Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Cash Cab: After Dark" 8/15

We begin with Bruce and Sarah, headed to a food place called Buckey’s, which has been said to have been known for its pies. It’s 35 blocks away. They….blew all of their questions, meaning we have the first-ever WIPEOUT in this format! Ben Bailey consoled them by saying it’s happened quite a few times on the daytime show.

BUT, let me point this out. The last time this happened, on the next game played after that, a new winnings record was set on the daytime show with $3,000. So, maybe this might have been a blessing in disguise for our next players.

They were….Dave, Caroline, Charlie and Lauren. They tried to make it 33 blocks to P.J. Clarke’s. Sure enough, they swept the $50 round. They got their first two $100 questions right, but missed the last two…but they made it after the final $100 question, so they had $400 at that point. They decided to take the money and run.

Headed to South St. Seaport next was Ken Stafford, 28 blocks away. He also swept the $50 round. After getting the first two $100 questions to reach $300, it’s RLC time. Question:

On a standard computer keyboard, name five of the eight symbols that share their spaces with the numbers 1-8.

He got asterisk, number sign, the exclamation point…and that’s all, so he didn’t score here.
There was the at sign, the dollar sign, the percent sign, the karat sign and the ampersand. Next question:

In the recording of his 1986 album “Graceland”, Paul Simon violated a cultural boycott of what country?

After saying Africa, he had to be more specific…but ran out of time, so that’s strike one. It was SOUTH Africa. After getting a question about “American Gladiators”, he reached $400. He finished with $700..and decided to bank it.

Headed to Harrison and Hudson next were Michael, Matt (who called this show the best game show ever!) and Jane-Ambrosia, 34 blocks away. They messed up on their third $50 question:

Now synonymous with ready-to-wear retail, what term was coined to refer to unstable, single-cropped nations like Honduras?

They said “Off the Rack”, but it was Banana Republic. They got the last $50 question about “DOH” from “The Simpsons”. They got their second strike on their opening $100 question when they said the psychic that predicted 2006 would be a big year for peanut butter was Euri Geller, when it’s actually The Amazing Kreskin. They got the remainder of their $100 questions to reach $450. They used a Street Shout Out in Tribeca on this first $200 question:

In an often-spoofed ad for Chrysler, Ricardo Montalban stole the virtues of what supposedly upscale variety of leather?

The helper says Carinthian Leather, and they agreed…right to go to $650! Next:

Famous for its five-liter boxes, what top-selling American brand of table wine proves that “It’s hip to be square“?

They said Franzia…right for the win with $850! But they decided to try the night’s first Video Bonus:

Located off the coast of Sicily, this active volcano has been erupting almost continuously for 2,000 years. Lending its name to a calzone-like treat, what is this Italian mountain of fire?

Matt said Stromboli, and the group wasn’t sure…they should’ve been, because they just won $1,700!

Trying to get to 47th and 9th were Monique and Tali, 27 blocks away. They got to their target with $400, but they also tried the Video Bonus. Question this time:

Due to its speed, this fleet-footed relative of the iguana appears to walk on water. Named for a legendary lizard with a lethal gaze, what is this racy reptile?

They said, in uncertainty, Dragon Gekko….no wonder why they were unsure, because that’s wrong, so they’re broke. Answer: Basilisk.

Jeff and Michael wrapped things up for the night by trying to get to Angelica Kitchen, which was 40 blocks away…and they got there with $1,850! They could’ve tried the Video Bonus for a record-setting total, but they decided to pass.
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