Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"The Biggest Loser 4" 10/2

The Temptation Challenge this time involved the three trainers. Each one was offered the chance to eat cupcakes. One of them had a bonus for his/her team during the next challenge- a 15-second time bonus. However, none of the trainers opted to go for it.

In the next team challenge, each team had to bid how long they thought it would take them to get their flag and get back to the starting line. Once a challenge was established, that team had to capture their flag in the given time. If successful, they stayed in the challenge; otherwise, they were eliminated. The last team standing won immunity.

The black team ran first, and their time was 5:25. They....fell just short, so they were eliminated.

The red team got to run second. Their time was 5:55. If they succeeded, they remained undefeated in the challenges....YES, despite Dave having some trouble early on! They had 18 seconds to spare!

Now, for the weigh-ins, starting with the red team.

Phil Hawk's new weight...358 lbs., a loss of five pounds.

Amy Zimmer's new weight...278 lbs., meaning she lost just a pound.

David Griffin's new weight...337 lbs., so he also lost one pound.

Now for B(ryan) Washington, with a new weight of...319 lbs., for a two-pound loss. That's all for the red team. Their weight loss percentage this week was .69%.

The black team was next.

Hollie Self weighed in at...236 lbs., meaning she lost three pounds.

Jez Luckett's new weight...308 lbs., for a loss of eight pounds! Good job!

Jim Germanakos then took the scale at...314 lbs., meaning he was the week's new leader with an 11-pound loss!

Isabeau Miller's new total...272 lbs, meaning she lost an impressive eight pounds!

The other Germanakos, Bill, then weighed in at...285 lbs., meaning he just beat his brother with a 13-pound loss! He's lost 49 pounds so far!

Julie Hadden wrapped it up for the team by weighing in at...203 lbs., for a seven-pound loss!

Altogether, the black team lost a combined fifty pounds, for a percentage of 3%!

The blue team had their work cut out for them. To avoid their second elimination in a row, they must have lost at least 44 pounds.

Neil Tejwani took the scale at...375 lbs., for an 11-pound loss! Nice start!

Kae Whang's new weight...191 lbs., for a respectable six-pound loss!

Nicole Michalik's new weight...258 lbs, meaning she lost four pounds.

Patty Gonzalez then weighed in at...255 lbs., for a five-pound loss. That gives the team 26 pounds.

Ryan Rodriguez needed to have gone down to 329 lbs. or less to win it for the team. New weight....341 lbs., meaning the black team won!

Michalik lost the least weight this week, and she got a vote at the last elimination ceremony, so she could've been in deep trouble. Since Whang lost the greatest percentage of weight for the team this week, she was safe.

First vote, from Whang, went to...Tejwani.
Second vote, from Gonalez, went to...Michalik. It's a tight battle between these two.
Third vote, from Tejwani, went to...Gonzalez. That surprised me. That meant that it would come down to the last vote.
Fourth vote, from Michalik, went to...Gonzalez.

Now, if the last vote went to Michalik or Tejwani, the votes will be scrapped and the black team will choose somebody to eliminate. However, at this point, ANYONE could be eliminated.

Rodriguez voted for...Gonzalez, meaning she lost at the last second. But she might still win $100,000 on the season finale.
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