Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Grand Slam"- First round concludes

Let’s start off with #8 Nancy Christy (the only female to win $1 Million on a regular game show) vs. #9 Ogi Ogas (the most recent $500,000 winner on “WWTBAM”). The lady starts the first round.

Q1: Bartholomew, Andrew, Thomas and Simon the Zealot are all depicted in what famous painting, completed in 1498?
Guess: “The Last Supper”- RIGHT (53.17 left for Christy)
Q2: What current game show host also appeared as a series regular on the NBC drama “St. Elsewhere”?
Guess: Richard Dawson- THAT’S A PAST HOST, FOOL (A: Howie Mandel of “Deal or No Deal” fame)
Q3: Vatican City is an independent nation located within what European city?
Guess: Rome- RIGHT (46.98 left for Ogas)
Q4: Until 1972, what country was known as Ceylon?
Guess: Sri Lanka- RIGHT (49.38 left for Christy)
Q5: In 1994, current N.J. governor Jon Corzine became chairman and CEO of what investment bank?
Guess: Gomer Sachs- RIGHT (39.10 left for Ogas)
Q6: According to the lyrics of a 2003 hit song by Kelis, what drink “brings all the boys to the yard”?
Guess: Milkshake- RIGHT (41.92 left for Christy)
Q7: Who famously said, “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”?
Guess: Andy Warhol- RIGHT (34.99 left for Ogas)
Q8: Edward was the vaccinator and Bruce the decathlete. What’s the surname?
PASS- Jenner
Q9: In the famous equation “E=mc squared”, what does c represent?
SWITCH to Ogas, who says speed of light- RIGHT (33.78 left for Ogas; 27.88 left for Christy)
Q10: Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, is located in what nation?
Guess: Kenya- NO (A: Tanzania)
Q11: The movie “U.S. Marshals” is a sequel to what 1993 hit film?\
PASS- “The Fugitive”
Q12: Sn is the chemical symbol for what element?
Guess: Antimony- NO (A: Tin)
Q13: The first Wal-Mart store opened in 1962 in what U.S. state?
Guess: Arkansas- RIGHT (only 6.5 left for Christy)
Q14: What star is currently known as the North Star?
Guess: Polaris- RIGHT (28.55 left for Ogas, thus forcing a Sudden Death situation for Christy)
Q15: In what country would you find King Fahd International Airport?
Guess: Saudi Arabia- RIGHT (Christy only has 1 second left)

Next correct answer by Ogas wins the round.

Q16: What is the first name of “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling?
Guess: Joanna- NOT ACCEPTABLE for Joanne
Q17: The famous brand of Waterford crystal is produced in the city of Waterford located in what country?
Guess: Ireland- WIN!

Ogas adds 16.23 to his final round clock, meaning it now reads 1:16.23. And he starts Round 2.

Q1: What geometric theorem regarding right triangles is usually represented as “a+b = c”?
Guess: Pythagorian Theorem- YOU BET (56.26 left for Ogas)
Q2: What is the square root of 289?
Guess: 17- RIGHT (55.18 left for Christy)
Q3: What is 40% of 70?
Guess: 28- RIGHT (53.26 left for Ogas, and he answered pretty quickly on this question)
Q4: How many square inches are in a square foot?
Guess: 144- RIGHT (51.49 left for Christy)
Q5: 3y + 14 = 5
Guess: -3- RIGHT (46.74 left for Ogas)
Q6: How is 57 expressed in Roman numerals?
Guess: CVII- NO (A: LVII)
Q7: What is 21 + 58 + 52 + 20?
Guess: 152- OFF BY ONE (A: 151)
Q8: The interior angle formed by the hour and minute hands of a clock reading 5 o’ clock is how many degrees?
PASS- 150 degrees
Q9: What is 572/11?
Guess: 65- NO (A: 52)
Q10: How long is 3 hours, 38 minutes – 49 minutes?
Guess: 2 hours, 33 minutes- WRONG AGAIN (A: 2 hours, 49 minutes; only about 12 seconds left for her)
Q11: Divide the number of maniacs in Natalie Merchant’s band name by the number of guys who made up ‘NSYNC.
Guess: 200- MISSED IT BY THE POWER OF 10 (A: 2,000)

Time soon runs out for Christy, so Ogas’s new final round clock total is 1:55.87. In both rounds so far, Christy started out decently, but fell apart towards the end. Also, Ogas got every single question right in Round 2 that he was asked. Maybe the lady will turn that around in Round 3, which she starts…

