Friday, October 26, 2007

"The Biggest Loser" 10/23

To start, everyone played a version of poker. The winner got to choose where he/she wanted to be on a trio and what the other trios would look like, because the game changed at this point. All of the remaining contestants were split into teams of three.

In the poker game, instead of betting chips, the players had to bet calories from an array of foods on a table. Also, for whatever food's calories they wagered, they had to eat that food. It was a one-card poker game. The player who held the highest card after all the bets were made would be the winner.

The game started with a two cookie ante for each player. However, Kae Whang decided to withdraw from this challenge because she felt eating cookies wasn't worth it. After those players made their antes, they were each given a card. Bryan Washington then bet three vanilla wafers. Bill Germanakos decided to raise three vanilla wafers and two crackers. Amy Zimmer then added five peanut butter cups to the last wager! Neil Tejwani and Ryan Rodriguez folded their cards. David Griffin also bowed out of the game after he ran out of bluffing power (he had a deuce, BTW). Hollie Self decided to raise three cookies, putting Julie Hadden on the spot. Hadden had to eat three vanilla wafers, two crackers, five peanut butter cups, three cookies and something else, but she decided to fold. Jez Luckett decided to raise two peppermint patties.

At this point, seven players were left. Washington decided to raise two cheese crackers and two chocolate creme cookies. At this point, 1,103 food calories were in the pot. Bill then folded. Zimmer then went ALL IN. The other players after her folded, leaving her, Washington and Luckett (who was also ALL IN) in the game. Washington then folded.

Zimmer had a 9 of Hearts, while Luckett Ace of Hearts, making him the winner! Here are the four teams of three:

1. Kae Whang, David Griffin and Hollie Self
2. Amy Zimmer, Julie Hadden and Bill Germanakos
3. Bryan Washington, Nicole Mikalik and Ryan Rodriguez
4. Jez Luckett, Neil Tejwani and Isabeau Miller

While working out, Zimmer was showing some ill effects from that last challenge, as she had trouble.

In the next challenge, each trio had to put two of its members on a metal platform. The other person from each trio had to spin their platform 75 times. Each trio could swap out members at any time. The first trio that completed their 75 revolutions won. Each member of the winning trio got a Biggest Loser home gym.

The four pushers to start were Bill Germanakos, Washington, Rodriguez and Tejwani. Tejwani struggled early, forcing Luckett to pick up the slack for his team. Washington and Rodriguez had the early lead. Later on, Bill's team took over the lead with Hadden pushing them...and they won!

Now, for the weigh-ins. The trio who had the lowest weight loss percentage had to eliminate one of their members.

Things began with the team who won the last challenge. Bill weighed in at...261, so he lost seven pounds.

Zimmer's new weight...the same as last week, 265 pounds. If her team finished dead last, she was in big trouble. I was not surprised she fared that poorly.

Hadden then weighed in at...192, for a loss of three pounds. This trio lost ten pounds as a whole, for a percentage of 1.37%.

Washington started his trio's part of the ceremony by registering a new weight of...297, resulting in a seven-pound loss, putting him under the 300 pound mark! He's lost 49 pounds so far this season.

Rodriguez's new weight...321, meaning he GAINED a pound. Ouch.

Mikalik tried to make up for that disaster. Her new weight...244, for a four-pound loss. That meant they also lost ten pounds, but their percentage was only 1.15%.

Whang's team was up next. She weighed in at...174, a loss of four pounds. She's lost 51 pounds so far this season.

Self's new weight...223, a loss of two pounds.

Griffin then took the scale at...315, for an eight-pound loss! This trio lost a combined 14 pounds, for a percentage of 1.93%, which put them in the lead!

The last trio needed to have lost at least 11 pounds to be safe.

Luckett started things off by weighing in at...289 lbs., for a loss of six pounds. Good start.

Miller's new weight...255 lbs., for a four-pound loss.

If Tejwani lost even a single pound, his team was safe. He weighed in at 355 the last time. This time, he weighed in at....

...three hundred....72 pounds! OUCH!!!! HE GAINED AN ALL-TIME RECORD 17 POUNDS. Was he eliminated?......

....NO. I guess the other trios thought differently. Jez Luckett lost.
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