Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"The Contender" Preliminaries come to a close

David Banks (Gold) and Paul Smith (Blue) wrapped up the first series of fights for this season. If somebody won by decision, they needed to have done so by at least 12 points.

Round 1: Banks got off to a strong start and dominated most of the round. I scored this round 10-9 in his favor.

Round 2: Smith had a solid start, although one of his shots came close to being a low blow. Late in the round, Banks caught Smith with a strong shot to the jaw that nearly knocked him down, and then a similar shot a few seconds later. Because I felt Banks' shots were stronger in the round, I scored this round in his favor, and he led 20-18 on my scorecard.

Round 3: It was a lackluster round. I gave Banks another round because of his flurry of shots with only a few seconds left in the round, so he led 30-27.

Round 4: Smith only had a slight advantage midway through the round, but Banks took control with a good jaw shot. 40-36 Banks after four.

Smith needed a final round KO...he didn't get it.

I had it a shutout for Banks, 50-45. However, it was a split decision from the judges.

The first judge had it 48-47...Smith.
The second judge scored it 49-46....Banks.

The last judge scored it 48-47 for....

...Smith, so I blew it and Smith pulled out the win! However, unless somebody in the top four gets injured, he's out of the tournament for now.
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