Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"Cash Cab" 8/7

First up, headed 42 blocks to Union Station Cafe, were three Siegals- Bert, Sean and Todd. They blew their first question right away about the USDA, but got the rest of the $25 questions. After getting their first three $50 questions right to go to $225, it's time for an RLC and the trademark scream for it. Question:

Name four of the seven countries that end with -stan.

They wasted no time getting that right with Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan to reach $475. On the final $50 question, they had to use a Mobile Shout Out. Question:

What famed California mountain pass gets its name from a group of settlers that allegedly resorted to Cannibalism?

They called Sean's friend, Mike, who said the Donner Party and they agreed....correct! On their final question before the end of the game, they were at two strikes. This is to keep them alive:

A counterpart to the jugular vein, what life-sustaining artery is compressed when a wrestler does a sleeper hold?

They said the carotid artery, and I groaned, thinking it was the brain...but the carotid artery is correct for $625! But they decided to gamble on this Video Bonus:

Despite its tranquil appearance, this river's delta was once the site of prolonged fighting between the U.S. and the Viet Kong. Providing the lively hood for thousands of Southeast Asians, what is the name of this waterway?

They wasted no time saying the Macon Delta for $1,250!

Next, headed 44 blocks to 9th between 1st and 8th, were Melissa, Aaron and James. They fell short.

Finally, headed 35 blocks to somewhere within Dwayne and West Broad were Sheia and Jennifer. They breezed past the $25 round. But the rest of the game was not as smooth- they struck out late in their ride.
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