Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Top Chef: Miami" Episode 6

The guest judge this time is Rocco Dispirito, who is a James Beard Award winner and the author of "Rocco's Real Life Recipes".

Quickfire: Here, there won't be any cooking. Instead, each remaining contestant, one at a time, was shown a culinary thing, and had five seconds to answer. If correct, he/she went to the back of the line; otherwise, he/she was out of the challenge. The last one standing wins immunity.

The winner was...

...Casey Thompson!

Elimination Challenge: Prior to the start, everyone drew knives to determine who they would get as their partner in this challenge. Here are the teams:

Howie Kleinberg and Sara Mair

Joey Paulino and Hung Huynh

Dale Levitski and Casey Thompson

Sara Nguyen and Brian Malarkey

C.J. Jacobsen and Tre Wilcox

The challenge....cook a Frozen Mediterranean Pasta Dish for at least ten people. Each seperate portion of a dish had to be put inside a bag and frozen. The winners of this challenge each won a trip to Italy, courtesy of Bertoli.

Jacobsen and Wilcox got the quick freezing technique down pat when it came to freezing their portions of their dish, but Huynh's team felt they screwed up by not following Jacobsen and Wilcox.

The food was served at a food market.

Thompson and Levitski's dish was a turkey and pork meatball with Orecchiette pasta and a spinach-almond pesto.

Malarkey and Nguyen's dish was chicken rigatoni with Kalamata olives, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary. A flavor packet with additional flavors was also added.

Kleinberg and Mair did Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta with fennel and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. On paper, I liked the looks of this dish, but that may be because I'm personally a seafood lover.

Hunyh and Paulino did Tri-Colored Fusilli with garlic and sun-dried tomato sauce and chicken. They worried me because of what happened earlier, and the fact that Paulino admitted that they blew the execution of the frozen pasta.

Wilcox and Jacobsen presented last. Their dish was a black truffle and parmesan linguini with kale, tomato confit and grilled chicken.

Incidentally, when everyone went shopping, everybody was under a $100 budget within a thirty-minute time period.

The top two teams were Jacobsen and Wilcox and Levitski and Thompson. The winners of this challenge, and headed to Italy, were....

...Wilcox and Jacobsen!

The bottom two teams...Kleinberg and Mair and Malarkey and Paulino and Huynh. Kleinberg's pattern of either being the winner of an elimination challenge or one of the worst in the elimination challenge continues.

At the judges' room, Hunyh said the pasta was too mushy. Both he and Paulino couldn't describe what happened in the challenge, which may be a suicide move. Was it?....

...yes, but only Paulino got cut.
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