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11/19/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Our first contestant today is Anne Boyd, a former "Jeopardy!" champ, from Landenberg, PA. Now, she is here for the second time, because a discrepancy was made during the $25,000 question she missed last season. It was said to have been inaccurate. Therefore, she will start the day with a new $25,000 question, and before she got to that level the last time she was here, she had all of her lifelines intact. Here is her new $25,000 question:

The mineral quartz is a compound of oxygen and what other element?

A: Silicon
B: Magnesium
C: Zinc
D: Carbon

She asks the audience. 44% said carbon, 24% said silicon, 19% said zinc and 13% said magnesium. She then uses the 50:50, leaving silicon and magnesium, so it's probably a good thing she used it. She then says silicon...

A: Silicon
B: Magnesium

...she's got the $25,000 this time! For 50 grand:

The title of the Broadway musical "Fiddler on the Roof" was inspired by the works of what famous artist?

A: Gustov Klimt
B: Chaim Soutine
C: Marc Chagall
D: Paul Cezanne

With no hesitation, she says Chagall....

A: Gustov Klimt
B: Chaim Soutine
C: Marc Chagall
D: Paul Cezanne

...right! First $100,000 question:

What were the first names of Mason and Dixon, the duo who mapped the famous "line" between the North and the South?

A: Randolph and John
B: Benjamin and Arthur
C: Walter and Miles
D: Charles and Jeremiah

She calls her stepdaughter, Paula, who's sure it's D. She agrees....

A: Randolph and John
B: Benjamin and Arthur
C: Walter and Miles
D: Charles and Jeremiah

...she's up to $100,000! After switching out, here is her $250,000 question:

When Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" debuted on radio in 1970, what band's song was the show's first #1 hit?

A: Three Dog Night
B: The Temptations
C: The Guess Who
D: Sly & The Family Stone

She blanks again, so she will take home $100,000, a bit more than she won from her opening run on "Jeopardy!"! Answer: Three Dog Night.

Our next player is Diane McIsaac from Holliston, Massachussetts. Her $300 question was about Vanna White! For $8,000:

On which of these dates do all places on Earth experience approximately 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness?

A: January 21
B: March 21
C: June 21
D: August 21

She polls the audience. 54% said June 21, 28% said March 21 and 10% said January 21. She locks in June 21....

A: January 21
B: March 21
C: June 21
D: August 21

...NO. She leaves with $1,000.

A: January 21
B: March 21
C: June 21
D: August 21

The correct answer was the second most popular choice, March 21.

Greg Polite from Cumberland, Rhode Island will be back tomorrow.

Family Feud: In Game #1 today, the Riturbans defend their championship for the first time against the Nielsens (obviouly, Leslie not included). The champs are led by James, and his partners are Jomel, JP, Agnes and Jaclyn. The challengers are led by Misty, and her cohorts are Mindy (her twin sister), Mikey, Lance and Mike.

First question: What's the first thing you would get rid of if you won the lottery? Starting with:

2. Car/truck (17, James)
3. House/apartment (15, Misty)

The Riturbans will play. Jomel starts off with the kids at home (?!?!?!?!)...NO FREAKIN' WAY- ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. JP says job, which is #4 (12)! Agnes says clothes...bottom answer (4)! Jaclyn then says TV...nowhere on the board. Back to James, who says furniture...#6 (6)! Jomel's next guess is computer...STRIKEOUT. Misty's steal answer is debt....that and bills are NUMBER ONE (32) for 54 points! #5 was spouse/mate (11).

Question two: Flash ______. Starting with:

2. Light (17, Jomel)

Mindy gave another ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE today with burn. The champs will play again. JP then goes with flood...NO! Agnes says cards....#4 (9)! Jaclyn's next guess is Gordon...NUMERO UNO (20)! James then says Dance...#3 (15)! Back over to Jomel, who blanks out. JP then is ready to say bulb...#5 (9)! Agnes tries to sweep the board with back...NO. Misty tries to steal again with photography...NO, so the champs get 70 points! At the bottom was drive (9).

