Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Grand Slam" Quarterfinals Part I

To start, we have #1 Brad Rutter vs. #9 Ogi Ogas. The winner will face either Leszek Pawlowicz or David Legler in the semifinals in two weeks. Ogas starts the opening round.

Q1: Where are the headquarters of the Boeing Company?
Guess: Seattle- WRONG (A: Seattle)
Q2: What Babylonian king is associated with the legal principle "an eye for an eye"?
Guess: Hammurabi- RIGHT (50.04 left for Ogas)
Q3: Mammoth Cave National Park is located in what U.S. state?
Guess: Wyoming- WRONG (A: Kentucky)
Q4: What Greek physician is credited with founding the study of medicine?
I didn't understand his answer, but I knew it's wrong. It was Hippocrates.
Q5: What Martin Scorsese chronicles the story of Maria informant Henry Hill?
Guess: "Goodfellas"- RIGHT (44.57 seconds left for Rutter)
Q6: What two characters are described in a William Shakespeare play as being "star-crossed lovers"?
Guess: "Romeo and Juliet"- YOU BET (44.08 left for Ogas)
Q7: The Latin adage "Cogito, ergo sum" was coined by what French philosopher?
Guess: (Rene) Descartes- RIGHT (33.25 left for Rutter)
Q8: What color of M&M was unavailable for most of the 1970s and 80s due to worries over a food-coloring product?
Guess: Green- NO (A: Red)
Q9: What is the first and last name of Henry VIII's widow?
Guess: Katherine Parr- YES (32.23 left for Ogas)
Q10: What planet is eight-furthest from the Sun?
Guess: Uranus- NO (A: Neptune)
Q11: In 2006, what former Senator was appointed to lead a steroid investigation for MLB?
Guess: (George) Mitchell- RIGHT (29.04 left for Rutter)
Q12: From what university did the three founders of the humor magazine "National Lampoon" graduate?
Guess: Harvard- YES (26.96 left for Ogas)
Q13: What pastor has sold over 25 million copies of his book, "The Purpose Driven Life"?
Guess: Rick Warren- RIGHT (24.07 left for Rutter)
Q14: What do the letters in the TV series "JAG" stand for?
PASS- Judge Advocate General
Q15: In his 2002 State of the Union Speech, President Bush called Iran, Iraq and what other country an "axis of evil"?
Guess: North Korea- CORRECT (12.80 left for Ogas)
Q16: In what film did "Dirty Harry" Callahan first utter the words, "Go ahead, make my day"?
Guess: "Sudden Impact"- RIGHT (18.63 left for Rutter)
Q17: In May 2000, Angelina Jolie married which former co-star in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony?
PASS- Billy Bob Thornton

Time runs out on question #18, so Rutter adds 18.63 to his final round clock, making it 1:18.63. And he starts Round 2, where Ogas has never answered a question incorrectly so far.

Q1: What is 1/7 of 224?
SWITCH to Ogas, who says 32- RIGHT (56.12 left for Rutter, 58.87 left for Ogas)
Q2: What is 5.4 + 6.7?
Guess: 12.3- ABSOLUTELY NOT (A: 12.1)
Q3: 20 +44 = X - 22
Guess: 42- DOPE (A: 86)
Q4: The abbreviation for "master of ceremonies", when used as a Roman numeral, converts to what standard number?
Guess: 1,100- RIGHT (38.44 left for Rutter)
Q5: What is 52 - 26- 13?
Guess: 13- YOU BET (A: 54.88 left for Ogas)
Q6: If it's 7 PM in L.A., what time is it in NYC?
Guess: 10 PM- INDEED (33.54 left for Rutter)
Q7: What's the dollar value of 7 quarters and three dimes?
Guess: $2.05- BINGO (49.41 left for Ogas)
Q8: If x is greater than y, and y is less than z, do we know that x is greater than z?
Q9: What is the greatest number of 150-pound men who can ride an elevator with a maximum load of 1,000 pounds?
Guess: 7- OFF BY ONE (A: 6)
Q10: Two lines that are in the same planeand never cross are what kind of lines?
Guess: Parallel, after originally saying perpendicular- RIGHT (A: 13.71 left for Rutter)
Q11: If The New York Times implements a 6% price increase on it's $3.50 Sunday paper, what is the new price?
Both players SWITCH twice, and Rutter passes after Ogas uses his second pass (A: $3.71)
Q12: How many days is 1 week- 72 hours?
Guess: 3 days, just before saying the right answer of 4 days- WRONG

