Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Power of 10"- Season Finale

Returning now is Zoilo Ruiz. For $10,000:

What percentage of Americans said if they saw a group of Arab men board a plane, they would not get on the flight?

His base guess is 41-71%. The audience results are failry widespread. They peaked at 20%, but a big bunch of people said 40% and 60%. Some said 10-19%, 30-39% and 41-50%.

My guess is 10-40%. His final guess is 20-50%. For ten grand or a ticket home, the answer is...36%. For $100,000:

What percentage of American men said if they had to kill the cow themselves, they would still eat hamburgers?

His base guess is 43-63%, close to my ballpark. The audience peaked at 40% and 60%, with some saying 20-30%, 50% and 70-80%. My guess is 55-75%. His final guess is 50-70%....not quite. We both just missed it- it was 79%.

The second finalist, Onita Oliver from NYC, busted out on the $10,000 question.

The last finalist of the season, Andrea Johnson, left with $1,000.
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