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11/15/2007 Results

WWTBAM: On the episode I didn't cover yesterday, the magic from the first two days of TV Week ran out, as only $2,000 was given away, with both players who completed their games that day walking away with $1,000 each.

In the hot seat now is Andrea Ulrich from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She wants to buy the biggest TV possible today. She's resuming with this $8,000 question, with the audience out of play at this point:

In its finale, what show shocked fans by revealing that the entire series was imagined to have taken place inside a snow globe?

A: "thirtysomething"
B: "St. Elsewhere"
C: "China Beach"
D: "Picket Fences"

The 50:50 leaves "St. Elsewhere" and "China Beach". She's totally clueless, so she calls her brother Dan, who thinks it's not "St. Elsewhere". But he's not sure, so this player bails out with the $4,000 she accumulated yesterday. Good thing, too- "St. Elsewhere" was right.

Frank Lockwood from Atlanta is next. He is a family practice doctor. The first show he remembers watching is "Scooby-Doo". He runs into trouble on this $300 question:

Actress Eliza Dushku played Tru Davies in a Fox TV drama with what title?

A: "Tru Colors"
B: "Ringing Tru"
C: "Tru Calling"
D: "Sad But Tru"

52% of the audience said "Tru Colors" while 35% said "Tru Calling", and I got worried. After some thought, he agrees with the audience on "Tru Colors".....NO!!!! It was "Tru Calling", so Lockwood is the second contestant this season to get ZONKED! Also, the audience just set a new fultility record on this show- this is the lowest valued question they've ever missed on this show! The previous mark was $500, twice (once during the Regis era, and once during this era). But Lockwood does leave with some nice parting gifts, one of which is the new DVD game. I'm glad he was such a good sport.

Coryna Barberis from Spotswood, NJ is next. She says that if she somehow wins the $1 Million, she'll do a big dance at the end! She has some trouble on this $500 question:

On the classic British comedy series "Fawlty Towers", what is Fawlty Towers?

A: A hotel
B: A prison
C: A private school
D: A nursing home

The audience better get it together, or they're really gonna hear it from Meredith and the gang. 61% said hotel, 18% said nursing home, 11% said prison and 10% said private school. She goes with the crowd on hotel....this time, they're right!

She goes on to leave with $4,000.

Returning tomorrow is Ian Neville from New Rochelle, NY.

TPIR: Opening today’s show are Julien Smith, Robert King, Anna Turner and Joanna Hernandez. The first IUFB is a portable spa.

Joanna: $2,000
Anna: $1,200
Robert: $2,800
Julien: BUCK

ARP: $1,499, so Turner will play Squeeze Play for a bed. Board:


She removes the 3, for a guess of $4,150...but it’s $4,350.

Ingrid Wablow is next and the second IUFB is a freezer. The winner also gets $40 worth of Hot Pockets.

Ingrid: $2,500
Robert: $1,395
Julien: $975
Joanna: $1,500

ARP: $1,599, meaning Hernandez will play Card Game for a Ford F-150. Her range is $1,000 this time. She draws a deuce….a nine…another deuce…two Kings…a three…a nine….a seven and stops at $17,200. ARP: 18 thousand….170, meaning she’s pulled out the win with a difference of $970!

Next to “Come on Down” is Susanna Cominski and the next IUFB is a chest.

Susanna: $1,300
Ingrid: $1,430
Robert: $1,099
Julien: $1,075

ARP: $1,470, giving Wablow the chance to play Punch a Bunch. The first item is a CD/DVD repair kit marked at $50, and she says the ARP is lower…$36. Second is a football crock pot marked at $12, and she says higher, and it’s $15. Third is a rechargeable jump starter marked at $60 and she says lower…$35. Finally, we have a compact soy milk unit marked at $110, and she says lower…that’s $97, so she wins all the small items and the punches. She punches out holes #2, #15, #19 and #35, and she’s probably the weakest puncher I’ve ever seen in this game. #2 has $1,000, but she passes. #15 has half as much. #19 has $5,000, and she takes that! Had she gone on with #35, she would’ve hit rock bottom with $50!

SSD1: The only loser this half spins 85 cents. Wablow spins 40...and 35. Hernandez spins 45...and goes over, so the sole loser is in the Showcase.

Emilio then comes on down and the next IUFB is a surry bike.

