Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 8/21

Eric Stein was ordered by America to share a moment with that "Woobie"....with his good buddy, Jessica Hughbanks! Needless to say, he got that task done no problem.

Joining the obvious three in this week's Power of Veto Competition were Zach Swerdzewski, Dick Donato and Hughbanks.

This competition meets "Power of 10" tonight. That's because all of the players are asked five questions polled to "Big Brother" fans, and had to register the appropriate percentage guess. The one farthest from the actual percentage on each question was eliminated. The last one standing won the Golden Power of Veto, BUT, the winner and the runner-up will win a mini-vacation to an unknown destination. Here's the first question:

What percentage of those polled think Kail would make a good politician?

Zach: 27%
Jessica: 13%
Amber: 45%
Daniele: 32%
Jameka: 45%
Dick: 78%

Answer: 19%, so Dick's gone. Second question:

What percentage of those polled think life in the Big Brother House is easy?

Zach: 62%
Jessica: 52%
Amber: 50%
Daniele: 34%
Jameka: 45%

Answer: 14%, so Zach was done. Third question:

What percentage of those polled think Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe?

Jessica: 67%
Amber: 65%
Daniele: 34%
Jameka: 65%

Answer....47%, meaning Hughbanks was done. This will decide which two won the bonus mini-trip:

What percentage of those polled think they would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike?

Amber: 60%
Daniele: 83%
Jameka: 87%

Answer...70%, meaning Jameka Cameron was out, so Amber Tomcavage and Daniele Donato just each won the bonus. Now, if the Donato wins, the current nominees for eviction will virtually stay as they were (a HoH has NOT won the Veto Competion, BTW), while if Tomcavage wins, she will be free from eviction. Final question:

What percentage of those polled think Zach was the sexiest bunny of them all?

Amber: 65%
Daniele: 46%

The answer is....after some "Power of 10" like tampering with the reveal meter, 35%, meaning Donato has won the Power of Veto Competiton for the third time.....

...but I was stunned to hear that despite the fact she was the current HoH, she freed Tomcavage from eviction and put Jen Johnson up for eviction against Cameron. Wow!

As for the bonus for Tomcavage and Donato?.....

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