Double: Things that go great with steak. Starting with:

1. Potatoes (58, Mikey)

The challengers will start a question this time. Lance's first answer today is shrimp...I would approve of that, but this survey doesn't- strike one. Mike then goes with mushrooms...#3 (8)! Misty then says onions....onion rings is the bottom answer (5)! Mindy is next with salt and pepper...doesn't work for this survey. Mikey is back with late, great father approves of that, but the survey doesn't- strike three. This time, James goes for the steal with green beans....I don't think so, so the Nielsens get the lead back with 196. Unsaid:

2. Wine/beer (11)
4. Salad (6)

Triple: Name something people buy to help them lose weight that ends up being a waste. Lance rings in with water...#3 (15) as all diet foods and drinks. Agnes then says diet pills...the champs get to play, because that's NUMBER ONE (51)! Jaclyn's next guess is an exercise video...all diet books and videos are at the bottom (3)! James says exercise equipment...WIN (29) at 364!

Fast Money: JP and Agnes tackle the big board.

1. If men came with an expiration date, at what age would they best be married by?
2. Name something you might have to replace after a divorce.
3. Name something you should never try to take away from a cowboy.
4. Name a sport where athletes often lose their teeth.
5. Name a state that begins with "New".

My guesses:
1. 60 (My second guess was 50)
2. Wife/husband
3. Hat
4. Hockey (My second guess was football)
5. New York

JP says 25, spouse, gun, football and N.J. for 61. Agnes says 30, house, hat, boxing and New York for...231 and $20,000! They now have a total of $20,830! #1 answers not given:

3. Horse
4. Hockey

In Game #2, the Hapurachys also try to defend their title for the first time against the Dosses (led by Vittoria, the others are Gwen, Jackie, Charlene and Gail).

Opening question: Things that women have a hard time getting rid of. Starting with:

1. Excess weight (45, Shane)
2. Lousy man (23, Vittoria)

The champs will play. Ivor says kids...bottom answer (3)! Sharonne then says old clothes...#3 (11)! Manel then says Dayanthi then gets strike two. Shane is back to try and stop the skid with grey hair...three straight strikes. Vittoria's steal guess is debt....not there either, so the champs get the game's first 82 points. Unsaid:

4. Wrinkles (4)
5. Yeast infection (3)

Second question: Name the presidential candidate that seems the most presidential. Starting with:

1. Hillary Clinton (39, Gwen)

Ivor gives a ZONK ANSWER OF THE CENTURY with George Washington! The challengers will play this time. Jackie's first answer is Obama...#3 (16)! Charlene then says Giuliani...#2 (22)! Gail then goes with Reagan...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE- strike one. Back to Vittoria, who then says Edwards...much better guess, but not there. We then go back to Gwen with Jefferson, which is another ZONK ANSWER OF THE CENTURY for strike three. Shane then says Romney for the's at the bottom (4) for a new total of 159! The current names that weren't given:

4. Thompson (5)
5. McCain (4)

Double: Things that you've filled. Starting with:

2. Tooth (16, Sharonne)

The champs will play. Manel says bottles of Dayanthi says gas tanks...#4 (12)! Shane's next answer is balloons...pop that answer, because that's strike two. Ivor says prescriptions...#1 (20)! Sharonne is back with cupcakes...that's the bottom answer for pastries (4)! Manel tries to sweep the board, but she has nothing- three strikes. Vittoria then tries to steal and get her team on the scoreboard, thinking that #3 answer is glasses...that's it (13) for 104 points!

Triple: Things that rumble. Manel gets in first with ground...also known as an earthquake, that's at the bottom (10). That surprised me. Charlene then says car...#3 (16), so the challengers can take the championship away right now! Gail then says Vittoria then says stomach next...#2 (29)! Gwen then says that top answer is house...but it's not. Jackie has the last chance with basketball...NO WAY- STRIKE THREE. They may have just squandered their chance to become the new champions. Shane says #1 is bet (32) for the win at 324!

Fast Money: The winning pair of Shane and Sharonne play again.

1. Name something pet lovers do to their pets that other people call crazy.
2. Name a canned food you always have in your cupboard.
3. A woman's name that starts with the letter C.
4. Double _____.
5. Name the age when girls stop playing with dolls.