Emilio: $2,500
Robert: $995
Julien: $825
Susanna: BUCK

ARP: $2,395, so Bob King will play Hi-Lo for a dining room worth $7,885. The products are Capzasin HP, Oreos, Clorox wipes, V8 juice, Senokot and Gold Bond lotion. I’m kinda worried over this playing. He picks the Capzasin first, which is $14.09. He then picks the Senokot, which is $7.62. I hope he picks the lotion…and he does, which is $8.95, so he wins! The cookies were $3.89, the wipes were $2.99 and the juice was $3.15. I could’ve sworn the wipes were about six bucks. What do I know.

The next player is Jason Kraft and the next IUFB is a set of digital camcorders.

Jason: $600
Julien: $1,250
Susanna: $900
Emilio: $1,271

ARP: $680, so Kraft plays Ten Chances for a lantern radio, an electric guitar and a Ford Focus. BTW, Drew accidentally revealed the numbers in the price of the car before the game started! First, the radio, and the possible numbers in that are 0, 4 and 6. He says $64, then the right price of $40. The possible numbers in the guitar are 0, 2, 4 and 9. He first says $204...NO FREAKIN’ WAY. He then says $492.…NO FREAKIN’ WAY. He then says another terrible guess in $409. He then says a reasonable guess of $ Sadly, he never gets the guitar right, which was $940. The car was $15,630, just like the last time the Focus was offered here.

The final player is Mary Taylor and the final IUFB is a home gym. The winner also gets $40 worth of NutraMist spray.

Mary: $1,500
Julien: $950
Susanna: $1,300
Emilio: BUCK

ARP: $2,899, so Smith heads to the First Four Breakfast Club and Taylor will play Switch for a sailboat marked at $2,499 and a bar set marked at $3,295. She switches…and wins! Even better, she prevents Mr. Kraft from getting to the Showcase, and she gets there!

The first Showcase has four trips- S.F., Antigua, Beijing and Portugal. Turner bids $12,492, which is a GARF OF THE CENTURY. Taylor hears about some bands. First, some are on packets of cash totaling $1,000! Second, you could hear music from famous bands with a collection of CDs and a stereo system. Finally, I hope she bands up enough people to help her bid properly on a Showcase which features a 2008 Ford Explorer (Std., Mats)! She bids $25,650 and wins!

Her ARP: $29,711, a difference of $4,061. She takes home $38,444 in cash and prizes!

BTW, the other showcase’s ARP- $27,056. I would’ve bid $25K on the trips.

Family Feud: Can the Hudson girls become the sixth undefeated champions here this season? We'll find out today as they face another pack of ladies, the Langs. Led by Jackie, the others are Carol, Christina, Jenni and Cheryl.

First question: Something a boss might do at an office party if he's had a couple of drinks. Starting with:

1. Flirting/passing at somebody (50, Lillie)

The champs get to play. Jazz opens the round with dancing....#2 (14)! Terri's answer is swearing...that counts as #3 (10), talking too much! Nia is next with passing out...NO. Camyl then tries firing somebody...NO. Lillie tries to end the bad streak with vomiting...STRIKEOUT. Jackie then goes for the steal with singing...that's #6 (5) for 74! Not said:

4. Give raises/bonuses (6)
5. Strip (5)
7. Tell jokes (4)

Second question: Name Regis Philbin's favorite person. Starting with:

2. Kelly Ripa (24, Carol)
4. Kathie Lee Gifford (11, Jazz)

The challengers will play this time. Christina says his wife, Joy...NUMBER ONE (40)! Jenni says his Cheryl's guess is his mother, which yields an instant second strike. Jackie then goes with his father...for the second round in a row, a team picks up three strikes in a row at one point. This time, Lillie goes for the steal with anyone on the Notre Dame football team...NO, so 75 more points go to the challengers. My guesses were David Letterman, Don Rickles and John Carpenter. Let's see if either one made the remaining two answers:

3. Himself (15)
5. David Letterman (4)

Double: Expressions with "check" in them. Starting with:

2. Checkmate (10, Terri)

The champs will play. Nia says blank Camyl says check it out....NUMBER ONE (35)! Lillie's next answer is cashier's check...I don't think so. Jazz then says cut the check...NO WAY- STRIKEOUT. For another steal, Jackie says check me...NO, so the champs get their first 90 points! Not said:

3. The check is in the mail (10)
4. Check, please (7)
5. Checkbook (5)
6. Check yourself (5)

Triple: Women associated with Michael Jackson. Nia says Janet Jackson...#2 (31). Jenni says Latoya Jackson....DUD, so the champs will play. Camyl says his Lillie says his Jazz says Elizabeth Taylor....#3 (22)! If Terri comes up with the top answer, they're in great shape. She says Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie....NUMBER ONE (41)!! Back to Nia, who tries to close it out on her own, but she blanks out. Jackie then says the rock bottom answer is Madonna. Actual bottom answer...