Ogas still has not answered a math question wrong, at least in Round 2, and adds a whopping 39.08 to his final round clock. And he starts Round 3.

Q1: (TARMAC NOSE)- What U.S. state capital is anagrammed here?
Guess: SACRAMENTO- RIGHT (55.65 left for Ogas)
Q2: (FROUBLTERTON)- Unscramble this board to get the first and last name of a famous inventor.
Q3: (DID ANNALISA THEN ACTUALLY GO?)- What Greek goddess is hidden in this question?
Q4: How many consonants appear in the word "destitute"?
Guess: 5- RIGHT (39.82 left for Rutter)
Q5: Chain Reaction- DUST _____ SLOPE (five-letter word needed)
Q6: Adding what letter to the word "dove" changes its meaning to "a large mass of people moving as a body"?
Q7: Fill in the rest of G _ N _ A G _ to form the name of a university located in Spokane, Washington.
Q8: Spell "tarantula".
Successful?- YES (31.30 left for Ogas)
Q9: (TCHOAGDO)- Decipher the two African countries hidden in this jumble.
Guess: CHAD AND TOGO- RIGHT (33.66 left for Rutter)
Q10: (IT'S YODEL AWARNESS MONTH!)- What U.S. state is hidden in this phrase?
Guess: DELAWARE- RIGHT (27.39 left for Ogas)
Q11: Fill in the rest of this puzzle to get the name of a popular reality TV show:

_ M E _ I _ A' _

_ E X _

_ O P

_ _ D E L

Guess: "America's Next Top Model"- YOU BET (27.33 left for Rutter)
Q12: What "P" is the name for the groove in your upper lip that runs up to your nose?
PASS- Philtrum
Q13: Chain Reaction- PORTER _____ LIGHTS (five-letter word needed)
Guess: HOUSE- RIGHT (18.20 left for Ogas)
Q14: (SCILWAFRLK)- Seperate the last names of the American explorers hidden in this phrase.
Guess: LEWIS AND CLARK- RIGHT (22.95 left for Rutter)
Q15: (DRY ALLIES)- What astronaut's name is anagrammed here?
Q16: In the abbreviation of the Arab political group "PLO", the letter "L" stands for what word?
Guess: Liberation- RIGHT (7.12 left for Ogas)
Q17: Spell "daffodil".
Successful?- YES (19.05 left for Rutter)

Rutter went on to win the round with 14.20 left. That meant that Ogas's final round clock remains at 1:39.08, while Rutter's final round clock grand total is now 1:32.83, so unlike most of the past few matches during the first round, it's still anybody's match. And Rutter starts the final round, with each player now having two switches at this point.

