Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10/17/2007 Results

Family Feud: When I pick things up today on this show, it turns out that the Roussell clan is still around, hoping to become the fifth undefeated champions of the season. They have $41,470 so far, and will try to set a new season high total today. But to get any shot at any major Fast Money glory, they must first beat the Espinos. Today, I’m doing something I don’t usually do when I recap episodes of this show- I’m doing all of the questions in full detail. Here’s question #1:

Although she’s a small woman, name something Judge Judy has that’s big. Starting with:

1. Mouth/voice (49, Kathi)
2. Attitude/ego (24, Chrissy)

The challengers play. Jerry says her gavel…dud. Jordan says chair…not there either. Alicia says her insults…#4 (3). Joe then guesses a big reputation…three strikes. For the steal, Chrissy says her bailiff…no, so the Espinos strike first blood with 76. Not said:

3. Heart/ethics (9)
5. Nose (3)
6. Brain (3)

Question #2: Name something you want to know about a party before you commit to it. Starting with:

1. Who’s there (43, Monique)
4. The clothes you need to wear (7, Jerry)

The champs have the first dibs on this question. Lori’s guess is when the party takes place, and it’s #2 (16)! Laura then says another one of the five W’s, where…#6 (5)! Greg says another W, what…#3 (9)! Chrissy then says if the party is fun…no. Back to Monique, who says what food is on the menu…bottom answer (4)! Lori thinks #5 is the type of drinks being served…SWEEP (7) for 91 points!

Double: Name something Santa Claus would hate to see missing. Starting with:

4. Chimney/fireplace (6)

The champs play again. Laura’s guess this time is the supply of cookies…that and milk are #5 (5)! Greg then goes with the kids…no. Chrissy says the reindeer, which is the #2 answer (22)!
Monique says the gifts next…believe it or not, it’s only #3 (12). Lori then says the sleigh…NUMBER ONE (34)! They’re in real good shape to have a big lead heading into the final round (s). Back to Laura, who then guesses his helpers…sorry. Greg has the last guess this turn for the family, who says snow…not #6, so it’s steal time. Kathi says that bottom answer is his suit…and it’s there (6) to go to 234!

Triple: Name something a younger sister asks her older sister after she gets home from a date. Alicia says if she kissed…NUMBER ONE (45), so the challengers get to play! Joe says the place…#3 (14)! Kathi then goes with having fun…#2 (26)! They’re in the driver’s seat now. Jerry says if their date liked her or not…no. Jordan says if the date was good looking…NEW CHAMPS (4) at 501!

Fast Money: Kathi and Jerry take their first shot at $20,000.

1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think Bill wants Hillary to be president?
2. Name a food that restaurants give you a lot of.
3. Give a girl’s name that starts with P.
4. What’s the one household appliance you can’t live without?
5. Name an animal you’d expect to see at a forest.

My guesses:
1. 10
2. Bread
3. Peggy
4. Refrigerator
5. Bear

Kathi says 8, spaghetti, Peggy, stove and deer (#1) for 83. Jerry says 7, Chinese food (bad, since that’s way too specific), Penny, microwave (#1) and bear for 158 and $790. #1 answers not given:

1. 10 (They should’ve gotten this one.)
2. Salad
3. Patty or Patricia

Temptation: Kendall defends for the second time against:

Vanessa: A realtor who is addicted to shoes.
Rochelle: A fashion designer who has 100 pieces of lingerie so that she doesn’t have to do the laundry very often.

After Speed Round #1.…

Kendall: $40
Vanessa: $20
Rochelle: $20

…Kendall gets offered a tea sampler from, $500 worth of Sherri’s Berries and a white diamond necklace from Michael C. Fina. ARP of all this: $1,549, but the sale price here is $15. Going once….going twice….NO SALE. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Person.

1. I was born in Tennessee.
2. But, I was raised in Detroit.
3. My father was a preacher.

Vanessa rings in with this showing…

_ _ E T _ _

_ _ A _ _ _ _ _

...she says ARETHA FRANKLIN….RIGHT to go to $35! Impressive.

Knock Off category…parts of Donald Trump’s empire.

