Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Cash Cab: After Dark" debut

On this new version of "Cash Cab", almost all dollar values are doubled, except for the Red Light Challenges, which are still worth $250. That means that a really smart bunch of contestants could win about $5,000. Also, some of the questions are somewhat racier.

First up, headed to somewhere at Park Avenue South and 18th St., were Jacquilene, Lorene, Kathy and Lisa. Their trip was scheduled to be 37 blocks long.

They swept the $50 round to start off with $200. But they got their first strike on their first $100 question, when they simply guessed Sony as the maker of the G-Shock digital watch, when it was actually Casio. They got the rest of the $100 questions to reach $500. They got their two $200 questions right at the end to finish with $900. But they wasted no time going for the $1,800 or nothing opportunity with this question:

Famously shot by Ansel Adams, this massive chunk of granite is perhaps the best known geological landmark in California. Known as Cleft Rock in the local Native American tongue, what is the name of this photogenic rock?

They said....NOTHING, so they lost it all. Answer: Half-dome.

Next up, headed to somewhere at 48th, was Daniel Lux. It's 31 blocks away, but he doesn't even come close to making it there, as he struck out.

Headed to 49th between 8th and 9th were Sebastian, Susan, Alegra and Vera. Their target was 45 blocks away. They got by the $50 round no sweat. After they got their first two $100 questions right to double their money, it's RLC time. Question:

Name five of the seven most frequently visited websites in the U.S. as of this year, according to Lexis-Nexis.

They said Google, EBay, Yahoo, Amazon and MSN for the money and a new total of $650. Unsaid: MySpace and YouTube.

They messed up on their final $100 question, thinking at the last second that the continent you can spell out on your computer using only one row of a keyboard was Africa, when it's Europe, using the top row. They got all of their $200 questions to finish with $1,350, but decided to try to double it to $2,700. Here's the last question:

Look at the Charles Bridge. The site of a disasterous flooding in 2002, this enduring example of Gothic architecture is located in what European capital?

They said Prague....they've got $2,700! The first big win on the new nighttime version! Well done.

Next, headed to McFadden's, 37 blocks away, were Jeanette, K.T. and Demada. They swept the $50 queries. They decided to use a Mobile Shout Out on this opening $100 question:

Claiming to be "the best for your stick", Mr. Zog's Sex Wax is a product commonly used in what sport?

K.T. called her boss, Morgan, who was of no help. They then said hockey....surfing, so that's strike one. On the next question, they had to use a Street Shout Out:

What controversial conservative pundit had been described by the press as "Rush Limbaugh in a miniskirt"?

They asked someone in Murray Hill, who said Anne Coulter. They agreed...a Shout Out worked that time! They reached $300 at that point. They finished their trip with $400, and tried this Video Bonus:

For over a century, the British Museum and Greek Government played Tug of War over these antiquites in Athens. Named for the noblemen who claimed them for England, what are these centuries-old statues called?

They said....NOTHING, so they're broke. The statues are known as Elgin Marbles.

Headed to P.J. Clarke's, 44 blocks away, were Karen and Brad. They....barely got there with $950, and decide to keep that money, thus staying away from that Video Bonus.

Trying to get somewhere at 13th and 9th, 37 blocks away, were Jonathan, Keri and Gina. They got there with no strikes, but with only $650, so they decided to go for the Video Bonus.

Known for its large, gleaming eyes, this old-world primate gets its name from a Latin word meaning "spirits of the dead". With most species making their homes in Madagascar, what is this endangered animal?

They said lemur, but they weren't sure....that's right for $1,300!
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