...Diana Ross (4), meaning the Hudsons are undefeated champions at 372!

Fast Money: If Camyl and Lillie win the $20,000 for these ladies, they will become the biggest winners of the season so far. I hope they do it.

1. An occupation where you get to travel the world.
2. How often do you weigh yourself?
3. An animal with fangs.
4. Name a holiday where adults act like children.
5. Candy ______.

My guesses:
1. Pilot
2. Once a week
3. Wolf
4. Christmas
5. Cane

Camyl says buisness person (bad), twice a day (bad), bat, Christmas and cane (#1) for 89. Lillie's first answer is mine, pilot...that's #1 for 25 points! Her second answer is once a month....#1 for 22 points! Her third answer is shark...only 4. Fourth answer is Halloween...#1 for 37! It all comes down to this. Her last answer is store. Did 23 say that?....

....NO- only 3 said it. They take home $23,500. The #1 answer for the animal question was my answer of wolf.

WOF: On the Paige Hemmis team is Nancy Kaufman from Belmore, NY, with Jeff Probst is Susan Moranns from Salem, MA (who is a student at Salem State College) and with "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney is Nick Jimini from Old Bridge, N.J. (who is a senior student from King University). Here are tonight's three charities:

Paige: Habitat for Humanity of the Greater L.A.
Jeff: Serpentine Project
Alison: California Highway Patrol 1199 Foundation

Hemmis' team gets COVER TO COVER for $1,000, while Team Survivor gets BRICK FIREPLACE for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Song Lyrics, and out on the wheel now is a $7,000 trip to Palm Springs. After Team Survivor buys the A's, we have...

_ T A R T/_ _ R _ A _ _ _ '/T _ _/_ _ _ _

...I've got this, and it fits the locale. They buy the E's and call the S's for $1,200, and they then solve START SPREADIN' THE NEWS for $4,100 and $6,100 total.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Thing. After Team Loser buys the O's, we have...

_ E S _ _ N E _

_ _ N _ _ _ _

_ O _ _ E _ T _ O N

...I think I know already. They buy two I's, but they then get Bankrupt. Hemmis and Kaufman call two C's for $800 and the R for another $600. After two D's for another $800 and two G's for $1,200 more, they call the L's for another $600. After they call the H, they solve DESIGNER HANDBAG COLLECTION for $4,800 and a trip to Milan, Italy, for a new total of $10,800.

Big Money Round category is Before & After. After the winners of the last round buy the E's, we have...

R _ T _ R E _

_ O _ E R S


_ R _ E _ S

...I've got it. They then call the D for the Wild Card. After they buy the I's and call a $300 F, they call the B's and solve RETIRED BOXERS OR BRIEFS to pad on their lead, making their new total $14,650.

They then solve DIRECTING A PLAY to go to $17,650. Speed-Up Round category is Places and consonants are worth $1,300 a pop. After Team Survivor calls the L, we have...

_ _ R L _- _ _ _ _ _ S

R _ S _ _ _ R _ N T S

...I know it, but not them. Team Loser buys the A's but can't solve. The leaders call the M and solve WORLD-FAMOUS RESTAURANTS to seal the match with $22,850. Team Survivor has $6,100 and Team Loser gets the $1,000 minimum. The losing celebrities will each get $10,000 for their charity.

Unfortunately, despite taking the Wild Card to the endgame, Kaufman and Hemmis totally bombed the endgame. The category was Thing, and their letter choices were D, P, G, B and A. All were duds, so the game immediately ended. This was the setup:

_ _ _ _ _

_ E _ _ R _

They missed out on $30,000. Answer: FUZZY MEMORY. Andrew spoiled the outcome (what a jerk!). The Z's and the M's would've done it.

Don't Forget the Lyrics!: Tonight's episode is kinda special. All contestants tonight are NFL fans.

Entering the arena first is Michael Oliver from California. Angie and Ana are his potential backup singers, and both are friends of his. Here are his nine categories:

R & B

First up is Love Songs. The choices are "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge and "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf. He goes for "When a Man Loves a Woman", and there's a three-word target. Here's the lyric:

"She can __ __ ____"

He sings " no wrong" and locks that in for $2,500.

Second category is 1980s and the choices are "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes and "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant. The choice is "Bette Davis Eyes", and there's another three-word target facing him. Here's the lyric:

"All the better just __ _____ __"

He completes that with " please you" and seals it to double up.

