Sunday, October 14, 2007

"America's Next Top Model" 10/10

Prior to the opening challenge, every girl underwent a hair makeover.

The first challenge this show was the Covergirl Makeup Challenge. It was ran by an executive from the said makeup company and Chrissy and Nigel Barker. Here, each girl had to walk on a runway while showcasing a dramatic eye and a glossy lip. Three makeup stations were provided (face, lip and eye), and each girl was assigned a certain rack of clothes that had their name on it. Any girl who didn’t get on the runway with the proper attire before the five-minute time limit expired was disqualified. Sarah was the winner, and she got to shoot a video for the redesigned Covergirl website.

Photo Shoot: The category was flowers and plant life, and it took place in a jungle. Each lady had to pose as a living thing. The photographer was Lionel Deluy from France.

Bianca was first with sunflowers. She was killer!

Janet was second with hydrangeas. She was just OK for me.

Third was Heather, and she had to act as weeds. She was decent, but didn’t grit her teeth enough in the shots.

Lisa was fourth with bamboo. I might not have understood what was going on here, but I hated her shots because most of her body was covered up.

Fifth was Saleisha, whose face closely resembles Rihanna now! She had to deal with the tulips. I thought she was terrible.

Sarah was in the #6 spot, and she had the ivy. She was excellent!

Ambreal was lucky seven, and she got the roses to play with. I could’ve been wrong about this, but she bored me to tears.

Victoria then had the cactus shots. She was OK.

Jenah had the moss series of shots…and was killer!

Ebony acted as the bird of paradise, and did a great job too! I hoped it was enough to save her.

Chantal was last with baby’s breath. She was OK.

On my danger zone list were Janet, Lisa, Saleisha, Ambreal, Victoria and Chantal. The bottom two…Victoria and Saleisha. The one eliminated was….

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