My guesses:
1. Feed them (My second answer was kissing)
2. Soup
3. Christina (My second guess was Cynthia, thanks to Andrew)
4. Trouble
5. 15

Sharonne says kiss them, tuna (I approve of that!), Carrie, trouble and 12 for 101. Shane says cook them food, tomato soup, Christina, U and 9 for $650 and $20,650 after two days. #1 answers not given:

2. Corn
3. Cathi or Cathy

Those two questions were tough.

That's the Question: I think this was last Tuesday's episode. The players were Bridget Blackard (who was born in Oregon) and Erin Vernon (born in Orange County, CA). Both ladies wanted to win the $5,000 so that they could go to Hawaii. Let's take a look at Round 1's first board:

_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _?


After Blackard got a question about Beverly Hills, the board now read...

WHO/W _ _/_ H _/K _ _ G/OF/

_ O _ _ _/G O D _ ?


...and she trailed, 8-5.

(NOIVNTG)- A company I've never heard of made electronic devices used for what civic duty? She didn't know it was VOTING, preventing her from getting to ten points. Two N's went on the board.
(NUEJA)- Alabama offically celebrates Jefferson Davis' birthday on the first Monday of what month? Blackard had June for an A and went to six points.
(CROSREKOLBTS)- The B-52s had a dance hit with what surreal song named for a crustacean? She didn't know about "Rock Lobster", costing her potentially eight points on that turn, since three S's went on the board. I think I had the answer to the puzzle at this point.
(EILGNDAN)- The Norman Conquest overtook control of what nation? Blackard got England for another point and an I.
(TKOYOT)- In 1868, the Japanese city of Haito changed its name to what? Vernon got Tokyo no sweat to hit the ten point mark, but she couldn't solve. Two T's went on the board.
(LRLRETRWTSE)- In what movie does Michael Douglas say "Greed", for a lack of a better word, "is good"? Blackard had nothing- it was Wall Street. An R went on the board. The next mini-question was the last one for this board.
(OEDEBNL)- Lemon juice, chamomile tea and rubarb can all be used to highlight hair in what shade? Vernon got BLONDE for three points, and added another five by saying WHO WAS THE KING OF THE NORSE GODS and Odin. She was up to 18. Second board:

_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: George C. Scott

After Blackard knew about Antarctica, we now have...

_ _ O/_ O _/A _/O S C A _/_ O _/

_ O _ T _ A _ _ _ _/_ A T T O _ ?

ANSWER: George C. Scott

...I couldn't figure out the last two words. At that point, Vernon led 22-18.

(APEJRMLESU)- The site of King Solomon's temple, The Dome of the Rock, is located in what city? Vernon got Jerusalem at the buzzer for two P's and points, and that took her to 24. I think I knew the puzzle at that point.
(NASCRK)- What Oscar-winning Best Picture's tagline is, "Moving at the speed of light. We are bound to collide with each other"? Blackard got "Crash", but it was after the buzzer had sounded, so she missed out on four points, since four N's went on the board.
(RSGERLMNI)- What term was coined in WWII for imaginary gnome-like creatures who caused mechanical airplane trouble (s)? Vernon said the right answer of GREMLINS, which meant four R's and points, making her new score 28.
(EPKEARKSAWES)- Some scholars contend that what playwright had less than six degrees from Sir Francis Bacon? Blackard said Shakespeare for two W's and points, making her total 20. She then went for the puzzle...



ANSWER: George C. Scott

...and she got it to close with three of the lead. Final board of Round 1:

_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Neutrogena

After Vernon knew that Buick was the first company out of the General Motors umbrella, we now have...

_ _ O/_ A K E _/_ E E-T _ _ O _ _ _/_ O A _?

ANSWER: Neutrogena

...I think I was able to solve this now. Vernon still led, 30-25.

(RCEDIR)- Apple Jack Brandy is made from what fermented beverage? Blackard knew that's CIDER for an R and another point, 26 total.
(TRTREHSEHSOBGUIEORHST)- What unchained melody duo also recorded the most-played song in the history of American radio? Vernon knew quickly that was The Righteous Brothers for three S's and points, taking her to double 3's. She then tried to solve the puzzle...


ANSWER: Neutrogena

...she read my mind, which was correct, so she ended the round with 38!

Opening Round 2 board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/_ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _

Blackard got the first three questions right to take the lead, 48-38. But Vernon responded with three straight right answers of her own, giving her the lead back, 50-48. At that point, we have...