Cell phone
Bottled water
Travel website
Board game

Rochelle starts off with magazine…that’s a $5 answer, giving her $25. Vanessa’s first guess is suit…that’s good for $2 and $37 total. The champ starts off here with cologne…also worth $2, taking her to $42. Rochelle’s second guess is travel website…that’s the $10 answer, giving her $35. Vanessa’s next guess is board game….that’s a $2 answer, meaning she now has $39.
Kendall’s second pick is laptop…NO. Rochelle says cell phone…another electronic dud. The remaining pick (s) for Vanessa:

1. Hairpiece- NO!

That caught me out of nowhere! The $15 answer was university. $5 was behind both bottled water and steaks, and vodka was the last $2 answer.

With just a $3 lead, Kendall is now offered a trip to California Wine Country plus a Kashwere robe, for a total of $2,402. I believe that may be the most expensive Instant Bargain so far on this version of the show. The sale price is $7, but the price is lowered to $6. Going once….going twice….NO SALE.

The two choices in Speed Round #2 are golfer and cartoon. This should be fun.

1. Fred Flintstone
2. Fred Couples
3. Tiger Woods
4. Tigger
5. Speedy Gonzales
6. Gigi Rodriguez
7. Fuzzy Zoeller
8. Foghorn Leghorn
9. Yosemite Sam
Final question: Sam Snead

Again, with just a $3 lead, Kendall’s offered the Instant Ca$h, now worth two large, and she quickly takes up on the offer. She chooses the red wallet…still no jackpot. It was in the white one again.

But Kendall still hangs on for the win with $74. The other ladies just go back to where they came from.

Here’s what’s on offer now in Shopper’s Paradise:

$89: A consultation from True Feng Shui ($2,500)
$290: Odyssey Yacht Cruise to Del Ray, CA ($3,500)
$510: Trip to Waikiki plus a digital camera and luggage ($5,060)
$720: Christopher Lowell-designed bedroom set ($15,683)
$941: Jaguar X-Type (Std., Paint, Luxury)($37,990)

Right now, she has $356 in her bank account. If she gets at least $175 from Super Knock Off, she’s eligible to buy that Hawaii trip. Super Knock Off category…name the six tourist attractions from this board that are among the Top 10 most visited in the world, according to a 2007 article in Forbes Traveler magazine.

Times Square
Eiffel Tower
Grand Canyon
Niagara Falls
Sea World, FL
Disneyland Paris
Gateway Arch
Tokyo Disneyland
Taj Mahal
Trafalgar Square

1. Grand Canyon- GAME OVER

$50 was behind Disneyland Paris, while $100 was behind Trafalgar Square. The other right answers were Times Square, Niagara Falls, Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland.

She still could buy that cruise…but she decides not to, so she’ll be back tomorrow! BTW, she has $2,960 in cash and stuff so far.

WOF: Tonight’s college people are Hilary Silverman (in the yellow) from Pittsburgh (who is a junior at the University of Delaware and wants to be an elementary ed teacher; she also owns a pet hedgehog), Nick Herring from Waco, TX (who is a sophomore at Baylor majoring in church education) and Amy Lowell from Littleton, CO (who is a junior at the University of Colorado majoring in studio arts; she wants to be an interior designer one day, and is also a basketball fan like yours truly).

Silverman gets ONLINE DICTIONARY for $1,000, while the Baylor guy gets PURRING KITTENS for two.

Round 1 category is Phrase, and it’s tonight’s Prize Puzzle! Out on the wheel now is a $7,000 trip to Greece from Contiki Holidays. At the start, he calls three T’s for $7,500! After he cleans out the vowels, we have…

THE/O T H E _/_ I _ E/O _/THE/_ O _ _ _

…I don’t know the last word. He calls a $450 S, and after two D’s for $900 more show up, we now have…

THE/O T H E _/SIDE/O _/THE/_ O _ _ D

…I still don’t know. After two R’s for Greece, we now have…


…now I know. After a $2,500 L, he solves THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD for $11,950 and trips to Greece and Singapore, taking him all the way to $25,950!

