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10/24/2007 Results

TPIR: Things have been going very well to start the season, with three Perfect Shows in seven aired shows this season. But they haven’t had anyone break the $50K mark, let alone produce a Double Showcase Winner so far. Will either of these things occur today? Let’s find out.

The first four players are Faith Andrews, Ian Kesler, Tuyen Tran and Tyler Fishbeck. The opening IUFB is a grandfather clock.

Tyler: $1,800
Tuyen: $2,200
Ian: $1,000 (STUPID BID)
Faith: $2,500

ARP: $3,045, so Andrews will play Any Number for either a clarinet or a Dodge Dakota (Std., Paint, AT, Mats, Axle, ALB, Heater). The first number of the truck is 2. Her first pick is 1, which is the second number of the truck ($ 2 1, _ _ _). Second choice is 7...that’s the fourth number of the truck ($ 2 1, _ 7 _). Third selection is 5...that’s the middle number of the clarinet ($ _ 5 _). Fourth pick is 0, which is at the end of the truck ($ 2 1, _ 7 0). I think that middle number in the truck price is 6. She goes with 4 instead on her next choice…that’s in the piggy bank
($ _ . 4 _). Her next pick is golly, I’m wrong and she wins the truck ($ 2 1, 3 7 0)! The clarinet was $859 and there was $6.42 in the pig today.

Our next player is David Campbell and the second IUFB is a tennis bracelet.

David: $750
Tyler: $900
Tuyen: $1,600

ARP: $2,200, so Tran will play Plinko! The first item is a digital camera marked at $20, and she picks the 0, and it’s $50. The second item is a boom box marked at $28 and she picks the 8...sure enough, it’s $68. The third item is an electronic pocket dictionary marked at $21, and her pick there is the 2, and it’s $28. Finally, we have an MP3 player holder marked at $70 and she picks the 0...that’s $20, so she has all the chips and all the prizes.

1. $100 (Left)
2. $1,000 (Right)
3. $1,000 (Right)
4. DUD (Left)
5. DUD (Right)

She wins $2,100 in addition to everything else.

The next player is Nikki Kazakos and the third IUFB is a dishwasher.

Nikki: $699
Ian: $500
Tyler: $700

ARP: $890, so Campbell’s strategy hasn’t worked out yet as Fishbeck plays for a spa. It’s either five or seven large. He picks $7,000...that’s a win!

SSD1: Tran spins 40...and 45 for 85 cents. Fishbeck spins 85 cents in one shot and hopes for a spin-off. Andrews spins a quarter…and 35, so she’s done. Now, for the spin-off. Tran spins 55...while the man has 45, so Tran enters the Showcase.

The next player is Donald Briggs and the next IUFB is a motorcycle.

Donald: $2,500
Nikki: $2,555
Ian: $1,600
David: $1,602

ARP: $2,369, so Campbell will play Grocery Game for a bedroom worth $4,346. The items available are Tresemme shampoo, honey buns, Oxi Clean spray, Tums and salsa. His first pick is 14 honey bun boxes. Each one is $1.39, for a total of…$19.46, and he’s in trouble. He then goes with one salsa…it’s $2.69, so he loses.

The next player is Delonnel Robbins and the next IUFB is a set of gardening equipment.

Delonnel: $500
Donald: $450
Nikki: $699
Ian: $700

ARP: $742, so Kesler is the last of the first four players called today to get out of Contestant’s Row! He’s playing Lucky Seven for a Chevy Impala (Std., ALB, BSeat, Mats). This is the first time in a long time Lucky Seven has been played as either the fourth, fifth or sixth game of the day. The first number is 2. His second number pick is 3, but it’s 2, so a dollar is out. His third number pick is’s 8, so another $1 loss. Fourth number guess is 5, and it’s actually 3, so there goes another two bucks. He then says 5 as the last number to win the car and $2 for possible gas money!

Our final player is Maria Popei and the final IUFB is a set of cookbooks.

Maria: $275 (SUICIDE BID)
Delonnel: $400
Donald: $450
Nikki: $451

ARP: $630, so Kazakos will play Clock Game for $1,000, an armoire and some golf clubs. The price of the armoire was $678. She starts with $1,300, then
$800...$650...$675...$710...$700...$695...$690...$680...and a few guesses later, she gets $678. She has about 12 seconds left to get the price of the golf clubs, which are $998. She starts with $1,200, then $900...$950...$1,000...$975...$980...$990...$995...$999...and then $998 with only half a second left! I wasn’t so sure she was going to make it, because she looked pretty nervous playing the game!

But the only loser this half gets to the Showcase.

