Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10/10/2007 Results

Deal or No Deal: Tonight’s player is Carmen Gant from Fort Lee, FL. She loves to use cameras, and took a picture with the host prior to the game starting! Remember, seven $1 Million cases are in play this game. Her case of destiny is #8, which is the same number that the current all-time winner, Michelle Falco, chose in the game that won her $750,000.

1. #20- $5
3. #10- $75,000
5. #3- $50,000
6. #12- $25


1. #9- $1!
2. #16- PENNY!
3. #6- $750


2. #24- $10,000
3. #14- $75
4. #26- $400


1. #13- $500
2. #2- $100


1. #21- $5,000
2. #11- $1,000


Her next pick is #25...$10! New offer: $93,000, and she says NO DEAL. Next up is #18.…$300! New offer: $133,000. NO DEAL. She then chooses #19.….game over. She leaves with a $100 deal. Her case had $200.

WOF: Tonight’s players are Kate Tingler from Florida (by way of Nova Scotia, Canada), Allison Livingston from Charleston, S.C. (who is a student at the University of South Carolina about to finish her Master’s Degree) and Aaron White from San Francisco (who is a financial analyst for a consulting firm, and is the coach of a youth hockey team).

Tingler solves NEW ENGLAND CLAMBAKE for $1,000, while the other lady gets POLICE PRECINCT for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Same Name, and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 trip to Washington, D.C. After Livingston buys the A’s, we have…

_ A _ _ _/&

_ _ _ E R _ A R _ E T

_ _ A _ N

…I don’t know the top word. She calls two S’s for a grand, and the fourth letter of the top word is S. After she buys two I’s, the top word now reads…

_ A I S _

..I think I know. After nearly hitting a Bankrupt, she calls the N for $550 more, but calls a dud vowel in O. White calls a P for $300 and buys the U. After calling a $300 K and D, he hits Bankrupt. Tingler calls the Y for $900 and the C for $300, and she solves DAISY & SUPERMARKET CHAIN for $1,200 and $2,200 total.

(Flashback moment from the 1990s- Pat and Vanna in a hot tub on the set!)

Jackpot Round category is Landmark. After White buys the E’s, we have…

I N _ E _ E N _ E N _ E

_ _ L L


_ _ I L _ _ E L _ _ I _

…I’ve got this. He calls an $800 C and three D’s for the Free Spin and another $900. He uses his Free Spin after saying INDEPENDENCE HILL IN PHILADELPHIA, and then says the right solution of INDEPENDENCE HALL IN PHILADELPHIA to get on the board with $2,400.
Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Show Biz. At the start, Tingler calls the T’s for the Wild Card. Livingston later lands on a Mystery Wedge. She calls the S and flips…Bankrupt. After White buys the I’s, we have…

A _ T _ E N T I _

_ _ A _ E N _ _

_ _ S I _

…the middle word is stumping me. He calls three C’s for $2,100 and buys two U’s, and then the H for $300. After he calls the M’s for the $1,000 gift certificate from, the middle word now reads…

_ _ A M E N C _

…I think I know. He calls the F and solves AUTHENTIC FLAMENCO MUSIC for the gift tag, $3,100 and a trip to Spain, taking him to $11,500 and the lead.

Livingston then gets A CLUCKING HEN to jump to $5,000. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase, and consonants are worth $1,300 each. After Tingler calls the H’s, we have…

T H _/_ H _ _/_ _/_ N/T H _/

_ T H _ _/_ _ _ T

…she solves THE SHOE IS ON THE OTHER FOOT to finish with $7,400. The other lady has $5,000 and the only man on the panel is our champion with $11,500.

Let’s see if he can put the current bonus round losing streak out of its misery (now at seven shows). He spins the S in BONUS and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _

_ _ _

_ E _ _ N

I think I have the puzzle as _____ YOU BEGIN, but I’m not sure. White calls M, P, H and I and gets…

_ _ _

M _ _

_ E _ I N

…I have no clue, and neither does he. It was YOU MAY BEGIN, and he doesn’t win another $30,000. The Y's might have gotten him the win here.

