Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"Big Brother" 8/7

In the latest Power of Veto Competition, joining the obvious three were Jameka Cameron, Dustin Erikstrup and Zach Swerdzewski. The host was Amber Tomcavage, and I'm not sure if it was because the houseguests thought she did a great hosting job on a game some of the houseguests played that I saw while watching "Big Brother After Dark" last week. In that game, the keys of other houseguests were hidden under the photos of the remaining houseguests, and the players had to choose a photo, and had to figure out whose key was underneath that photo.

As for the competition right here, it's called "The Numbers Don't Lie". On each turn, a challenge was given, and the player who made the highest bid got to do it, while the person with the lowest bid was automatically eliminated. The last one standing gets the Golden Power of Veto, and given last Sunday's events, Eric Stein better hope that Jen Johnson or Kail Harbick didn't win this. First scenario:

Over the next five days in the house, how long would you be willing to wear a rabbit suit in order to stay in this game?

The answer could be as high as 120 hours.

Dustin: 100 hours
Jameka: 110 hours
The others: 120 hours

Erikstrup is gone, while the ones who said 120 hours must do so for the next five days. Second situation:

Over the next 24 hours, how much time do you want supplies funky mixture dumped over your head?

Everybody said the full 24 hours, so they all must do that while they all stay in this competition. Next:

How much of a $10,000 jackpot do you want?

The person with the highest wager automatically won that amount of money, BUT was eliminated.

Everybody said NOTHING, so again, everyone stayed in the game. Next:

How many hours are you willing to use up eating nothing but slop?

Answers could be up to 720 hours.

Kail and Jen: 720 hours
Jameka: 480 hours
Zach: 250 hours
Daniele: 710 hours

The other man in this competition was eliminated, while the current nominees must spend 720 hours eating nothing but slop. Next:

Out of the next five HoH competitons, how many of them are you willing to sit out?

Kail and Jameka: ALL
Jen: 4
Daniele: 3

That meant Donato was gone, while Harbick and Cameron must sit out the next five HoH competitons. Final question:

Up to $250,000, how much of the $500,000 grand prize would you be willing to give up in order to try and win the Golden Power of Veto?

Jameka: $10,000
Kail: $248,999
Jen: $250,000

That meant Cameron was out, and Johnson's potential grand prize has been cut in half. BUT, Johnson just won the Golden Power of Veto!

America told Stein to make a promise to Jessica Hughbanks to take her as his opponent in the finals if they made it that far. He did just that, and that meant he FINALLY won $10,000! That's the worst thing that can happen to him if he gets evicted. As for this week, did Johnson replace herself with Stein?.....

...YES. Now, the latest America's Player poll asked which houseguest should Stein flatter intentionally in order to ensure that he stays in the game?
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