The first Showcase has a washer/dryer, a pool table and a 2008 Ford Explorer (Std., Stereo).
Tran bids $27,000, which is a garf, because that only about covers the car. Campbell has a living room, an HDTV and a trip to New Zealand to shoot for, and he bids $17,500.

ARP for him: $21,044, a difference of $3,544. ARP for the lady: Thirty thousand.……..628! Missed it by $84, so Campbell wins his Showcase and $23,418 in prizes. Tough break, my dear.

That means that for the first time this season, the day’s big winner is not the Showcase winner. Both car game winners won more, as Andrews tops this field with a total of $24,415.

WWTBAM: Back for the second time is Carol Burrage from Claremore, OK. She’s a former federal law clerk, and her two sons are named Truman and Carter! Her husband, Shawn, is a Senator from Oklahoma. For $8,000:

Which of these precious materials is a form of resin?

A: Amber
B: Pearl
C: Jade
D: Turquoise

She asks the audience, and 79% said amber. She agrees and is right. Next:

ILM, the special effects company founded by George Lucas, is an abbreviation that stands for “Industrial Light and” what?

A: Movies
B: Media
C: Motion
D: Magic

She says magic…right! For $25,000:

In 1865, the U.S. Secret Service was created specifically to combat what?

A: Counterfeiting of money
B: Foreign spying
C: Government corruption
D: Illegal immigration

She calls Brad, who says with only a few seconds left he’s absolutely sure it’s money counterfeiting. She goes with him…and has $25,000! After switching, here is her $50,000 question:

What astronomer coined the term “big bang”, even though he opposed the well-known theory to which the term now refers?

A: Fred Hoyle
B: Thomas Gold
C: Hermann Bondi
D: George Gamow

The 50:50 leaves Hoyle and Garnow. She says Hoyle…that doubles her money! $100,000 question:

The ‘90s hit “Macarena” tells the story of a feisty woman who cheats on her boyfriend, a man named what?

A: Baldomero
B: Vitorino
C: Casimiro
D: Marcelino

I have no clue. She had some strange reasoning it was Vitorino, but she’s not sure enough, so she quits. Unfortunately, for the second time this week, someone let a $100,000 check slip away, because that was the right answer.

Next is Kevin Meehan from Boston, who is a firefighter. Last question of the day, for $2,000:

A secret society knows as the “Righteous and Harmonious Fists” was the force behind what historic uprising?

A: Decembrist Revolt
B: French Revolution
C: Warsaw Uprising
D: Boxer Rebellion

He decides to call Jeff, who says it’s the Boxer Rebellion, but he ran out of time before he said how sure he was. He decides to poll the audience. 70% said that, 12% said French Revolution and 11% said Warsaw Uprising. He goes with Jeff and the audience on the Boxer Rebellion…he’s back tomorrow!

Crosswords: Our base players are Brian Byers (a copywriter from Ohio) and Karen Zumsteg (from Delaware). As of yesterday, host Ty Treadway doesn’t thank Edd Hall during the intro.
The Crossword Extra goes unclaimed in Round 1. When the Crossword Extra is found, the lady has $550 while the man is $100 in the hole. She bets $500:

_ _ _ I _ T

Clue: One who hunts and pecks? She draws a blank, so she’s down to fifty bucks. It was TYPIST. At the end of the round, she still has that much money, while the man is now $250 in the red.

Our Spoilers are Erik, Lina and Myron (that Myron may be Myron Meyer of “Jeopardy!” fame, but I’m not 100% sure). After Zumsteg gets a $300 clue to start Round 3, we have this for $100:

_ _ T

Clue: Published. Erik goes for the spoil with LIT…NO. Myron also has not much of anything, so he’s blacked out. And speaking of OUT, that’s the right answer. Next:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: Jack’s adversary. If Byers misses, all of the Spoilers will be back in the game, because Lina buzzes in as well. The man’s guess is GIANT…correct to go back to -$50. Next:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: Four duos. Byers says EIGHT…it fits, but that’s wrong, so all of the Spoilers are back in it. Lina then has a free guess with OCTET…that’s right to steal his podium. A few clues later:

_ A _ _ _

Clue: It fires electric darts. Lina buzzes in with LASER…sorry. Erik then steals her podium with TASER, which has $150 at this point. Next:

_ _ _ _ S

Clue: They get the scoops. I thought CHIPS, but Lina says CONES…CONES is right to steal Zumsteg’s podium, now with $550. When the game gets tied up at $550 apiece, this clue comes up:

_ A _ _ L E

Clue: “Reno 911!” lieutenant. Myron tries again to spoil with DANGLE…this time, he’s right! He decides to take Erik’s podium, and he’s up to $750. After he gets a $300 clue next, it’s Crossword Extra time, meaning both of the mini-vacations go into the trash. With $1,050, he bets it all! Good luck…

T _ _

…it’s Tiger’s “launch pad”. Does he know it’s TEE…YES to double to $2,100! Let’s do the rest of the round from here.

