Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Big Brother 8" Eviction Show 8/23

Jen Johnson violated her 30-day rule of eating "nothing but slop" per an earlier competition. Because of this, she has been given a technical vote for eviction. Originally, the ruling was that if she survived this week's eviction ceremony, she would be automatically put up for next week's eviction, but Johnson felt this was unfair to her friend, Jameka Cameron.

Amber Tomcavage gave the first vote to...Johnson.
Dick Donato wanted....Johnson gone. Because of the penalty, if she got one more vote, she's demoted to jury duty, and unless some special sweepstakes occur, she's leaving empty-handed.
Eric Stein had the next vote courtesy of America...and Johnson's it, so she's done.

Johnson was evicted by a unanimous vote, so she would've still been dismissed even if she hadn't gotten that penalty. In any event, she's the second member of the jury, joining Dustin Erikstrup.

In tonight's HoH Competition, Eric Stein, Jessica Hughbanks, Dick Donato, Amber Tomcavage and Zach Swerdzewski are all seated on dunk tanks. Questions will be about comments said by the first five houseguests evicted this season (those who missed out on the jury altogether). There will be two choices for each question. A correct answer keeps a player in the game, and a wrong one eliminates them, and are then dunked via a button pressed by Jen Johnson. If there's only one person left before time runs out, that person become the new HoH.

Question #1:

Who did Joe Barber say was in serious need of a slop diet?
A: Zach
B: Jameka

Everybody said Zach, which is correct. Next:

Who did Carol Journey say would do the worst at a spelling bee?
A: Jessica
B: Amber

Everyone but Stein said Jessica. If the answer's Amber, Stein's won...but it's Jessica, so he's eliminated and dunked. Next:

Who did Kail Harbick say she wanted to give her Bible to?
A: Jameka
B: Dick

Everyone said Jameka, but that's wrong.

Which person did Nick Starcevic say that he would least like to see running around stripping naked?
A: Eric
B: Zach

Tomcavage and Swerdzewski said Eric, while the others said Zach. Answer....Zach, so Hughbanks and Dick remain. Next:

Who once said "Meet the Fockers"?
A: Mike
B: Joe

Answer is......

...Joe, so Hughbanks is now a two-time HoH!
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