Q1: What opera sta's name means "peaceful Sunday" in Spanish?
PASS- "Placido Domingo"
Q2: What is 74.7 - 28.8?
PASS- 45.9
Q3: What African great lake is surrounded by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?
Guess: Lake Victoria- RIGHT (1:17.95 left for Rutter)
Q4: (SIT IN SOBERLY)- What late Russian leader's name is anagrammed here?
Q5: What is the capital of the state of Washington?
Guess: Olympia- RIGHT (1:27.40 left for Ogas)
Q6: In Braille, what letter of the alphabet is represented by only one dot?
SWITCH to Ogas, who says A- YOU BET (1:26.19 left for Ogas, 1:12.34 left for Rutter)
Q7: Fill in the rest of _ P _ R _ _ I T _ to get the name of a famous Greek mythological character.
Guess: APHRODITE- RIGHT (1:07.16 left for Rutter)
Q8: What is the highest number under 200 that is a perfect square?
SWITCH to Rutter, who PASSES (A: 196)
Q9: In the U.S. Army, what rank comes immediately before major?
Guess: Lieutenant Colonel- NO (A: General)
Q10: In fall 2007, NBC will debut a remake of what 1970s TV series that starred Lindsay Wagner?
Guess: "The Bionic Woman"- YOU BET (51.41 left for Rutter)
Q11: What 20th century artist was married to painter Frida Kahlo?
Guess: Diego Rivera- RIGHT (1:16.84 left for Ogas)
Q12: Which of these numbers is not ever divisible by 13- 26, 52, 92 or 117?
Guess: 117- NO (A: 92)
Q13: Fill in the rest of _ _ _ _ _ R O Y to get the name of a fabric.
Guess: CORDUROY- RIGHT (42.41 left for Rutter)
Q14: What philosopher wrote the line "Hell is other people"?
Guess: Sarger- RIGHT (1:11.92 left for Ogas)
Q15: (MARCH GREAT HATTER)- What former world leader is anagrammed here?
Q16: What is 19.65 - 18.72?
PASS- .93
Q17: In Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven", what word does the raven constantly repeat?
Guess: "nevermore"- RIGHT (25.34 left for Rutter)
Q18: Which President Bush administration member performs in a band called "Beats Workin'"?
PASS- Tony Snow
Q19: Spell "squalor".
Successful?- YES (1:01.03 left for Ogas)
Q20: Who is the only woman of African-American descent to have won the Oscar for Best Actress?
Guess: Halle Berry- RIGHT (19.09 left for Rutter)
Q21: Chain Reaction- DRAW ______ CHEESE (six-letter word needed)
SWITCH to Rutter, who says STRING- RIGHT (18.65 left for Rutter, 57.62 left for Ogas)
Q22: Which movie had a larger U.S. opening weekend at the box office- "Spider Man 3" or "Shrek The Third"?
Guess: "Spider Man 3"- RIGHT (50.60 left for Ogas)

Ogas went on to win with 16.82 left on his clock, meaning the all-time GS champ goes down because of his struggles early on in the final round.

His semifinal opponent will be decided right now, because Legler and Pawlowicz are next. The killer Pawlowicz starts the opening round.

Q1: In May 2006, what politician won re-election as the mayor of New Orleans?
Guess: Ray Nagin- RIGHT (A: 54.79 left for Pawlowicz)
Q2: The 38th parallel is most associated with what military conflict?
Guess: Vietnam War- WRONG (A: Korean War)
Q3: What artist directed the movies “Chelsea Girls”, “Blue Movie” and “Eat” in the 1960s?
Guess: Andy Warhol- RIGHT (48.53 left for Legler)
Q4: What reality TV show’s first winner was a businessman named Bill Rancic? PASS- "The Apprentice"

