Saturday, October 27, 2007

MVPs and Big Winners Announcement for Oct. 22-28

MVPs: Angela Sheehai ("Wheel of Fortune") and Nick Swezey ("Jeopardy!")

These two contestants set new season-high totals on the shows they were on. The lady listed here won $77,850 (all cash) on her "WOF" appearance last Tuesday night, and made it to endgame thanks largely in part to her $25K+ win in the Big Money Round. The male contestant listed won $78,202 in his four regular games on "Jeopardy!" this week, including a $32,001 win on his first day. This man likely will be in the show's Tournament of Champions not too long from now.

Other Big Winners:
Neal Washington- $236,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Shad Small- $61,101 as three-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
Scott Johnson- $51,176 ("WOF")
Daniel Black and Carol Burrage- $50,000 each ("WWTBAM")
Narineh Khachatourians- $41,398 ("TPIR")
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