Q1: (WE CLIMB ON GOSSAMER WINGS)- What musical instrument is hidden in this phrase?
Q2: Chain Reaction- LAUGHING ______ TICKER (five-letter word needed)
Q3: (DYE CHICKEN)- Which hiring politician’s name is anagrammed here?
PASS- DICK CHENEY (she has about 33 seconds left)
Q4: What is the middle letter of the word “disparaging”?
Guess: R- RIGHT (27.17 left for Christy)
Q5: What “S” is a word of German origin meaning to take pleasure in another’s misfortunes?
Guess: sadistic- NO (A: Schadenfreaude)
Q6: (OWALOYORSN)- Separate the country from its capital in this jumble.
Q7: (AAAIO)- Add consonants to the board to make up the name of a former U.S. President.
Q8: After unscrambling DECORATING, you add an O to make up the name of what historic fort in upstate New York?
Guess: TICONDEROGA- RIGHT (31.09 left for Ogas)
Q9: What “N” is the name for coin collecting?
Guess: Numismacs- NO (A: Numismatics)
Q10: In the English alphabet, what letter comes 13 letters after J?
Guess: X- NO (A: W)
Q11: Spell “rorschach”.
Successful? NO (nearly seven seconds left for Christy)
Q12: Chain Reaction- JACK _______ CALLING (six-letter word needed)

That means Christy pretty much put the final nail in her coffin, as Ogas’s final round clock soared to 2:26.90. Ogas gave her a royal beating in the final round, as he won with 1:50.09 left on the clock. He gets Brad Rutter in the quarterfinals.

Now, for who will face Leszek Pawlowicz in the quarterfinals- #5 David Legler vs. #12 Frank Spangenberg. The big “Twenty One” winner starts the opening round.

Q1: An optometrist specializes in caring for what part of the body?
Guess: Eyes- RIGHT (56.31 left for Legler)
Q2: What green vegetable is the name of a current Crayola crayon color?
Guess: Broccoli- NO (A: Asparagus)
Q3: What is the nickname of Roger Kint in “The Usual Suspects”?
PASS- Verbal
Q4: What Russian city is often referred to as “The Venice of the North”?
Guess: St. Petersburg- RIGHT (42.21 left for Spangenberg)
Q5: What 1953 science fiction novel was based on the author’s novella “The Fireman”?
Guess: “Fahrenheit 451”- RIGHT (49.34 left for Legler)
Q6: What is the lowest valued slot on the current Big Wheel in the Showcase Showdown of “The Price is Right”?
Guess: Zero- NO FREAKIN’ WAY (A: A nickel)
Q7: In 2005, Cate Blanchett won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in what film?
SWITCH to Legler, who says “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King”- WRONG (A: “The Aviator”; 29.09 left for Spangenberg, about 48 seconds left for Legler)
Q8: What organization was the precursor to the United Nations?
Guess: League of Nations- RIGHT (41.38 left for Legler)
Q9: Paul Weitz made a movie, Don McLean wrote a song. What title do they share?
PASS- “American Pie”
Q10: The main characters on NBC’s Americanized sitcom “The Office” work for what fictional paper company?
PASS- “Dunner Mifflin”
Q11: What country’s official currency is the baht?
PASS- Thailand (about 11 seconds left for Spangenberg)
Q12: If you’re facing Mount Rushmore, the carving of what president’s face is farthest to the right?
Guess: Theodore Roosevelt- WRONG, AND TIME SOON RUNS OUT (A: Abraham Lincoln)

Legler’s final round time is now 1:41.38. Spangenberg will try to make up for his flameout in Round 1 (where he only answered one question right!) in Round 2.

