Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11/20/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Greg Polite is back. $8,000 question:

In the 2007 Kentucky Derby, whar horse rallied from 19th place to win by over two lengths?

A: Curlin
B: Street Sense
C: Hard Spun
D: Circular Quay

Like yours truly, he hasn't watched this year's event, so he polls the audience. 76% said Street Sense, 14% said Curlin and the other 10% said either one of the bottom choices. He then goes with Street Sense...

A: Curlin
B: Street Sense
C: Hard Spun
D: Circular Quay

....sure enough, it's right. Next, for $16,000:

What country is home to the massive Three Gorges Dam, expected upon its completion to be the largest dam in the world?

A: India
B: Russia
C: Canada
D: China

He calls Angie, his wife's cousin, who says nothing in time. When he uses the 50:50, India and China are left. His instinct is now dead. He decides to go for it and says India...

A: India
B: Russia
C: Canada
D: China

...NO. He had some bad luck on this question, but he does leave us with $1,000 and a DVD game.

Marina Jurcev from Center Moriches, NY is next. She's a speech therapist who loves words so much, that she's called the "blonde word nerd" in her neck of the woods. She runs into trouble on this $300 question:

Michael Moore's 2007 documentary "Sicko" showcases what hot-button issue?

A: Education
B: Election reform
C: Immigration
D: Health care

96% of the audience said health care. She agrees and is right. After she gets to $1,000, here is her $2,000 question:

Appropriately, the athletic teams at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology are known as the what?

A: Sailors
B: Attorneys
C: Engineers
D: Painters

She uses the 50:50, leaving sailors and engineers. She says engineers...

A: Sailors
B: Attorneys
C: Engineers
D: Painters

...right! Next:

"Aught" is an old-fashioned word for which of these numbers?

A: 0
B: 1
C: 10
D: 12

She calls his brother, Johnathan, who says nothing. She then goes for it and says 0....

A: 0
B: 1
C: 10
D: 12

...she's still alive! $8,000 question:

What band reportedly got its name from a pessimistic prediction about how its music would "go over" with listeners?

A: Dire Straits
B: The Who
C: Grateful Dead
D: Led Zeppelin

She goes for it with her gut again and says Dire Straits...

A: Dire Straits
B: The Who
C: Grateful Dead
D: Led Zeppelin

...her luck finally runs out. It was Led Zeppelin. $1,000 and a DVD game also go home with her.

Mark Cunningham from Philadelphia will be back tomorrow to start at the $16,000 question with all of the lifelines intact.

Crosswords: Today's opening players are Matt Watkins (a chief information officer from CA) and Amy Beckstrom (a CA educator).

When the day's first XBOX 360 Crossword Extra is found, the guy leads by a Benjamin, $300-$200. He wagers $500 on this:

_ _ _ D

Clue: "You've got yourself a deal". He says SOLD....


...he's up to $800! At the end of the round, he's down to $700 while the lady's up to $550.

Today's Spoilers, now announced by Edd Hall for the most-recently taped episodes like this one, are Roger Modey (a master's student from NY), Marsha Galensky (a CA attorney) and David Wolfe (a NY psychiatrist). Let's get this round rolling.

1. (Five-letter word)- Not as strict. Galensky goes for the first spoil of the game with LAXER...yes indeed, taking her to $900.
2. (Five-letter word)- City west of Madrid, or a university in Kansas City. Nobody rings in on AVILA.
3. (Four-letter word)- One of 13 in a suit? Beckstrom says JACK at the last second...uh, there are only four of those in a deck of cards, so that's wrong. Wolfe then says CARD...that's right to steal her $550.
4. (_ _ A _)- 1985 thriller, "The ____ Season". Modey goes for his first spoil with MEAN...that's right to be the first one to break the grand mark with $1,100!
5. (_ E _ _)- Burn fast. Beckstrom tries to get back to the main row as the new leader with SEER...NO. It was SEAR.
6. (Five-letter word)- Test requiring much writing. Modey says that's an ESSAY...yup! He's got $1,300 and hits the first Extra this round. He bets a thousand on this:

_ _ _ S

Clue: They're real huggers? He...has nothing, so he's out of the lead with a new total of $300. Answer: ARMS.