(Montgomery Gentry then did a shout out before the first commercial break.)

Jackpot Round category is Slogan. After Lowell buys the A’s, we have…

_ R _ A _ C A S T

_ _ _ R S E L _

…I know everything this round. However, she gets a Bankrupt. Silverman calls a $600 B and solves BROADCAST YOURSELF for $600. Does she know that’s for YouTube…yup, so she adds $3,000 to that, giving her $4,600 now.

Big Money Round category is Before & After. After the winner of the last round buys the I, we have…

_ A _ _/_ _ A _ _/_ _ _ T/IN/_ A R A T _

…it didn’t come to me immediately, but I know it now. After calling the K’s for $2,700, she buys the E’s. She then calls the pair of L’s for another $600 and the B’s for another $800. She then hits the Big Money Wedge for $5,000 and calls the C’s. After taking her time, she calls the J and solves JACK BLACK BELT IN KARATE for $10,650 and $15,250 now!

The man solves MINIATURE GOLF to go to $28,950. Next category is Food & Drink. After Lowell calls the C’s, we have…

C _ _ S S _ C

_ _ C _ N

C _ E E S E _ _ R _ E R

…my dog, Bandut, loves to eat this from Wendy’s. After buying the pair of A’s and the I, she calls the L for $300 and solves CLASSIC BACON CHEESEBURGER to get on the board with $5,250! Speed-Up Round category is Place and consonants are worth $1,400 a pop. After Silverman calls the T, we have…

_ R T

_ _ _ _ _ R _

…and she solves ART GALLERY to finish with $16,650! The other lady has $5,250 and the man is our champion with $28,950!

Let’s top off this very good show with a bonus round win, shall we? He spins the I and the category is Thing. We begin with:

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ E

He calls C, D, P and I and gets…

_ _ P P _

_ _ C E

…I say HAPPY FACE. Does he? NO. But he made a good deal in the loss, since there was $25,000 in the envelope.

Deal or No Deal: Tonight’s player is Kimberly Bradshaw. She is on a women’s football team called the Sacramento Sirens, and is also on a roller derby team. Her case of destiny is #19.

1. #2- PENNY!
2. #25- $300
3. #14- $200,000
4. #17- $10!
5. #21- $100,000
6. #13- $5,000


1. #9- $75!
2. #23- $400,000
3. #12- $400
4. #11- $750,000
5. #4- $750


1. #26- $500
2. #7- $1!
3. #20- $25,000

At this point, the rest of the Sacramento Sirens team came out on roller skates.


1. #15- $50,000
2. #5- $1,000
3. #22- $100!

Much better round.


1. #18- $5!
2. #8- $200


Her next choice is #1...$50! The offer is now in six figures, to the tune of…$131,000! NO DEAL. Her next pick is #6.…$500,000 is gone-STRIKE TWO. The new offer: $84,000, the same offer after Round 5. NO DEAL. Not much time left. If she knocks out anything but $300,000 now, she’ll win a nice sum of money. Otherwise, her final total won’t be that big. Her next choice is #24.…

…STRIKE THREE- SHE’S OUT. Her final total is $23,000. Her case had $25.

TPIR: If you wanted to see this episode in full, you had to do so online because the first 35 minutes of the show were pre-empted due to Mr. Bush. The first four players were Saundra Barnell, Jerry Lee, Jenna Schaffer and Justin Slaegel, and the opening IUFB was a pool table.

Saundra: $3,000
Jenna: $1,300
Jerry: $1,199
Justin: $1,450

ARP: $3,399, so Barnell played Safe Crackers for some luggage and a 2008 Chevy Aveo LT Sedan, all worth $15,935! The numbers in the price of the luggage were 0, 6 and 8. She wanted to guess $860 at first, but she changes to $680....good thing she changed her mind, because she won!

The next player was Timothy Scott and the second IUFB was a set of language books and tapes.

