Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Survivor: China" 10/18

There was some tribe switching this week for some players. A letter was given by a fisherman to Fei Long about this, and later Zhan Hu. Two members from each tribe would switch sides.

Frosti Zernow and Sherea Lloyd were sent to Fei Long in exchange for James Clement and Aaron Reisberger.

Immunity Challenge: Two members from each tribe started off by swimming to a platform. One person from each tribe had to go underwater and release some bamboo poles from a cage that housed twelve discs, with each one containing a Chinese sign from the Zodiac. Each player on both duos took turns until all of their poles had been removed and the discs had been placed in a boat. After the teams got their discs to shore, the other three members on each tribe had to match the sign on each disc to the corresponding symbol on a separate board. They also had to twist and lock every one of the discs into place. The first team that completed their board won immunity.

Zhan Hu’s starters were Erik Huffman and Aaron Reisberger, while the starters for Fei Long were Frosti Zernow and Jean-Robert Bellande.

Zhan Hu had the lead heading into Part 2 of the challenge, while Bellande nearly caused his tribe’s discs to go back underwater! The winners were….Fei Long! Nice comeback there! That was their fourth immunity win in five tries!

In the most danger, IMO, were Lloyd (who got a vote last week), Huffman and Reisberger.

First vote went to…Peih-Gee Law.
Second vote went to…Clement.
Third vote went to…Reisberger.
Fourth vote went to…Reisberger. I believe that if he got one more vote, he’s out.
Fifth vote went to…Reisberger, so he was eliminated.
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