8. (Five-letter word)- "Plume" preceder. Modey says that's QUILL...no. Wolfe tries to steal with NOMDE...that's right to add on to his lead with $750. The other guy drops to a hundred.
9. (Another five-letter word)- Bonds recently passed him. Wolfe says AARON at the last second to move to $950.
10. (Ten-letter word)($300)- She's marked by a red hourglass. Modey says BLACKWIDOW...he's right to quadruple his Benjamin! He then hits the other Extra of the round and wagers $1,000:

_ _ W

Clue: Something on the books. He says LAW...


...and he jumps right back to the lead with $1,400!

12. (O _ _ _)- It's between the "Moon" and "Miami". Wolfe buzzes in with OVER...right to go to $1,150.
13. (_ _ R _)- Frying medium. Wolfe goes for it again with LARD...and with $1,350, he's just fifty bucks off the lead!
14. (_ I _ _ L)- Competitor, in love. For the lead, Wolfe says RIVAL....right for $1,550!
15. (Five-letter word)- Able to walk the line? Wolfe tries to keep his good streak going with SOBER...right again for $1,750!
16. (_ _ B _ _)- A sharp bend in a river or road. Wolfe says ELBOW this time...five right answers in a row, so he's got $1,950!
17. (W _ _ _ W _ _ D)($300)- Exposed to a stiff breeze. Wolfe goes for six in a row with WINDWARD....got it to go to $2,250! That's all for Round 2.

BTW, home viewers now have a chance to win $1,000 every week! Here's today's clue:

_______ as a baby's bottom.

A: Small
B: Soft
C: Warm

Text 27677 on your Sony Ericsson cell phone with your letter choice.

Wolfe's right answer streak was snapped early on in the final round when Modey beat him to the punch on the second clue. Fourth clue of the round:

L _ _ _ _

It's certifiable, so to speak. Galensky goes for the spoil with LOONY...she's right to go to $2,650! Modey has $1,900 at this point. BTW, Beckstrom is finally back in the game at this point.

Later on in the round, Galensky's up to $3,250 while Modey has $2,300. Let's pick up the action from here.

(_ A _ _)- Topologist's specialty. Modey says LAND....NO. Galensky blanks out. Wolfe blanks out on a critical spoil opportunity. Watkins then says MAPS...NO! That gives Beckstrom a free shot...but she can't take advantage of it. Answer: MATH.
(Four-letter word)- Spatial extension. Galesnsky says AXIS...wrong again, dropping her to $2,850. Answer: AREA.
(Three-letter word)($100)- Dodge truck. Modey gets RAM to move to $2,200 and hit the game's last Crossword Extra today. He bets IT ALL! This is a five-letter answer. The clue:


He says DEVIL....


...NO! Doggone it! It was DEMON, so he's down to zero! Watkins then takes advantage of a late spoil and wins the game with $3,850.

Crossfire: If our champ completes the board, he'll leave with $8,850, an XBOX 360 and a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. He's got 16 blanks to fill in...thanks to a slow start, he fails. Maybe Wolfe should've been down here.

TPIR: Jose Rojas, Candice Nudo, Deshaun Ducree and Lois Lauphenberg are the first ones to "Come on Down" today. The first IUFB is a motorcycle.

Lois: $489 (STUPID BID; she looks absolutely lost.)
Deshaun: $545 (STUPID BID)
Candice: $600
Jose: $3,500

ARP: $3,149, so Nudo gets to play Pushover for a catameran. Board:


It's either $7,755 or $9,775. She says $3,297, which is wrong. ARP: $9,775.

Next is Ethel Austin and the second IUFB is a wine cabinet. The winner also gets $40 worth of V8 juice.

Ethel: $2,399
Jose: $1,150
Lois: $3,300
Deshaun: $2,185

ARP: $2,030, so Rojas plays 1/2 Off. The first pair of items are a massager marked at $20 and a speaker marked at $150. He says the massager is $40 and of course it is. The second pair of items are a citrus press marked at $75 and a handheld game marked at $25. This could be a little tough. He says the juicer is $150, which is right! Finally, we have a speaker phone kit marked at $130 and a toaster oven marked at $25. He says the oven is $50...you bet! He's won all of the items and $1,500. Either box #4 or box #15 has $10,000. He says it's in #4...no.

Next, we have Debra Sayer and the third IUFB is baseball equipment. The winner also gets $40 worth of gel insoles.