Q5: What famous American’s only son was named “Edsel”?
Guess: Henry Ford- RIGHT (43.89 left for Pawlowicz)
Q6: How many James Bond movies did Pierce Brosnan star in as “007”?
Guess: 4- RIGHT (42.95 left for Legler)
Q7: What 90s band took its name from an outdoor sculpture in Seattle?
Guess: Nirvana- NO (A: Soundguard)
Q8: TV personality Cesar Milan is known by what moniker?
Guess: “The Dog Whisperer”- RIGHT (32.73 left for Pawlowicz)
Q9: Rattlesnake, Kelleys and South Bass are all islands on what Great Lake?
Guess: (Lake) Michigan- NO (A: Lake Erie)
Q10: The 1997 movie “Jackie Brown” is an adaptation of what Elmore Leonard novel?
PASS- “Rum Punch”
Q11: What is the name of the sword owned by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth character, Bilbo Baggins?
Guess: Sting- RIGHT (22.26 left for Legler)
Q12: In the U.S. Army, what is the rank immediately above corporal?
PASS- Sergeant
Q13: What #1 1996 song inspired a dance craze?
Guess: “Macarena”- YOU BET (21.71 left for Pawlowicz)
Q14: What part of a person’s eye determines its color?
Guess: Iris- RIGHT (18.04 left for Legler)
Q15: What animal is the mascot for the fictional high school football team on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”?
Guess: PASS- Panther
Q16: What carotenoid gives tomatoes a red color?
Guess: Lycopene- RIGHT (10.91 left for Pawlowicz)
Q17: In 2007, Haliburton made news when its corporate headquarters relocated to what foreign country?
Guess: France- NO (A: United Arab Emerates)
Q18: In 2007, Forest Whitaker won an Oscar for his portrayal of what former world leader?
Guess: Idi Amin- RIGHT (3.57 left for Legler)
That means that if Pawlowicz can answer a question correctly within 10.91, he’ll win the round.
Q19: What sport is known as “the sweet science”?
Guess: Boxing- WIN!

Pawlowicz adds 6.94 to his final round clock. Legler will try to fare better in Round 2, which he’ll start.

Q1: What is the square root of 225 divided by the square root of 25?
Guess: 3- YES (54.23 left for Legler)
Q2: How many quarters equal $30?
Guess: 120- RIGHT (55.64 left for Pawlowicz)
Q3: How many feet are in a fathom?
Guess: 6- RIGHT (51.12 left for Legler)
Q4: What do you get when you cube the number of U.S. senators currently representing Rhode Island?
Guess: 8- RIGHT (49.45 left for Pawlowicz)
Q5: 5x- 5 = 7x- 19
Guess: 7- RIGHT (45.77 left for Legler; I would’ve passed immediately on this question)
Q6: What number is represented by the Roman numeral CXCVI?
Guess: 196- RIGHT (42.40 left for Pawlowicz)
Q7: What is 105/3?
Guess: 35- RIGHT (40.77 left for Legler)
Q8: In Geometry, a line that touches the circle at only one point, without intersecting, is called what?
Guess: Secant- NO (A: Tangent, and I think Pawlowicz quietly said the F word upon missing that question)
Q9: What is 4/3 of 27?
Guess: 36- RIGHT (32.22 left for Pawlowicz)
Q10: What is 5% of 150?
Guess: 7.5- RIGHT (33.87 left for Legler; I would’ve said 3)
Q11: What is 43 + 29 - 13?
Guess: 46- NO (A: 56, and I‘m not sure if Pawlowicz quietly said the S word or shoot after getting this one wrong)
Q12: If some grogs are bobos, and all bobos are flumps, are any grogs flumps?
Guess: NO- WRONG
Q13: A newborn is 8 pounds. If it increases its body weight by 50% every six months, how much will it weigh after one year?
Guess: 18- RIGHT (7.18 left for Pawlowicz)
Q14 consists of this board:
(2) (4) (6)
(1) (3) (5)
(5) (?) (9)
Guess: 7- RIGHT (27.13 left for Legler)
Q15: Which of these numbers is NOT a multiple of 9- 27, 36, 42, 54?
SWITCH to Legler, and if he’s right, he clinches the round….he says 42 and wins!

Legler beats Pawlowicz big time in the round Pawlowicz excelled in, and his final round clock total stands at 1:25.38! Pawlowicz will try to redeem himself in Round 3, which he’ll start.