(_ _ E)($100)- Album and film, “Get Rich or ____ Tryin‘”. Myron gets DIE to go to $2,200.
(_ _ _ _ E)- Public commotion. Myron says MELEE…NO. Erik tries for a spoil, but he blanks. It was SCENE.
(_ _ _ _ _ _)- Single-masted sailing vessel. Myron buzzes in again, but he blanks out, losing another $200. The answer was CUTTER.
(_ _ _ _)- Necessities for Savion Glover. Myron’s in again with TAPS…he’s back to two grand. That’s all for Round 2.

Second clue of Round 2:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: Case determinant. Lina says TENSE…wrong. Brian says CLUES on his spoil chance…but he’s also wrong. Since the other Spoiler before her got a clue wrong, Zumsteg has a free shot at
this one. She says JUROR…but it’s MERIT. After Myron gets back to $2,200, here’s this clue:

_ _ _ _ _ _

The clue is…ornamental column. Brian goes for a spoil with PILLAR…he steals Myron’s $2,400! Next:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: Abbot’s headdress. Brian goes with WIMPLE (?!?!?!?!?)…NO FREAKIN’ WAY, AND THAT’S A ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Myron tries to get back to where he was with MITER…that’s got it! A little later:

_ _ _ _ _

Clue: Dostoyevsky’s Prince Myshkin. At the last second, Myron takes a gamble by saying IDIOT…he shouldn’t be one, because that’s right to go to $2,800! Next:

_ _ _ _ _

The clue is…”Back to the Future” event. Myron says STORM…NO. To steal his $2,800, Erik says DANCE…right! After the Crossword Extra that Lina bombs out on, she’s $750 in the hole while Erik has three grand. Rest of the game is now.

(_ _ _ _)- Illicit leaves. Brian goes for the lead with WEED…NO. Myron then tries to get the lead back, but he takes too long. It was COCA.
(_ _ _)($100)- Yodeling spot. Erik says ALP to move to $3,100...and time’s up, so he wins that money! I believe Lina may have set a record for the worst final score ever on this show.

Crossfire: 26 blanks on the big board stand between Erik and a Caribbean Cruise and another $2,000. He…does it with 27 seconds to spare! Impressive win! That may be a record for the most blanks cleared in this round to win the grand prize package! He’s going crusin’ with $5,100!

WOF: Our players tonight are Scott Johnson from San Diego (who is from the Marines, and he tests jet engines while working with them), Lorena Lopez from Torrence, CA (who is a social worker and loves to play Texas Hold 'Em) and Sherri Ringer from Sherman, NY (who is a marketing manager).

The man gets ELECTRIC SKILLET for $1,000, while Lopez gets LAUGHING HYENA for two grand.

Round 1 category is "People", and out on the wheel now is a $5,500 trip to New Orleans. After Lopez buys the I's, we have...

_ A I _ _ /_ I _ _/&/_ I M/M _ G R A _' S/M _ S I _ A _/MARRIAGE

...I know this now, but she hits Bankrupt next. Ringer calls the pair of T's for $5,000 and the F for the $1,000 gift tag from Sherri's Berries. After two H's for $600 more, she calls the L's for another $900 and she solves FAITH HILL & TIM MCGRAW'S MUSICAL MARRIAGE for $6,500 and the gift certificate, giving her $7,500. Everyone is on the board.

(Flashback moment from 2003: Anthony goes wild in NYC after winning the bonus round on Pat!)

Jackpot Round category is Phrase. When we get to Lopez, we have...

T R _ _ T

_ _ _ R

_ _ _ T _ _ _ T _

...I know this already. She calls two N's for $1,800 and buys the O. She then calls the Y for another $300 and the Free Spin. After she buys the I's, she says TRUST YOUR INTUITION, which is wrong. She then uses her Free Spin and solves TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS this time for $1,600 and $3,600 total.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fictional Characters. After the man buys the A's, we have...

_ A S _ _/A _ _/THE/A _ _ _ _ A _ T S's not "Josie and the Pussycats". He then calls three N's for the Wild Card. After he buys the O's, we now have...

_ A S O N/A N _/THE/A _ _ O N A _ T S

...I'm afraid somebody might say ASTRONAUTS as the last word of the puzzle, which would be wrong. After he calls the D and J for $300 and buys the U, he then calls the R for another $300. He then says JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS for $2,000 and a trip to Greece, taking him to the lead with $10,516.

