has a new score of 36!

Fourth was....Cas Haley! He did "Easy", done by several artists, including Lionel Richie with a Calypso flavor. I liked that version a lot, so I gave him a 10! The judges liked it as well, and Osbourne added that the song choice was the perfect one. New total: 33.

Fifth was....Jason Pritchett, continuing the singing theme tonight. The song choice this time is "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brooks. I gave him an 8, and with only Morgan not liking it, I gave a five-point bonus for a new total of 26.

Sixth was...The Glamazons! This time, they did "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls. I gave them a 9, but everybody liked it, so they get a TEN POINT BONUS, bringing their new score to 34!

Seventh was....Butterscotch! This time, she did "My Funny Valentine". This song was not the right one for her, so I gave her a 5. But everyone liked it, so a TEN POINT BONUS has been given, making her new total 32.

The last ones to make it through were.....

....Sideswipe! I gave them a 10 on their latest performance, and I doubled it because everyone liked it, meaning their new score is 30!

Based on my scores, Terry Fator, The Glamazons, Cas Haley and Butterscotch should be in the finals. But Sideswipe still has a reasonable chance.
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