Family Feud: In Game 1, the LaCalamitas defended for the second time against the Taeeds. The champs struck first with 93 after picking off the last answer on a question dealing with excuses that people give for missing work that nobody believes via a steal. The challengers fired back with 77 on things wives might do if both of their husband’s arms are broken.

Double: Name a wild animal that could get into the house through the doggie door. Starting with:

4. Snake (5, Nicholas)

The champs decided to play, but I would like to make note that when Nicholas was heading to the face-off podium, his name tag dropped off! Anyway, back to the game. Christopher said a raccoon…NUMBER ONE (55)! Joy then said squirrel…#5 (4)! Nick said bobcat…I don’t think so. Justin then went with the pesky mouse/rat…#3 (6)! Nicholas then took a chance with a bird…but that was a dud. Christopher said another dog or cat…that ended their turn. To take the lead, Elham said possum…that was the bottom answer (3), so they jumped to 217. #2 was skunk (19).

Triple: Name something a man might wish there’s more of on TV. Christopher just beat the buzzer and said sports…NUMBER ONE (56), so the champs got to play! Joy said the Playboy Bunny, aka sex…#2 (36)! Nick said mud wrestling…NO WAY. Justin went next with fighting…uh, that’s too similar to wrestling, so strike two. Nicholas then went with news…three strikes in a row. This steal was for the game. Elham said car racing…nope, as that’s too similar to sports, so the champs stayed champs at 369. Unsaid:

3. History shows (2)
4. Westerns (2)

Fast Money: Nicholas and Justin faced these questions:

1. Name something that’s so expensive that buying a new one of it is cheaper than having it repaired.
2. Name something that slows down the check-out line at a supermarket.
3. Name something kids like to throw at each other.
4. Tell me how many work days you might miss if you have the flu.
5. Name an animal that might be all white.

My guesses:
1. Car
2. Many people in line (This question was HARD.)
3. Toys
4. 5
5. Polar bear

Nicholas said car (tied for #1 with TV), self check-out (bad), food, 3 (#1) and polar bear (#1) for 115. Justin said house (bad), sitting, (bad) snowballs, 2 and bird (bad) for a final total of 152. They added another $760 for a new total of $21,550.

In Game 2, the Sneads faced the Rodriguezes. The Sneads got on the board first with 96 on things a farmer might bet in a game of poker while living in a farm. The Rodriguez clan fired back with 85 on certain magazines that you would hate to see in a child’s bedroom.

Double: Things people do in the water that start with “S”. Starting with:

1. Swimming (66, Jessica)

The champs played. Casey’s guess was sailing…no. Eddie said soap or soak…either way, strike two. Jennifer said skiing…#2 (10)! Julie then went with surfing…believe it or not, strike three. For the steal, Nathan said snorkeling…that’s #5 (3), so they took the lead with 237. Unsaid:

3. Sink (6)
4. Scuba diving (4)
6. Splashing (3)

Triple: Name something a doctor might stick into a patient. Casey, at the last second, said thermometer…#2 (24). A.J. said a shot/needs…NUMBER ONE (40), so the challengers had a chance to close things out! Cathy said patch…NO WAY. Nathan said stethoscope (?!?!?!?)…EXTREMELY BAD ANSWER, SO THAT’S A ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Art then went with breathing tube…three straight strikes. Jenny then said tongue depressor to win another game for the Sneads at 315! That was #3 (15). #4 was finger (8).

Fast Money: Here’s what Jennifer and Casey were posed:

1. Name something about a woman her friends might criticize if it’s too big.
2. Name something you’d love to go to the top of.
3. The usual length of time for a typical catnap.
4. Name a specific thing kids love to collect.
5. Name something these days that even middle-class people can’t afford.

My guesses:
1. Boobs
2. Building
3. An hour
4. Baseball cards (My second guess was toys)
5. Car

Jennifer said butt (#1), Mt. Everest (all mountains were #1), 20 minutes, rocks and house (#1) for 117. Casey said thighs, Eiffel Tower, 30 minutes (#1), baseball cards (#1) and car for…195 and $975, giving them $21,545 for three days.
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