Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Grand Slam" First Round Part 3

First up tonight...Rahim Oberholtzer, the #7 seeed, faces the #10 seed, Phyllis Harris. The winner will face Ken Jennings in the quarterfinals next week. The lady starts the opening round.

Q1: In the human body, the scapula is more commonly known as what?
Guess: Shoulderblade- RIGHT (55.64 left for Harris)
Q2: What Broadway musical follows the story of paroled convict Jean Valijean?
Guess: "Les Miserables"- RIGHT (52.59 left for Oberholtzer)
Q3: What is the original name of the Roman Colosseum?
PASS- Flavian Ampitheatre
Q4: What building is depicted on the back of the current $50 bill?
PASS- U.S. Capitol (about 45 seconds left for Harris at this point)
Q5: King Ad-Rock, Mike D. and MCA are all members of what hip-hop group?
PASS- Beastie Boys
Q6: In the final episode of "Sex and the City", viewers learned that Mr. Big's first name is actually what?
Guess: John- RIGHT (33.26 left for Harris)
Q7: Who sang along with Paul McCartney on his hit song "Ebony and Ivory"?
Guess: Stevie Wonder- RIGHT (45.79 left for Oberholtzer)
Q8: What Russian was the first human being to orbit the Earth?
PASS- Yuri Gagarin
Q9: The popular Nintendo character Mario was introduced in what classic video game?
Guess: Donkey Kong- RIGHT (20.32 left for Harris)
Q10: Diana Prince is the civilian name of what superhero?
PASS- Wonder Woman
Q11: Humans typically have a set of how many adult teeth?
Guess: 25- WRONG (A: 32)
Q12: In 2006, Roger Goodell became the new commissioner of what pro sports league?
Guess: Football- NOT ACCEPTABLE for NFL
Q13: Who was the first female justic appointed to the Supreme Court?
Guess: Sandra Day O' Connor- RIGHT (23.35 left for Oberholtzer)
Q14: In college, President Bush and John Kerry were both members of what Yale secret society?
Guess: The Stall (??)- WRONG (A: Skull and Bones)
Q15: What Italian phrase is commonly used to refer to a restaurant with outdoor seating?
Guess: Al Fresco- RIGHT (6.56 left for Harris)
Q16: What American artist invented moving sculptures which are now known as "mobiles"?
SWITCH to Harris, who SWITCHES BACK to the man, who then PASSES (A: Alexander Calder; 4.57 left for Harris)
Q17: What Lauren Weisberger bestseller was turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep in 2006?
SWITCH to Harris, who says "The Devil Wears Prada"- RIGHT (3.55 left for Harris; 9.33 left for Oberholtzer)
Q18: What is the name of the first U.S. space shuttle to orbit the Earth?

That means Harris just overcame about a 25-second deficit to win the opening round, meaning her final round clock stands at 1:03.55. The man starts Round 2.

Q1: If A= 1 and Z= 26, what is the sum of the letters in"DADA"?
Guess: 54- NO WAY (A: 10)
Q2: If Matt weighs 200 lbs. and can lift 150% of his body weight, how much can he lift?
Guess: 300 lbs.- RIGHT (45.61 left for Oberholtzer)
Q3: What is 1/3 of 1,560?
Guess: 520- RIGHT (54.35 left for Harris)
Q4: What is 12.6-9.7?
Guess: 2.9- YOU BET (40.92 left for Oberholtzer)
Q5: What is 18 x 12?
Guess: 216- RIGHT (48.41 left for Harris)
Q6: 18 X 3y = 216
Guess: 66- WAY OVER (A: 4)
Q7: What is the mathematical term for a positive angle measuring less than 90 degrees?
SWITCH to Harris, who says acute- RIGHT (27.75 left for Oberholtzer; 47.58 left for Harris)
Q8: What number is represented by the Roman numeral CDXV?
Guess: 415 (answered quickly)- RIGHT (22 seconds left for Oberholtzer)
Q9: A realtor working on a 6% commission will earn how much money from the sale of a $2.5 million home?
Guess: $150,000- RIGHT (39.31 left for Harris)
Q10: What is 100 squared - 1?
Guess: 999- MISSED IT BY NINE GRAND (A: 9,999)
Q11: How many nickels equal $1.40?
Guess: 24- NO (A: 28)

That last miss clinches another round win for Harris, this time adding 39.31 to her final round clock, meaning it now stands at 1:42.86. Now, for Round 3.