Q1: (WILL ABC CANCEL LOST NEXT YEAR?)- What musical instrument is hidden in this question?
Guess: CELLO- RIGHT (55.85 left for Pawlowicz)
Q2: In online dating ads, the “W” in the abbreviation “SWF” stands for what?
Guess: “White”- RIGHT (54.25 left for Legler)
Q3: Chain Reaction- TOP _________ REPUBLIC (six-letter word needed)
Both players SWITCH to each other until Pawlowicz runs out and passes (A: BANANA; Legler has one Switch left)
Q4: Complete A _ _ R _ _ R _ to get the name of a mechanism in a camera that regulates light passing through the lens.
Guess: APERTURE- RIGHT (42.34 left for Pawlowicz)
Q5: In the Greek alphabet, what letter comes three after rho?
Guess: epsilon- RIGHT (46.13 left for Legler)
Q6: Spell “alfalfa”.
Successful?- NO
Q7: (OLD MIRAGE)- What 20th century world leader is anagrammed here?
Q8: What “Q” is a nosy person or busybody?
PASS- quidnunc
Q9: (DID CAL WIN AN ENDICOTT AWARD?)- What Canadian city is hidden in this question?
PASS- OTTAWA (Pawlowicz had it on the tip of his tongue, and only has about 17 seconds left!)
Q10: In medicine, what does the “IV” stand for in an “IV drip”?
Guess: Intravenous- RIGHT (12.62 left for Pawlowicz)
Q11: (BACRLATORAN)- Unscramble the board to get the first and last name of a famous nurse.
SWITCH to Pawlowicz, who says CLARA BARTON- RIGHT (40.22 left for Legler; 11.91 left for Pawlowicz)
Q12: What word is formed by every other letter in the word “courtliness”?
PASS- cuties (I don’t blame Legler for passing that one.)
Q13: Chain Reaction- SWORD ______ GROUND (four-letter word)
Q14: (A SCUBA)- What device used for addition is anagrammed here?
Guess: ABACUS- RIGHT (21.54 left for Legler)
Q15: What is the middle letter of “equidistant“?

That means Legler’s grand total for his final round clock is 1:46.92, while Pawlowicz has a final round clock total of 1:06.94. Legler starts the final round.

Q1: In the film “Cast Away”, what is the name of the imaginary friend made out of a volleyball?
Guess: Spalding- NO (A: Wilson)
Q2: How many consonants are in the word “loquaciousness”?
Guess: 6- SORRY (A: 6)
Q3: In part 2 of Shakespeare’s “Henry VI”, a character says, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the”
Guess: “lawyers”- RIGHT (1:30.17 left for Legler)
Q4: What Israeli leader won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize along with Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin?
Guess: Ariel Sharon- WRONG (A: Shimon Peres)
Q5: What famous author has published novels under the name “Richard Bachman”?
Guess: Stephen King- RIGHT (55.34 left for Pawlowicz)
Q6: (FREE WILL)- Add a letter to this phrase to get the name of a hit movie.
Guess: Y (as in “Free Willy”)- RIGHT (1:25.42 left for Legler)
Q7: In square feet, what is the area of a rectangle with sides of 14 feet and 13 feet?
Guess: 182- RIGHT (47.66 left for Pawlowicz)
Q8: In casino blackjack, if you have a soft hand, what card must you be holding?
Guess: Ace- RIGHT (1:20.65 left for Legler)
Q9: What “F” is a steep-sided sea inlet typically found in glacial regions?
Guess: fiord- RIGHT (42.91 left for Pawlowicz)
Q10: What is 14 x 7 x 2?
Guess: 196- RIGHT (1:13.58 left for Legler)
Q11: What club was founded on a Spanish island in 1950 by Gerard Blitz?
PASS- Club Med
Q12: What word is used to describe two words fused together , such as “smog”?
Guess: Portmanteaux- RIGHT (31.23 left for Pawlowicz)
Q13: The Sharks and Jets did battle in what Leonard Bernstein musical?
Guess: “West Side Story”- RIGHT (1:08.72)

Legler goes on to win with little trouble, as 44.55 was left on his clock, meaning he’s Ogas’ opponent for the semifinals.

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