Debra: $451
Lois: $1,000
Deshaun: $650
Ethel: $800

ARP: $1,020, so "Lost Lois" will play Temptation for a Jeep Wrangler. The first number in the price is 1. The first gift is an exercise bike, and its price is $799. She says the second number is 7. The second gift is power tools marked at $676, and she picks the 6 as the middle digit. The third gift is dinnerware marked at $771, and she picks the 1 as the fourth number. The last gift is $5,000 in cash! She picks the 0 as the last number in the price of the Jeep. She then decides to change the second number to 9. I hope she takes the gifts, considering her actions on the show so far...

...she does! ARP of the Jeep: $19,675.

SSD1: Nudo spins 55...and 20 for 75 cents. The only male player this half spins 30...and a dollar a spin too late. Lost Lois spins 15...and 20, so Nudo goes to the Showcase.

The next player is Jonathan Wapner and the fourth IUFB is a dining set. The winner also gets $40 worth of Hot Pockets.

Jonathan: $835
Deshaun: $850
Ethel: $1,000
Debra: $1,200

ARP: $2,500, giving Sayer the right to go for trips to Antigua and Amsterdam in One Right Price! The One Right Price today is $7,422, and she says that's the price for Antigua...YES! Amsterdam's ARP was $8,696! She wins big time here!

The next one to leave the mob is June Alexander-Harris and the next IUFB is a laptop computer.

June: $1,795
Jonathan: $650
Deshaun: $2,000
Ethel: $1,299

ARP: $1,517, meaning Austin will play That's Too Much for a Dodge Dakota. The first price is $14,699. Second is $16,890. Third is $19,120. Fourth is $21,590, and she says the magic words...or does she? She goes on to the fifth price of $22,444. The sixth price is $25,191, and she finally says THAT'S TOO MUCH!!!...but she went too far. Adding insult to injury, had she stopped where she wanted to stop originally, she would've won! Darn! ARP: $20,860.

The final player is Joseph Wadworth and the final IUFB is four bars of gold.

Joseph: $2,500
June: $2,700
Jonathan: $1,500
Deshaun: BUCK

ARP: $3,060, so Alexander-Harris will play Pick a Pair for a TV and a stereo system, all worth $4,198. The items available are cough drops, cat food, Mylanta, Dole peaches, pain creme and ACT mouthwash. She picks the mouthwash first, which is $5.49. She then picks the cat food...$3.99. She decides to go for the other $3.99 item, and she says it's the Mylanta...NO WAY. It was the other $5.49 item. The other $3.99 item was the creme. But she does get to the Showcase.

The first Showcase shows what it's like to be a flower. First, one fears that she'll get run over by a gardener while operating a new lawn mower. Second, since most flowers go in the dark by winter time, they're put inside a new greenhouse. Finally, since flowers can be given as a gift sometimes, they are usually given by people as soon as they get out of a new 2008 Chrysler 300 LX (Std., Paint, Pedals)! Nudo bids $33,500, which is a WILLY. For Alexander-Harris, we have a living room , a karoke system and a Wurlitzer jukebox. She bids $11,000 and wins!

Nudo's ARP was $28,157. The other ARP was $14,884, giving her a grand total of $17,944 in prizes! She's the lowest-winning Showcase winner this season, but I doubt she'll care about that.

Believe it or not, even with no cars being won today, she's not the day's top winner. That would be Sayer, who won $18,658 in prizes, including those two big trips.

Family Feud: In our opening game today, the Riturbans play their third game against the Angiulis. The challengers are led by Willie (who is a master seargeant from the U.S. Marine Corps), and his partners are Catherine, Nicole, Tracy and Angela.

The champs sweep the first question on places where you might see somebody take off all of their clothes for 91 points. The challengers then take a one-point lead with 92 on things that make restaurants lively.

Double: Rock bands that start with "The". Starting with:

5. Doors (5, JP)

The champs play. Agnes starts off with Beatles...NUMBER ONE (31)! Jaclyn says KISS (?!?!!?!?)....UH, NO. James then says The Who...#3 (16)! Jomel is next with The Killers...never heard of them, and it's not there. Back to JP, who then says Sex Pistols...three strikes. Willie tries to add on to his team's lead with Rolling Stones, which is #2 (21) to take them to 196! #4 was The Band (5).