He then gets BILLINGS MONTANA to go to $13,516. Speed-Up Round category is Food & Drink and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. After he calls the B, we have...

B _ T T _ R _ _ _ T _ _

_ R _ _ _

_ _ _

...I know this, but he doesn't. Later, Ringer calls three C's but can't solve. The man calls the H but still can't solve. Lopez calls the P but she says BUTTERSCOTCH CREME POP, which is wrong. Ringer calls the M and solves BUTTERSCOTCH CREAM PIE to finish in a close second with $12,700. The other lady has $3,600 and the man is our champion with $13,516, meaning somebody will choose four consonants in the endgame for the second time in a row!

He spins the quad star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_/S N _ _/_ _ T

My gut was I SNAP OUT, but I'm not sure. His first four picks are P, H, G, and A. His final pick is D. We get...

A/S N _ G/_ _ T

...I think it's A SNUG FIT, but I'm not sure. He agrees...and is right! He wins a Nissan 350Z Convertible Enthusiast worth $37,660, giving him a final total of $51,176 in cash and prizes! Only the third time a person at home has won a vehicle this season! And again, the Wild Card wasn't necessary!

Jeopardy!: Can Nick Swezey keep it going? Let's find out as he defends his crown against Kelly Sherer (an account planning manager from West Orange, NJ) and Tope Charlton (a graduate student from Gaithersburg, MD). Openers:

THE SOUTHERNMOST NATION (three countries are given on each clue, and each clue's three countries all start with the same letter)

At the first break, the champ has $2,800, Sherer has $2,600 and the other lady has $1,600. This game gets really tight a little later, as the champ drops to a close third while the women lead the way. On the next-to-last clue of the round, Charlton finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in the peanuts category. She has $5,600, while the other lady has $4,200 and the champ has $3,200. Charlton's bet is $1,300:

The Virginia type of peanuts is what's sold at these events, as mentioned in a song written in 1908.

"What are baseball games?"...right on to go to $6,900! Final clue of the round in the same category:

Immigrants Amedeo Obici and Mario Peruzzi founded this company in Wikes-Barre, PA in 1906.

Nobody gets Planters.

DJ! categories:

WELCOME TO JAPAN (all clues are given by the Clue Crew from Kyoto, with Kelly giving the last four clues)

The champ gets back in the lead towards the middle of the round. But it's Sherer who finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in Kiddy Lit. She has $5,400, while Charlton has $7,300 and the champ has $8,800. Sherer's wager is two grand:

Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca are the title characters in her "Tale of Two Bad Mice".

She draws a blank. Correct: Who is Beatrice Potter? The champ then gets the $400, $1,200 and
$1,600 clues in the Mister category to go to 14 grand. After he gets the opening clue in the operatic category, he finds the other Daily Double under the $800 clue there. Sherer has $5,800 and Charlton has $5,700. He can really put this game away if she's smart and lucky enough. He decides to wager...$2,400. Here's the answer:

In 1939, she made her operatic debut in "Cavalleria Rusticana" in Athens at age 15.

"Who is Maria Callas?"...that's right to reach $16,800! Heading into the last category of this round, Britspeak, he's up to $18,800, while Sherer has moved up to $7,400. Here's the first clue in Britspeak:

When Nigel heard his wife was preggers, he broke out the champers, this celebratory beverage.

The champ says "What is champagne" and is up to $19,200. $800 clue:

It's the British word for a merry-go-round or a traffic circle.

Charlton says something I couldn't understand, but I know it's wrong and she drops to $4,900. The champ then tries it with "What's a roundabout?"...he's got 20 grand! Middle clue:

An all-male school wouldn't have an alumni reunion but a gathering of these, part of the "network" of them.

"What is the old boys?" says Charlton...she's up to $6,100. Next:

It can mean having a healthy, rosy color, or be a British intensifier like "bloody".

Sherer says "What is sanquin?"...NO, which drops her to $5,800, pretty much all but wrapping this game up for Swezey. Charlton then tries "What is ruddy?"...that's it to go to $7,700. Final clue of the round:

Perspex is a British name for this trademark acrylic plastic used to make containers like the one shown in a picture on TV.

Sherer rings in with "What is Pyrex?"...NO WAY. It was lucite. She finishes the round with $3,800 while the other lady has $7,700. The champ is sitting pretty with 20 grand.

FJ! category: Documentary Subjects.

A documentary from ESPN is based on the premise that this Louisville-born man "invented" rap in the 1960s.

Correct: Who is Muhammad Ali?

Swezey's the only one to get it right, and he adds another $2,000, giving him $76,202 for three days! Just a day after Wheel crowned its biggest winner of the season, Jeopardy! does it tonight, too!
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