Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Without Prejudice?" 7/31

The players this time:
Brigiette ?- 21, Riverside, CA.
Eric Bevy- 40, Uxbridge, Massachussetts.
Heather Lewis- Orange County, CA.
Bobby (!!) Mason- 33, Los Angeles.
Shelly Seneil- 42, somewhere in Oregon.

Bridgett, in my opinion, needs to go because her last name is too oddball.

The panelists this time were Raven Williams, Kristina Hughes, Douglas Fox, Sean Tierney and Laura Nichols.

Sean- Bevy (because he had no sense of what he would do with the money)
Kristina- Bevy
Douglas- Brigette ?
Laura- Bevy
Raven- Lewis

That meant Bevy was cut. Most of the panel did not like his appearance.

Round 2:
Brigiette: Born in Fontana, CA. Her parents are from Thailand. She didn’t meet her dad until she was 7. Didn’t finish college.
Bobby: Born in Gary, Indiana. Had a career in baseball and economics, but had trouble with classwork and decided to go to law school.
Shelly: Born in La Mesa, CA. She hated high school because of racial issues, especially because of being uncomfortable with blacks.
Heather: Has three sisters and loves softball. But she has been diagnosed with bone cancer in one of her legs. She studied up on buisness while attending college.

I absolutely HATED Seneil’s racial issues, so she needed to go. Not surprisngly, she caused Raven Williams to get into a verbal spat with the other panelists about race. Let’s see if they agreed after Round 3. Here were the votes:

Sean- Seneil
Douglas- Mason (he thought the $25,000 wouldn’t matter when he tries to improve his life further)
Laura- Seneil
Raven- Seneil

Mercifully, Seneil was eliminated. As of right now, I thought that Lewis should be the winner, and maybe the Bobby should join her in the final round.

In the Beliefs round, the three subjects were:

1. Immigration in the U.S.
2. Gay and lespian adoption
3. Religious beliefs

Heather favored illegal immigration, Brigiette had mixed thoughts and Bobby disliked immigration.
Heather thought gay and lespian people shouldn’t adopt children, while Brigiette and Bobby approved of it. Heather was a Buddhist, but wasn’t into the temples. Brigiette said she and God had a good relationship, and Bobby said he wasn’t a religious person at all.

Douglas Fox approved of gay and lespian people, but had a problem with such adoptions. Raven Williams didn’t approve of Brigiette’s thoughts about the adoptions.

Now, for the behavior situation. Heather’s and Bobby’s behavior were bland. As for Brigiette, she called the fake contestants dwarfs, and that she loved midgets. She even did a fake fight with somebody, and I really HATED her for doing that. Now, for the votes:

Sean- Bobby
Kristina- Bobby
Douglas- Brigiette
Laura- Brigiette
Raven- Brigiette

That meant I got my way for the final two!

During the final round, Bobby Mason wanted to go to the bathroom!!! Final votes:

Sean- Lewis
Kristina- Lewis. If she got one more vote, my perfect record will remain intact.
Douglas-Lewis, meaning I have done it again!

The final tally was 4-1, with Raven Williams being the only one to go with Bobby Mason. Lewis was overjoyed over the victory and hugged the entire panel, but not the host.
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