The next category is Driving Songs, and the choices are "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin and "Ramblin' Man" by the Allman Brothers Band. He goes with "Ramblin' Man" and this time, the target is four words long. Here's the line:

"Well, my father was a ____ ____ __ ______"

He can only come up with "...gambling something man", so he uses the three choices backup. Here are the choices:

A: "...grifter down in Mobile"
B: "...hustler down in Memphis"
C: "....gambler down in Georgia"

He then uses the two words backup and reveals the first and last missing words, which are "gambler" and "Georgia" respectively. He then locks all of C in to double to $10,000.

R & B is next for Oliver, and the song choices are "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray and "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye. He chooses "Let's Get it On", and he only has a three-word target to deal with. Joining him as a background singer, in addition to the host- NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice!!! Lyric:

"With so ____ __ ____"

He sings "...much to give" and locks that in for $25,000....and an autographed 49ers jersey from Rice himself!

Pop is next, and the choices this time are "Cold Hearted" by Paula Abdul and "Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy. He chooses "Delta Dawn", and the target is now up to seven words. They follow after "...with a suitcase in her hand". He sings the missing lyric as "And she walks around the house singing Peter"....LOL!!! He then chooses Angie to help him out, and with her, his guess is "Looking for a mysterious dark-haired man"...right!

Next category is Rock, and the choices are "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour and "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks. He chooses "Cult of Personality", and six words need to be filled in. They follow after "You won't have to follow me". He completes it with "...only you can set me free" and locks that in....right for $100,000!

He tries a song from a legend next. The song choices are "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown and "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson. He goes with the Willie Nelson song and he has another six-word target to deal with. They follow "And I guess I never told you", and he follows that with "I just never took the time". He's not sure enough, so he takes home the $100,000. Good, because the right answer was actually "...I'm so happy that you're mine".

Unfortunately, the show ended with only the second player ever on this show to get ZONKED. That person was William Rushowe from Milwaukee, and he was wearing a Packers jersey. In fact, he lost on his FIRST SONG!!!! In the category of Country, he chose "Breathe" by Faith Hill. Here was the lyric he had to complete:

"It's _______ _____ __"

He sung "...watching over me" and didn't use any backups. Correct: "....washing over me".

Jeopardy!: Will we crown a new all-time female winner on this show? Will the comeback person himself, Doug Hicton, pull off yet another comeback win? Or, will Cliff Galiher do something only one other college champ has done before? We'll find out the answers to those questions after tomorrow. Here are the categories for the first round of Game 1:


Hicton goes Daily Double hunting early on. But it's Galiher who finds it under the middle clue in "IRA". He has $1,400 and is $200 behind Hicton for the lead ($1,600). The lady has $400. His wager is all of it:

The Motion Picture Association of America says this cost producers, theater owners, etc. $18.2 Billion in 2005.

"What is piracy?"...he doubles up to $2,800 and the early lead! Celeste DiNucci then gets the $800 and $1,000 clues in the same category to jump to $2,200. At the first break, it's a tight battle between the woman and the college man. He's got $4,200 to the lady's four grand, while Hicton has $1,600. After the round ends, the lady's now on top with $5,600, while Galiher has $4,200.

DJ! categories:


On the third pick of the round, Hicton finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 Rule of Thirds clue. He's got $3,600, just $200 ahead of Galiher for second, while DiNucci leads with $5,600. Hicton's wager is three grand. For the lead:

Twice in the 1990s, he came in third in U.S. Presidential Elections.

" Perot?"....he's the new leader at $6,600! DiNucci then finds the other Daily Double under the $1,200 clue in the birth category. She has $6,400 and trails Hicton for the lead by $2,600. Galiher is down to $3,400. She wagers $3,000 to try and get her lead back:

Henry and Clara Ford are proud to announce the rollout of this model Nov. 6, 1893.

"Who is Edsel?"...correct to go back to the lead with $9,400! After that category goes out of play, she and Hicton are now tied up at 11 grand apiece. At the end of the round, Hicton leads with $16,200. The lady has two grand less ($14,200) and Galiher has $7,200.

The first FJ! category of this final: Scientists.

In 2007, this 1962 American Nobel Laureate became the first person to receive his own personal genome map.

Galiher wrote down "Who is Crick?"....

"Who is Crick?"

...wrong. That costs him $4,600, so he's down to $2,600. The woman had "Who is J. Watson?"....

"Who is J. Watson?"

...right! She makes her total an even twenty grand! Hicton had "Who was Pauling...?", and since he bet $3,800, if he had gotten it right, we would've had a tie for the lead after Day 1 of the finals at 20 grand apiece. Instead, he'll finish this day in second place at $12,400. As the last two Teen Tournaments have proved, it is still anyone's match.
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