W _ A _/_ E _ _ _ W/P _ W D E _/IS/I _/

I _ D I A _/D I S _ E S?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _

...I think I knew it.

(GLTELRIIYL)- What flower with orange and black pedals shares its name with an Indian princess in "Peter Pan"? Vernon's streak ended when she couldn't decipher Tiger Lily, putting two L's on the board. I definitely was able to solve the board now.
(AESNOLVEI)- The inventor of what petrolium-based skin care product used to eat a spoonful of it a day? Blackard missed a golden opportunity when she couldn't get Vaseline, as two O's went on the board.
(NORADIURS)- The name of what extinct type of animal means "terrible lizard"? She got DINOSAUR for two points, an R in the question and two R's in the answer. She then went for the puzzle...




...I thought she had just missed it, as I thought the second word was MELLOW. But she was right, taking her to 62. Next:

_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _/

"_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _ _"?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _

After Vernon knew a question about potato chips, we have...

WHO/W R O T _/T H _/H _ T/_ O _ G/

"J O H _ _ _/_ ./G O O D _"?

ANSWER: _ H _ _ _/_ _ R R _

...she had 70 points, and she tried to make it 80...




...she did it! And that was the end, so she won, 80-50!

Here is what our champ had to deal with for $5,000 after her time expired...

H _ T/W A T _ _/_ A P _ _/HAS/WHAT/

_ T H _ _/_ A _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _

At the very least, I couldn't get the third word. How did she do?....she blanked out. The question was HOT WATER VAPOR HAS WHAT OTHER NAME? Answer: STEAM, which she would've gotten right had she known the exact question. She left with $500.

WOF: It's Heroes Week, the last week from NYC! Tonight's players are Michelle Brosnan (in the blue) from NYC (who is an ER doctor for five years), Wayne Diana from South Plain Field, NJ (who is a police officer for 26 years and a police seargant for two years, and has also been a Marine Corps veteran) and Paul Miano from Woodbridge, NJ (who is an FDNY paramedic for eight years).

Brosnan gets GOING THE EXTRA MILE for $1,000, while Miano gets MURPHY BED for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Star & Role, and out on the wheel now is a trip to Spain worth $7,248. The expanded $2,500 wedge is not in play this week. When we get to Diana, we have...

T _ _ E _

_ A _ _ _ R E


S _ _ _ E R- _ A _

...I've got it now, but he gets Bankrupt. Miano calls a $2,500 N, and calls the M's for the Spain trip. He then solves TOBEY MAGUIRE AS SPIDER-MAN to increase his total to $11,748!

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. After Miano buys the E's late, we have...

T R A D _ T _ _ N A L/L _ A _/_ E R E M _ N _/


...I don't know the second word. He buys two O's and solves TRADITIONAL LUAU CEREMONY AND FEAST for $650 and a trip to Hawaii, bringing his new total to $18,198.

Big Money Round category is Before & After. After the lady calls the L's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _ N

L _ T T L _

_ T _ L _

...I've got it. She buys the I's and the E's before calling two C's for $600. She then solves CHICKEN LITTLE ITALY for $2,350 and a $1,000 gift certificate from Target (which was shaped in a target- cool!), bringing her total to $4,350.

Miano gets PLAYING STICKBALL to go to $21,198. I would've missed it by saying PLAYING BASKETBALL. Anyway, the next category is On the Map, and we quickly get to Speed-Up Mode. Consonants are worth $1,800 a pop. After the lady buys the E's, we have...

THE/_ _ _ E R/_ E S T/S _ _ E

...I don't know. She says THE LOWER WEST Diana calls two P's, both in the second word, and he solves THE UPPER WEST SIDE for $3,600! The lady has $4,350 and Miano is our champion with $21,198!

Cars this week are a Ford Mustang Convertible and a Ford Edge. He spins the B for Bobby and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ L L _ _ _ E R

I think I know it already. Miano calls C, M, P and A and gets...

_ _ L L P _ _ E R, I have no clue. He says WILLPOWER....BULLSEYE! The W's were the key, but he didn't need them! He wins $30,000 for a final total of $51,198 in cash and prizes!

At the end of the show, footage of Pat and his daughter seeing "Wicked" in Broadway was shown!
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