Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"The Biggest Loser 4"- Week 2

Here are the preliminary weights for the members of the black team:

Isabeau Miller- 298 lbs.
Julie Hadden- 218 lbs.
Hollie Self- 255 lbs.
Jez Luckett- 345 lbs.
Jim Germanakos- 361 lbs.
Bill Germanakos- 334 lbs.

Jillian Michaels did a weigh in for all of them later on. Here were the new weights:

Isabeau: 290 lbs.
Julie: 216 lbs.
Hollie: 244 lbs.
Jez: 329 lbs.
Jim: 350 lbs.
Bill: 313 lbs.

In the second challenge between the red and blue teams, each team had their own big staircase. One person at a time from each team had to run up their staircase and turn the lights off one of their four floors of steps, thus making it their respective team's color. The first team that changed all of their lights and cross the finish line won, and one member of the winning team would get immunity afterwards.

Neil Tejwani and Ryan Rodriguez of the blue team had to sit out this challenge because they got injured. To make it a 4 on 4 challenge, the red team chose to sit Lezlye Donahue out.

The match was real tight....and the winning team was the red team! They were behind from the beginning, but Bill bailed them out!

To determine the immunity winner, each player from the red team, one at a time, chose one of five switches. If they picked the right switch, that person won immunity.

The order was determined by random draw. First up was Donahue, and she went for #2....NO.

Second was Phil Hawk, and he flipped #1...NO.

Third was David Griffin. He tried #5....BULLSEYE! He automatically moved on to the next round!

In the second half of the episode, the black team officially got into the game. At this point, only the team with the lowest weight-loss percentage of a weigh-in will face elimination.
The blue team, who won the last weigh-in, went first.

Jerry Lisenby's new weight...256 lbs., meaning he lost another ten pounds!

Nicole Michalik weighed in at...265 lbs., a six-pound loss.

Patty Gonzalez then went for it...and weighed in at 265 lbs., meaning she lost just two pounds.

Ryan Rodriguez weighed in at...349 lbs., for a ten-pound loss!

Kae Whang's new even two hundred pounds, meaning she lost five pounds this time.

Neil Tejwani then weighed in at...389 lbs., meaning half the team lost ten pounds this time! All told, they lost 43 pounds, for a weight loss percentage of 2.43%.

The red team, with one less member now, then had their shot at the big scale. If they wanted to take the lead, they needed to have lost at least 39 pounds.

Bryan Washington (or as host Alison Sweeney calls him, B) weighed in at...325 lbs., for a six-pound loss.

Amy Zimmer's new weight...285 lbs., so she lost only two pounds.

Lezlie Donahue then weighed in at...243 lbs. She lost just three pounds, meaning the total for the team is now twelve pounds.

David Griffin's new weight...344 lbs., for only a four-pound loss.

That meant that to definitely stay away from elimination, Phil Hawk had to have gone down to at least 354 pounds. New weight....372 lbs., so the red team could have been in deep trouble.
Their percentage was 1.26%.

Now, for the black team. To make it to the next round, they needed to have lost at least 23 pounds. To win the weigh in, they needed to have lost at least 42 pounds (where the red team failed).

Hollie Self's new weight...242 lbs., for a two-pound loss.

Isabeau Miller then took the scale and her new weight was...285 lbs., so she lost five pounds.

Jez Luckett's new total...320 lbs., meaning he lost nine pounds, taking the team's total so far to sixteen pounds. They were seven pounds away from safety.

Julie Hadden's new weight...213 lbs., a three-pound loss. Four pounds away from safety.

Bill then weighed in at...301 lbs., meaning the black team was safe! More importantly, this man lost twelve pounds!

If Jim went down to 338 lbs. or less, the black team won. His new weight...three hundred.......and thirty.......FOUR pounds, meaning he lost sixteen pounds, and the black team pulled off the victory with a percentage of 2.70%!

Remember, Griffin had immunity while in the elimination room. If the last episode was any indication, Donahue could have been in the most danger.

The first vote, casted by Hawk, went to...Donahue.
The second vote, done by Donahue, went to...Hawk.
The third vote, casted by Zimmer, went to...Hawk. One more vote and he's going home.
The fourth vote, written up by Griffin, went to...Donahue, so the last vote decided it.

The deciding vote was in the hands of Washington. The second contestant eliminated this season was.....

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