Timothy: $600
Jenna: $450
Jerry: $700
Justin: $703

ARP: $869, so Slaegel's extra three bucks earned him a chance to play Dice Game for a Dodge Dakota (Std., Paint, AT, Mats, BSeat, Prot, ALB)! The first number was 2, and already, I had the truck at $22,--4 before the game even started. To me, whether he won or not depended on those middle two numbers. He first rolled a 3, which worried me then. But his helpers in the audience made him go lower, which of course was right! He then rolled a 1 for the third digit, which was wrong, but it was a freebie! The third number was 5. For the fourth digit, he rolled a 2...bullseye! He was in great shape now. He rolled a 3 for the last digit. Did he go higher....YES, so he won the $22,524 truck!

The third player was Valerie Ward, and the third IUFB was a front secretary. The winner also got a $40 supply of Orange Glo cleaning system.

Valerie: $1,304
Timothy: $850
Jenna: $900
Jerry: $1,301

ARP: $2,500, so Ward got to play for ten grand in Grand Game. The products were some castor oil lotion, Clorox spray cleaner, Bruce's Yams, Senokot supplement, V8 juice and Bayer Low-Dose Aspirin. Her first pick was the yams at $1.79. Her second pick was the juice and that was $3.15. The third selection was the was $3.39, so she reached the $1,000 mark. She decided to go on with the aspirin, and I disapproved of that choice....but it was $5.93, winning her the $10,000! The Senokot was $7.49 and the lotion was $14.99.

SSD1: Ward spun 65 cents and stayed. Barnell spun 90 cents and stopped immediately. The truck winner spun 80...and went over, so Barnell was in the Showcase.

The next player was Polly Alexander and the next IUFB was some golf equipment.

Polly: $1,175
Timothy: $2,200
Jenna: $1,300
Jerry: $2,400

ARP: $2,585, so Lee played Range Game for a nice Beachcomber spa. It was so nice, that it was worth at least $9,900! The range was $9,900-$10,500. He stopped the board at about $10,125 to $10,275. ARP: $10,194, so we had another winner!

Next up was Laura Williams, and the fifth IUFB was a Broyhill sofa.

Laura: $999
Polly: $1,100
Timothy: $1,275
Jenna: $1,285

ARP: $1,125, so Alexander tried to become the day's third car winner by playing Cover Up for a 2008 Chevy Impala LS (Std., ALB, Mats). Board:

First number: 2 or 3?
Second number: 0, 2 or 6?
Third number: 0, 1, 2 or 6?
Fourth number: 0, 1, 2, 4 or 6?
Last number: 0, 1, 3, 5, 8 or 9?

Her first guess was $22,610, which was a good guess...only the fourth digit was wrong. She then said $22,640....WINNER! All three car games won!!

Don't tell me we were going to have another Perfect Show this week. Please, don't tell me this happened again.

The last player was Kowishan and the final IUFB was a retro Coca-Cola cooler.

Kowishan: $750
Timothy: $700
Jenna: $767
Laura: $769

ARP: $899, so Williams had a big responsibility to make this Perfect Show happen. She had to play Race Game for a motorcycle, a tea set, a sports gear package and a messenger PA system. The prices were $500, $1,000, $1,425 and $2,369. Her first guess was $500 for the tea set, $1,000 for the sports gear, $1,425 for the PA system and $2,369 for the motorcycle...she was halfway home. For her second guess, she switched the prices for the motorcycle and the tea set...only one was right now. On her third guess, she put $500 on the PA system, $1,000 on the tea set, $1,425 on the sports gear and $2,369 for the motorcycle...she was back to two right. This next chance was her last chance. She put $1,000 back on the sports gear and $1,425 on the tea set......


SSD2: Williams spun 95 cents and stopped. Lee spun 15...and 95 cents a spin too late, so he headed home. Alexander spun a quarter...and 40, so Williams got to the Showcase!

The first Showcase featured three nice Puerto Vallarta, Europe (on a 12-day Viking River Cruise) and Thailand! Barnell bid 20 large. Williams got a shot at a West White Potter Saiboat, along with a treadmill and a sewing machine. She bid $17,300.

ARP for Williams: $20,318, a difference of $3,018. ARP for Barnell: $32,803, so she left with $19,334 while Williams earned a deserving Showcase win with a grand total of $26,511!
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