Q1: (TOM IS SOUR; I AM NOT)-Name the U.S. state hidden in this phrase.
Guess: MISSOURI- RIGHT (56.31 left for Harris)
Q2: What is the last letter in the Greek alphabet?
Guess: Omega- RIGHT (56.23 left for Oberholtzer)
Q3: (CTARPUOMTAEN)- Seperate the author's first and last names from this jumbled board.
PASS- Truman Capote
Q4: (LAMP JOKES)- Name the U.S. President in this anagram.
SWITCH to the man, who PASSES (A: JAMES POLK)
Q5: (STOP STANDING ON THE STREET)- What wild dog is hidden in this phrase?
PASS- Dingo
Q6: What "F" is the official language of Iran?
Guess: Farsi- RIGHT (45.63 left for Oberholtzer)
Q7: Spell "dissipate".
Successful? YES (39.60 left for Harris)
Q8: What letter comes two before the penultimate letter of the English alphabet?
Guess: W- RIGHT (38.33 left for Oberholtzer)
Q9: (CNTNNTL)- Add vowels here to form the name of a U.S. airline company.
Guess: Continental- RIGHT (35.17 left for Harris)
Q10: (JEMIRMACHAINEEL)- Seperate the two original members of the Jackson 5 from this board.
PASS after saying MICHAEL; other one was JERMAINE
Q11: Chain Reaction- STAINLESS _____ WOOL (five-letter word needed)
Guess: STEEL- YOU BET (23.42 left for Oberholtzer)
Q12: (I RECALL A MAN WITH FIVE ARMS)- Name the four-legged animal hidden in this phrase.
Q13: Which letter in "duplication" appears twice?
Guess: I- RIGHT (23.60 left for Harris)
Q14: What does the "J" stand for in the acronym JPEG?
PASS- Joint
Q15: (DIM RED FUNGUS)- What famous doctor's name is anagrammed here?
Q16: What "B" is a person who works at the counter of a coffeehouse?
PASS- barista
Q17: (AU---AI-IA)- Add consonants to form the name of a country and a continent.
Guess: AUSTRAILIA- OF COURSE (2.67 left for Oberholtzer)

This means the next correct answer by Harris wins the round for her.

Q18: Spell "fortuitous".
Successful?- NO (about 15.50 left for Harris)
Q19: Chain Reaction- BREATHING _____ TEMPERATURE (four-letter word needed)
Guess: ROOM- WIN!

That means with 10.83 earned this round, Harris will have a final total of 1:53.69 on her final round clock. This is the third game in a row that someone has swept the first three rounds of a game. At the final round, Harris is back to two switches, while the man only has one.

Q1: Titan, the second largest moon in the solar system, orbits what planet?
Guess: Jupiter- WRONG (A: Saturn)
Q2: Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs were police partners in what popular movie franchise?
Guess: "Leathal Weapon"- RIGHT (48.33 left for Oberholtzer)
Q3: What number is represented by the Roman numeral CD?
Guess: 400- RIGHT (1:48.31 left for Harris)
Q4: On the TV sitcom "The Cosby Show", what was the first name of Cliff Huxtable's only son?
Guess: Theo- RIGHT (42.89 left for Oberholtzer)
Q5: Chain Reaction- GREEN ______ TACK (five-letter word needed)
Guess: THUMB- RIGHT (1:43.96 left for Harris)
Q6: If a 7"2 man married a 5"6 woman, how many inches taller than his wife would he be?
Guess: 20- RIGHT (33.17 left for Oberholtzer)
Q7: What popular beverage was created by Georgia pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886?
Guess: Coca Cola- RIGHT (1:36.49 left for Harris)
Q8: Built in the 1930s by Frank Lloyd Wright, "Fallingwater" is located in what U.S. state?
PASS- Pennsylvania
Q9: The giant panda's diet is made up almost entirely of what plant?
He doesn't get the right answer of Bamboo (19.31 left for him)
Q10: What is 20% of 80?
Guess: 16- RIGHT (16.10 left for Oberholtzer)
Q11: In 2006, former "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch was found guilty of perjury and what other crime?
Guess: Tax evasion- RIGHT

Harris goes on to win the match with 1:21.42 left!

Now, for #6 John Carpenter and #11 Thom McKee. Remember, the winner gets Michelle Kitt in the quarterfinals. McKee opens the game.

