Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Big Brother 8" 8/28

The other five houseguests watched the "Power of 10" episode that we just saw.

Joining the obvious three in the Power of Veto Competition were Daniele Donato, Eric Stein (thanks to Zach Swerdzewski drawing a "Houseguest's Choice" ball) and Jameka Cameron.

Obviously, the odd person out (Dick Donato) hosted this competition. The lawn was transformed into a murky forest. This is a riddle version of "Jeopardy!". The big cat in the tree gave an answer to a player on each turn, and the player then had to find a rat with a proper riddle, and throw it to the cat. The last person that gave a correct riddle on each turn was eliminated.
The first answer is Dustin Erikstrup. The first correct riddle was "He was #6 to go, enemies to one named Joe".

Cameron was the first to get that right. Siyavus and Swerdzewski gave that riddle as well. Daniele was also right with "Parading in his cape and crown, his eviction made him frown". Stein also said that, so Hughbanks was the first one eliminated.

The second answer was slop. Stein was the first one that gave "This concoction is crude, barely passes as food". Also having that one was Swerdzewski. Daniele gave "Your outlook seems bleak when you eat this for a week". Also having that one was...Siyavus, so Cameron's gone.

For the third riddle, everyone needed to give a riddle related to Nick Starcevic. Daniele had to find her rat inside the tree with a spider's web, and she was the last one to arrive. Stein gave "Who could know he'd be the fourth to go?". Swerdzewski gave "His heart rang like a bell for houseguest Daniele". Siyavus also gave that, so Daniele's gone.

The fourth set of riddles needed to be related to Jen Johnson. The first riddle of "Big Brother thought it would be hard, but she loved to wear that unitard" was given by....Siyavus. The second riddle of "She was HoH #2, and claimed her word was always true" was given by....Stein, so thanks to an extremely close finish between him and Swerdzewski, the latter's out.

Now, here's the situation. If Stein won, the nominees will stay the same, unless something out of the ordinary happened afterwards. Otherwise, Cameron will most likely fill Siyavus' place in the eviction ceremony Thursday night.

The answer, fittingly was veto.....

....and "It may come as a shock; if you win this, you're off the block" was given by Stein, so he's the winner!

Now, before we found out if there was another Veto Ceremony shocker, Hughbanks (naturally) was the name inside the America's Player envelope that America voted to have kissed by Stein. Of course, he completed that task no sweat.

Now, did Stein pull off a big act of betrayal at the Veto Ceremony?......

......not this time.
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