Triple: Name something you've ruined by spilling food on it. Agnes says clothes...NUMBER ONE (73), so the champs will play! Jaclyn then says carpet...#2 (11)! James is next with furniture...no. Jamel then tries bed sheets...strike two, as that's too similar to furniture. JP says car...three strikes in a row. The challengers must miss this steal in order for the champs to force Sudden Death. Willie says computer keyboard...that's #3 (4) for the game at 448! The bottom answer was papers (4).

Fast Money: Willie and Angela will get their first shot at winning $20,000 for this family.

1. Name a feature you would hate to see missing from a new car that you just bought.
2. Something that may be orange flavored.
3. Name a part of your body that works the hardest.
4. Name a big moment in your kid's life.
5. Name a place where you expect people to be nice to you.

My guesses:
1. Air conditioning
2. Candy (My second guess was juice.)
3. Hands
4. Birth (My second guess was graduation.)
5. Restaurant (My second guess was work.)

Angela says radio, juice at the buzzer, legs, birthday and a family event for 79. Willie says wheels, soda, heart, and restaurant for...171 and $855. The top answer for the last question was church, which was hard.

In Game #2, the Hapurachys also play their third game against the Morrisons (John not included). The challengers are led by Mike, and his partners are Lisa, Amy, Krista and Michael.

The Morrisons score 77 points on things people get caught in. They add another 84 on a last-minute steal on things 100 men would do if their dinner dates were talking on their cell phones instead of them.

Double: Something you have to give up if you lose your job. Starting with:

3. House (9, Sharonne)
4. Car (9, Amy)

Since Sharonne had the first answer, the Morrisons will play. Krista starts off with a paycheck...NO! Michael says free time...NO. Mike then says boat...three strikes in a row, so only 36 points are at stake this round. For the steal, Shane says eating out...that's #1 (23) for the points! Not said:

2. Shopping (10)
5. Travel/vacation (8)
6. Cable TV (7)

Triple: Name something supermodels don't do as much as ordinary people. Krista's in first with eating...NUMBER ONE (75), so the Morrisons play! Michael says going out...no. Mike then says gardening...no. They might be playing some strategy here, because if there's a miss by Lisa next, they'll have a safety net. She says sleeping...they've got their safety net, because it's not there. To force Sudden Death, Shane says having children...NO, so the Morrisons win right now at 386! Unsaid answers:

2. Work (7)
3. Housework/laundry (5)
4. Their own makeup (2)

Fast Money: For their first shot at the $20,000, they send out Krista and Amy.

1. When it comes to work, name a fashion don't for women.
2. Name something a person is said to have no sense of.
3. Name an age when a girl is old enough to be a babysitter
4. Name an occupation that will always be a demand.
5. Name something you might pop.

My guesses:
1. Don't show cleavage
2. Knowledge
3. 15 (My second guess was 16.)
4. Firefighter (Police was my second guess.)
5. Zits/pimples (My second guess was balloons.)

Krista says jacket, common, 16, police and balloon for 70. Amy says plaid, direction, 14, teaching and gum for $665. I thought most of the questions were tough. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. Miniskirt
4. Nursing

That's The Question: This was last Wednesday's episode. I will do tonight's episode later tonight, assuming it's new.

Anyway, the players on this episode were Ellen Diner from N.J. (who was born in Russia) and Aaron Stewart from Vegas (who is the music pastor at the Central Christian Church down there). Opening board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _?


After the lady knew about President Taft, the board now read...

_ A T A _ A _ T S/A _ _ _ _ T/W _ A T/

_ _ _ Y/_ A _ T?


...and the man led, 6-2.

(ULDERCIAYPNP)- Like all girls, what singer "just wanna have fun"? He blanked out- it was Cyndi Lauper. A P went on the board.
(MOEOUSEOFCTNH)- In 1979, AT&T adopted the slogan, "Reach out and _______". She got "...touch someone" for two F's and points, doubling her score to 4.
(IDGNDWDE)- In Jewish tradition, a wine glass is broken underfoot at the end of what ceremony? He said WEDDING for a D and went to 7.
(IIEPHINBOGSRL)- This year, Jerry Springer replaced what TV veteran as the host of "America's Got Talent"? She blanked out- it was Regis Philbin. Darn. One O went on the board.
(ORCOBOUERISCNNS)- In a Daniel Dafoe novel, what shipwrecked sailor lived on an island with a man named Friday? He said Tom Robinson at the buzzer, which was wrong. It was Robinson Crusoe. He blew a possible eight points here, since three C's went into the question and he could've very well solved the puzzle at this point.
(ABOLRDIF)- The orange blossom is the state flower for what U.S. state? She got FLORIDA to put a B on the board and go to 5. She then tried to double that with the puzzle...