Q1: What is (63-28) + (44-14) ?
PASS- 65
Q2: How long is 49 minutes + 33 minutes?
Guess: 1 hour, 22 minutes- YES (44.79 left for Spangenberg)
Q3: Subtract the year of the Mexico City Olympic Games from the year of the Atlanta Olympic Games.
Guess: 28- RIGHT (51.96 left for Legler)
Q4: What is -8 x -2.5?
Guess: 20- RIGHT (35.07 left for Spangenberg)
Q5: How long is 4 hours and 7 minutes – 2 hours and 56 minutes?
Guess: 1 hour and 11 minutes- RIGHT (43.89 left for Legler)
Q6: What is the square root of the number of candles in the title of the John Hughes film?
Guess: 4- RIGHT (29.05 left for Spangenberg)
Q7: What is 60% of 75?
PASS- 45
Q8: Every couple in my neighborhood has a kid. Tina and Matt are a childless couple. Do they live in my neighborhood?
Guess: NO- RIGHT (27.81 left for Legler)
Q9: What percentage of 80 is the number 56?
PASS- 70% (about 18 seconds left for Spangenberg)
Q10: How is 141 expressed in Roman numerals?
Guess: CXLI- RIGHT (11.53 left for Spangenberg)
Q11: In the U.S., what number is represented by a “1” with 18 zeroes after it?
Guess: Quadrillion- NO (A: Quintillion; about 16 seconds left for Legler)
Q12: If you buy nine plums at 13 cents each, how much change will you have left from $2?
Guess: 83 cents- RIGHT (3.01 left for Legler)

This means that Spangenberg can win the round if he gets one more question right in time.

Q13: 15 x 4y = 120


That means that Legler’s new final round clock total is 1:44.39. And Legler will start Round 3.

Q1: Chain Reaction- RACE _____ FEATHERS (five-letter word needed)
Guess: HORSE- RIGHT (55.04 left for Legler)
Q2: (DRANK HOT OAT) – Name the U.S. state anagrammed here.
Guess: NORTH DAKOTA- RIGHT (51.25 left for Spangenberg)
Q3: (C-M-/-WA-/W-T-/M-) Fill in this puzzle to reveal the 2002 Grammy album of the year.
Guess: COME AWAY WITH ME- RIGHT (49.08 left for Legler)
Q4: (SBPILASGH) – Find the two one-word movie titles starring Tom Hanks in this jumble.
Guess: “Splash” and “Big”- YES (41.20 left for Spangenberg)
Q5: When referring to radio stations, the letters “FM” stand for what?
Guess: Frequency Modulation- YOU BET (43.14 left for Legler)
Q6: (WHY DID SUPERMAN GO TO SATURN?)- Which fruit is hidden in this phrase?
Guess: MANGO- RIGHT (35.07 left for Spangenberg)
Q7: Spell “mascism” backwards.
Successful?- NO

Three questions later, Spangenberg is at 30.02 and Legler is at 21.54.

Q10: Chain Reaction- FRESH _____ MARK (five-letter word needed)
SWITCH to Spangenberg, who SWITCHES BACK to Legler, who SWITCHES BACK to Spangenberg, who SWITCHES for the last time to Legler, who also switches for his last time to Spangenberg. Spangenberg then passes (A: Watermark; has nearly 18 seconds left)
Q11: In the English alphabet, what is the only letter whose name is more than one syllable long?
Guess: W- RIGHT (12.38 left for Spangenberg; somebody lost everything on “WWTBAM” in fall 2005 by missing this question)
Q12: (AN ABNORMAL MONDAY)- What edible nut seed is hidden in this phrase?
PASS- ALMOND (Legler has just about 6 seconds left)
Q13: (-O-N/T—ER)- Add letters to this puzzle to form the name of a U.S. President.
Guess: JOHN TYLER- RIGHT (1.56 left)

Spangenberg can win the round if he gets one more question right in time, but he failed to do that last round. Can he do it this time?

Q14: Named after its inventor, what “D” is an early form of the photograph?
Guess: Degarotype- WIN!

Spangenberg’s final round clock will stand at 1:06.25 for the final round, which he will start.

Q1: What Best Picture Oscar-winning film was based on a play by Alfred Uhry?
PASS- “Driving Miss Daisy”
Q2: In 1997, chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov lost a match to what IBM supercomputer?
Guess: Deep Blue- RIGHT (53.53 left for Spangenberg)
Q3: According to the Girl Scouts of America, what is their best-selling cookie?
Guess: Thin Mints- RIGHT (1:39.04 left for Legler)
Q4: What does the second “A” stand for in the name of the civil rights group known as the NAACP?
Guess: Advancement- RIGHT (46.71 left for Spangenberg)
Q5: In the board game “Clue”, players try to figure out who killed what fictional character?
Guess: Mr. Body- RIGHT (1:33.83 left for Legler)
Q6: What is 6.3+ 5.9?
Guess: 12.1- MISSED IT BY SO LITTLE (A: 12.2)

Legler went on to win with 1:02.86 left, and he’s the last one in the quarterfinals. Next weekend is quarterfinal weekend on “Grand Slam”. See you then!

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