Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Big Brother 8" Eviction Show 8/30

America wants Amber Siyavus gone. Badly. Let’s see if it happens.

The first regular vote went to Jameka Cameron…and if Siyavus gets voted out, it won’t be via a unanimous vote, as she voted to evict Zach Swerdzewski. With America’s vote, we’re tied at one vote apiece.

The next vote was casted by Dick Donato…and it went to Siyavus.

The last vote went to Daniele Donato……

…and Siyavus better be happy she won that $1,000 on “Power of 10”, because she’s not winning anything on this show. She’s evicted tonight.

Now, Swerdzewski is marked for another eviction nomination this week. This means that he must win this Head of Household competition, or else he will be nominated for eviction this week and face a Sudden Death situation in the Power of Veto Competition. That’s because his three opponents in the HoH Competition are the Donatos and Eric Stein.

In the HoH Competition this time, each of the four eligible contestants are standing next to a giant teapot. Each one is filled with 55 gallons of tea. Each person needed to transfer enough water from the flowing teapot to make their silver bowl fill so high, that they will be able to grab the tiny ball inside. The first person to do this is the new HoH.

A soda water leak later burst out as part of the surprises that awaited the players as they continued to try and finish up.

(WOF Time’s Up Signal)

But we won’t know the results right now, because time’s up. To get the results, go search crazy on the Internet for “Big Brother 8”, or watch the results on Sunday’s episode.
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