...and she did! Next:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Steven Spielberg

Later on, the board read...

A _ T _ E _ _/_ A T E/_ A _ _ _ A W/_ _/

_ A _ _ _ E _/T _/W _ A T/_ _ _ E _ T _ _?

ANSWER: Steven Spielberg

...I had an idea, but I had NO IDEA who the wife was. The lady led, 18-16.

(ZGIYZRLR)- If you photograph a Kodiak with your Kodak, you're taking a picture of a sub-species of what type of bear? The man said GRIZZLY, which was right for five R's and points, giving him the lead back at 21.
(SOKHCOMTKL)- All the Nobel Prizes but one were given out annually in what Swedish city? The woman said Stockholm for a K and went to 19.
(UNYDEISSA)- Who played Grace Van Owen on "L.A. Law"? He didn't know it was Susan Dey. Three I's went on the board.
(DNWSPWLOO)- What vehicle is used to clear the roads after a blizzard? She got SNOWPLOW no sweat to tie the game at 21 apiece and put two D's on the board.
(TAKTTSENES)- A tragedy at what university was the subject of the 1970 song "Ohio" by Neil Young? He couldn't come up with Kent State, missing out on a possible nine points, as four S's went on the board.
(EUCEGQESE)- What T-shaped tool is used to remove water from a windshield? She got SQUEEGEE for three C's and points, and tried to solve...



ANSWER: Steven Spielberg

...she got it to move to 29! Final board of the round:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _?


A little later, this is what the board read...

W _ A _/C A _ _ _ A L/_ A S/_ _ E/

R E _ O W _ E _/S _ A _ _ S _/S _ E _ S?


...I didn't know it now, but I bet you had it by now. The man led 33-31 in what was a tight game so far.

(RILTASBILD)- What sport allowed Minnesota Fats to fill its pockets with cash? He said BASKETBALL at the buzzer, but it was BILLIARDS, costing him a possible nine points, as four T's went on the board.
(PRUSSIA)- In the early 20th century, the Bolsheviks were members of a political party in what country? She got Russia for three P's and took the lead by a single point. I've never seen such a scramble on the show before!
(NTYPAR)- What did the Beastie Boys say "You gotta fight for your right" to do? He said PARTY for three N's and points, taking him to 36.
(RIRDABRRDKMCNE)- In 1976, what credit card changed its name to VISA? She couldn't get it- it was BankAmericard. A D went on the board.
(HAOT0SS'7WHIT)- What long running FOX sitcom was set in the decade of eight tracks and Farrah Fawcett posters? He got "That's 70s Show" for a pair of I's and points, taking him to 38. The next mini-question is the last one for this round.
(CGHOARNEHA)- The Iditarod race begins each year in what most populous city in Alaska? She couldn't get Anchorage, so she missed out on taking a 43-38 lead after the round. The question was WHAT CAPITAL HAS THE RENOWNED SPANISH STEPS?

Opening board for Round 2:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _' _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _

After the lady got the first six mini-questions right to jump to a 74-38 lead, we now have...

_ _ A _/_ I A _ _/_ _ _ _/IS/S A _ N _ _' S

L A _ _ E S _ /S A _ E L L I _ E?

ANSWER: _ I _ A _

...I don't know.

