Sunday, August 19, 2007

MVPs and Big Winners Announcement for August 13-19

I've decided that in order to avoid total heat from other people, I have decided to let two people split my MVP honors this week. They are, as follows:

MVPs: Michael Amaroso, Jr. ("Set for Life") and Ogi Ogas ("Grand Slam")

Last Friday, Amaroso, after starting his game with a red light, went on an incredible tear, pulling eight white lights in a row and froze at $504,00. Although he could've possibly won $1,344,000 had he continued on, he's still the second biggest traditional game show winner this year, only trailing Jamie Sadler, the $1 Million winner from "Power of 10". However, he is NOT a guarantee to make this year's "Salute of Champions", given how many people have called "Set for Life" one of the worst game shows in history.

Ogas made history not long ago on "Grand Slam" when he pulled off the upset of the current all-time game show winnings king, Brad Rutter, on last night's first quarterfinal episode. He did so thanks to his continued mastery of one of my favorite subjects, Math. He is also the first contestant to beat Rutter on any game show he has been on.

Other Big Winners and Notables:
David Legler- Semifinalist ("Grand Slam")
Sabra Johnson- $250,000 ("So You Think You Can Dance")
Rick Fortin and Kristine Johnson- Finalists ("World Series of Blackjack")
Lauren ?- $50,000 ("The Singing Bee")
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