Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Power of 10" Episode 4

Back with us is Dewey Morgan from New Orleans, who will try his best to break the drought of giving away at least $100,000. Here is his $100,000 question:

What percentage of Americans think that Americans should be allowed to own automatic weapons?

I thought something in the middle to start. His base guess is 9-29%. The audience said 20-40%. He changes his guess and locks it in at 15-35%. Actual answer....

...41%, meaning he should've gone even higher, and he leaves with $1,000.

Our next Elimination Round pits Will Cleckler from Savannah, GA (a personal trainer) and Julie Foehr from Bloomington, Illinois (a radio talk-show host). First question:

What percentage of Americans have quit their job after only one day of work?

Will: 65%
Julie: 27%

Answer...16%, so the lady scores. Second up:

What percentage of Americans said they've had to use trigonometry since leaving high school?

Will: 7%
Julie: 11%

Answer...30%, so the lady's one away. Third question:

What perccentage of Americans said they have been attracted to their first cousin?

Will: 7%
Julie: 19%

Answer...15%, so the lady pulls off the sweep, and maybe she'll break the drought. First question for $1,000:

What percentage of Americans think a woman should take her husband's last name when she gets married?

I think the answer's high. Her audience partner is her radio talk show partner, Bob. Her base guess is 45-85%. The audience says 70-80%. Bob makes Foehr change her guess to 54-94%. Answer is 79%, so she's on the board. $10,000 question:

What percentage of Americans said George W. Bush should've released Scooter Libby from his prison sentence?

I think it's fairly low. She first says 12-42%. The audience says 20-40%. The base guess is her final one, and the answer is 27%, so she's guaranteed that $1,000. For $100,000, which they've been trying so hard to give away ever since Jamie Sadler won that $1 Million:

What percentage of Americans believe that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol?

I think the answer's low here, too. Her base guess is 18-38%. The audience peaks at 30-50%, as well as 65%. She changes her guess to 38-58%. Is the losing streak over?......

...YES!! Answer: 57%, meaning she just barely got it! For ONE MILLION DOLLARS:

What percentage of Americans think there should be a mandatory cutoff age for elderly people?

I think the answer's real high. Believe it or not, I think the answer's 90-100%. Her base guess is 55-65%. The audience says 70-85%. I suggest she QUIT AT $100,000 NOW. DID SHE??....


...HER FINAL GUESS WAS 62-72%.........

...AND SHE LOSES. ANSWER: 38%, WHICH NOBODY SAID. But hey, at least she does have $10,000, which is more than most contestants have won so far on this show.

New players are Carissa Scarpa from Flagstaff, AZ (who is a mother, and is part of a family who wears the same tattoos in her family) and Dana Rainey from Redford, Michigan (who thinks she's smarter than the average person. I think she needs to try out for "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"). Opening question:

What percentage of Americans think their mother-in-law is a good cook?

Carissa: 34%
Dana: 31%

Answer: 68%, so Scarpa scores first. Second question:

What percentage of Americans currently live in the city or town where they grew up?

Carissa: 22%
Dana: 34%

Answer: 37%, so the round's tied. Third question:

What percentage of Americans think they would rather be ugly and smart than good-looking and dumb?

Carissa: 62%
Dana: 43%

Answer: 80%, so Scarpa's one away. Fourth question:

What percentage of Americans think they're not afraid to visit the dentist?

Carissa: 62%
Dana: 38%

Answer: 81%, so Scarpa's playing for the cash.

She got by the $1,000 question no sweat, so she's playing the $10,000 question for a chance to return the next time. Here's the question:

What percentage of American MEN have flashed their middle finger at a fellow motorist while driving?

I think the answer's pretty high. Her base guess is 50-80%, but she quickly changes it to 48-78%. The audience said 80-90%. Thanks to the audience, her final guess is 53-83%. Answer...58%, so she's coming back next time!
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