(AXIVOSEWILF)- In 2002, President Bush used what three-word phrase to describe, Iraq, Iran and Noth Korea? She quickly got Axis of Evil for a W and another two points.
(RETRYTR)- Greek for "windpipe", what vessel of the body was named by ancients who thought it carried air? She said TRACHEA....NO, because there were no A's on the board. It was ARTERY, so she missed out on twelve more points. Six T's went into the question and two went into the answer.
(MWARHNLA)- What whale is distinctive for the long tusk projecting from its head? He couldn't say NARWHAL. An M went into the question.
(YERCARRIJM)- While filming "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls", who demanded an on-set personal chef for his pet iguana? The woman got Jim Carrey for two R's and four points, bringing her to 80.
(NGNALEON)- In the 19th century, what western country defeated China in the first Opium War? She said Mongolia...NO, because no M was in the shuffle. It was England, so she missed out on six points that time (and maybe 16), because three N's went into the question. An N also went into the answer, so we now know the answer to the main question was Titan.
(VHSEHIC)- Often served with a baked potato with sour cream, what are the smallest members of the onion family? He got CHIVES for an H and went to 40.
(RCOCOES)- Mia Hamm twice led her American team to Olympic gold medals in what sport? He got SOCCER for two O's and four more points, and he tried to solve the puzzle...



....he got it to go to 54. The last board was completed in Speed-Up Mode. When the time's up signal went off, we had...

_ H _/_ S/_ H E/_ _ E _ E N _ E _ S'/L E A _/

S _ N _ E _?

ANSWER: _ H _ _ S S _ E/H _ N _ E

...with 110 seconds already in the endgame, the lady tried for ten more....



...she was right to get two minutes to work with in the endgame!

For $5,000, here's what she had to work with after the time went out...


ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

...the question was virtually established, but could she get the answer?....



...she did for the $5,000!

WOF: Tonight's players are Monica Esposito from Howard Beach, NY (who has been a member of the NYPD for 7.5 years), John Shotzel from Middle Village, NY (who has been a firefighter for 12 years) and Anthony Pizzaro from NY (who is a corrections officer that's about to retire).

The lady gets THANKS A MILLION for a grand, while Shotzel says COFFEE SHOP for two large.

Round 1 category is In the Kitchen, and out on the wheel now is a trip to Laguna Beach, CA to see the Festival of the Arts, worth $6,450. After Pizzaro buys the I's, we have...

_ _ R _ I N _/_ N I _ E/&

S E R _ I N _/_ _ R _

...I think I know it, but I'm not sure. He calls two V's for a thousand and buys the O. After two F's for $1,100, he solves CARVING KNIFE & SERVING FORK for $5,850.

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. After the winner of the last round calls three L's for $10,500, we have...

_ L _-_ A S _ _ _ _ E _

S _ A _ _ E T T _/A _ _

_ E A T _ A L L S

...I have an idea on where the bonus trip is to. He then calls the M for the Wild Card and the B to have about $20,000 at stake this round, because this is a Prize Puzzle Round. He has 15 grand in the bank so far this round. After buying the I's and calling the N's for $600 more, he calls the G for another $600. Next, he buys the pair of O's. He then solves OLD-FASHIONED SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS for $15,700 and a trip to Italy, bringing his total to $27,050!

Big Money Round category is Before & After. When we get back to our leader, we have...

_ A _ _ S _ N

S _ _ A R _

_ A R _ _ N

_ _ S _

...I've got it, but he hits Bankrupt, losing the Wild Card. The lady buys the I and the O's. After that, she calls a $600 M and then hits a Mystery Wedge. She calls two D's and decides not to flip it (but that had the $10,000). After buying the E's, she calls the Q for the California trip and buys the U. After calling the G for another $600, she solves MADISON SQUARE GARDEN HOSE for $4,500 and the trip, making her new total $11,950!

Pizzaro then gets AFTERNOON NAP to go to $30,050. Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing, and consonants are worth $6,000 apiece! If Pizzaro really gets lucky this round, he could set a new maingame record right here tonight. After the lady calls the S's, we have...

_ _ S H _ N G

T H _

_ _ S H _ S

...I know it...but she doesn't. Shotzel calls the W and steals WASHING THE DISHES to finish up with $14,000! The lady has $11,950 in cash and trip and Pizzaro is our champ with $30,050!

He spins the W and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ _ S T- _ _ _ _

Pizzaro calls B, C, M and A and gets...

_ A _ S T- _ _ _ _

...both of us were stumped. It was WAIST-HIGH...and he made a bad deal, because $45,000 was at stake. But he still leaves with $30,050 in cash and prizes.