Q1: In 1614, the Native American princess Pocahontas converted to Christian and was given what English first name?
PASS- Rebecca
Q2: When referring to a popular MTV show, what do the letters "TRL" stand for?
PASS- "Total Request Live"
Q3: Flutes, oboes and clarinets are all part of what musical instrument family?
Guess: Woodwind- RIGHT (40.73 left for McKee)
Q4: Black tea flavored by oil extracted from bergamot orange rinds is known by what name?
He doesn't know it's pearl gray.
Q5: What "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Pulp Fiction" star was named after a Hindu goddess?
Guess: Uma Thurman- RIGHT (42.46 left for Carpenter; he wasted around 10 seconds on both questions he's been asked so far)
Q6: What artist was known for his "Water Lillies" series of paintings?
Guess: Monet- RIGHT (35.68 left for McKee)
Q7: The Tower Bridge traverses what London river?
Guess: Thames- RIGHT (38.60 left for Carpenter; he was a bit quick this time in answering)
Q8: What Shakespeare play has the stage direction, "Exit, persued by a bear"?
PASS-"The Winter's Tale"
Q9: What long-running TV show regularly features a stopwatch during its opening montage?
SWITCH to Carpenter, who says "60 Minutes"- RIGHT (36.97 left for Carpenter; 22.69 left for McKee)
Q10: Which U.S. President was the first to receive over 500 electoral votes in a presidential election?
Guess- Richard Nixon- WRONG (A: Franklin D. Roosevelt, he has about 15 seconds left)
Q11: Linkin Park and what rapper collaborated on the 2004 mash-up album "Collision Course"?
Q12: The stars Betelgeuse and Rigel are part of what constellation?
Guess: Orion- RIGHT

With only 3.58 left for McKee, the next correct answer will give Carpenter the Round 1 win.

Q13: The Transylvania region associated with the Count Dracula region legend is found in what country?
Guess: Romania- WIN!

Carpenter wins with 31.50 left, meaning his final round clock stands at 1:31.50. He'll start Round 2. McKee has only answered 38% of his questions correctly so far.

Q1: Is a kilometer more or less than a mile?
Guess: MORE- NO
Q2: What is 54.3-28.6?
SWITCH to McKee, who SWITCHES BACK to Carpenter, who then PASSES (A: 25.7; 58.78 left for McKee)
Q3: How long is 4 hours, 28 minutes - 1 hour and 39 minutes?
SWITCH to McKee, who PASSES (A: 2 hours, 49 minutes; 40.62 left for Carptenter)
Q4: What is 70 x 0.7?
Guess: 49- RIGHT (49.71 left for McKee)
Q5: What is 75% of 300?
Guess: 225- RIGHT (30.77 left for Carpenter)
Q6: In geometry, what is the name for a triangle with three sides of equal length?
Guess: equilateral- RIGHT (44.60 left for McKee)
Q7: What is 3/4 - 1/2?
PASS- 1/4
Q8: Subtract the number of feet in a yard from the number of yards in a mile.
Guess: 1,757- RIGHT (9.73 left for Carpenter)
Q9: If you are able to collect all 50 state quarters, how much money will you have?
Guess: $12.50- RIGHT (36.27 left for McKee)
Q10: What is 5 x 73?
Guess: 73- TIME'S UP, AND THAT'S SO WRONG (A: 365)

That means with 36.27 left on McKee's clock, he now has a slight advantage with a final round clock total of 1:36.27. And he starts Round 3, with both players having one switch left.

Q1: (I LEMON SCOWL)- Name the famous reality show judge anagrammed here.
Q2: (SACNOJSTOARSICEA)- Seperate the world capital from its country in this jumble.
Q3: Lewis Carroll combined what two words to make the word "chortle"?
PASS- "chuckle" and "snort"
Q4: (SHE STARRED AT THE PEPSI LONGINGLY)- Which Greek vowel is hidden in this phrase?
Guess: STARE- NO (A: EPSILON; McKee is down to 28.19 left already this round)
Q5: On a bottle of sunscreen, what does the abbreviation "SPF" stand for?
Guess: Sunlight Protection Factor- NOT ACCEPTABLE for Sun Protection Factor (he has only about 21 seconds left!)
Q6: (THE TERIYAKI WILL BE SWEET)- Name the exotic fruit hidden in this phrase.
Q7: Chain Reaction- BLOOD _____ COOKER (eight-letter word needed)
Q8: (RYRBSN)- Add vowels to get a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
McKee SWITCHES in the middle of the question, and Carpenter SWITCHES back to McKee, WHO RUNS OUT OF TIME (A: ROY ORBINSON)

For the first time ever, somebody WIPES OUT in a round! That means that Carpenter adds 55.25 to his clock, meaning his final round clock now stands at 2:26.75.

Despite McKee solving the anagram BOB BARKER (!!!) after a Carpenter switch, he couldn't overcome the big hole and lost to Carpenter with 55.31 left on the clock.

Tomorrow, the first round concludes when two "WWTBAM" winners go head-to-head- #8 Nancy Christy will face #9 Ogi Ogas, and the biggest winner from the latest version of "Twenty One", #5 David Legler, will try to have much better luck than Oberholtzer had when he faces #12 Frank Spangenberg.
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