That's the Question: Now, for the new episode. Tonight's players are Lorraine Como from L.A. (who is a realtor and has been in two marathons) and Michael Lipshay from Atlanta (who just got married a week before this episode was taped). Opening board for Round 1:

_ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Africa

After the man knows about "The Cat In the Hat", we now have...

_ N/W _ _ _/C _ N _ I N E N _/IS/

S I E _ _ _/_ E _ N E?

ANSWER: Africa

...and he leads, 9-7. I don't know the last two words at this point.

(OTEJNIK)- Cheaper than using lasers, what kind of printer sprays tiny drops of liquid pigments onto paper? She gets INKJET for three O's and points, giving her a one-point lead at 10.
(MOTACHAS)- At the Pyloric Sphincter, food from what digestive organ enters the small intestine? He answers correctly with STOMACH to take the one-point lead at 11, and two A's go on the board.
(MOEARRYRMTRYELO)- Who can turn the world on with her smile? That's the question in the opening of what 1970s sitcom? She gets "Mary Tyler Moore" for two R's and points and 12 total. She then tries to solve...


ANSWER: Africa

...she gets it for a slightly bigger lead at 17. Next board:

_ _ _/_ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _/

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _"?

ANSWER: Anne Curry

Later on, the board reads...

_ H _/I _/T H _/H _ _ T/_ F/

"D _ T _ _ I _ _/_ _ _"?

ANSWER: Anne Curry

...I know this. The lady leads, 20-18.

(IRLAENSEHLR)- Clive Barker wrote and directed what horror film that featured Pinhead, a spikey-headed demon? She gets "Hellraiser" for two N's and moves to double 2's.
(ROHPT)- What American hip-hop slang term sounds like overweight, but simply means fabulous? He gets PHAT for three O's and points, going back to a one-point deficit.
(ORHWMC)- Satisfying two cravings at once, what flavor is a combination of chocolate and coffee? She gets MOCHA for the W and a new total of 23.
(IISLGNKETWRA)- What sport involves balancing on two skinny boards while being dragged across a lake by a speedboat? He gets WATERSKIING for the L and hits double 2 as well. He then tries to solve the question for the lead...


ANSWER: Anne Curry

...he blows the last part, which proved to be the tricky one.

(RGPRATOBNEHSE)- What professional typist transcribes courtroom proceedings? She gets STENOGRAPHER for the B and now has a two-point lead. Can she solve it now?....


ANSWER: Anne Curry

...yes, taking her to 29! Final board of the opening round:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: Bleach

Somebody could clean up with this board. Later on, we have...

_ _ A _/C L E A _ S E R/C R E A _ E S/

C _ L O R _ _ E/GAS/_ _ E _/_ _/

MERGES/_ _ _ _/A M M O _ _ A?

ANSWER: Bleach

...I think I know it now. The lady still leads, 40-32.

(GIIRSOGILNWD)- Known for their activism, what female folk-rock duo was named for a purplish shade of blue? She blanked out- answer was Indigo Girls. Three W's go on the board.
(UNNNCSAERI)- The London Fire of 1666 spurred the growth of what type of company that covers people's assets? He can't get INSURANCE, so he misses out on a possible nine points, as four important N's go on the board.
(ORNIEHD)- Ads for what headache medication are so bad that the newer commericals make fun of the older ones? She gets Head On for four I's and goes to 44, and tries to solve...


ANSWER: Bleach

...she gets the solve right to end the round with 49!

First board of Round 2:

_ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _/_/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After the man gets the first five or six mini-questions, but misses the next one, we have...

_ _ A T/IS/T _ E/_ R E _ _ _/_ O R D/_ O R/A/

_ A R D R O _ E/_ _ E S T?


...I don't know the fourth word. He leads, 68-49, but the lady is now in control.

(EBFTL)- The tips of magic markers are made from what fabric? She gets FELT for a B and goes to 51.
(RNSMNLEIWRE)- "How Do I Live" was recorded by what country singer, who had her first hit at the age of 13? She gets LeAnn Rimes for three W's and six more points, so she has 57.
(YHWGEMASNIETNRCE)- What American author, nicknamed "Papa", wrote over two dozen intimate letters to actress Marlena Dedrick? She gets Ernest Hemingway for two C's and goes to 61.
(IMHLNOOSE)- What slang word for a dollar is possibly a combination of the names Simon and Napoleon? Both of us were stumped- it was SIMOLEON, so she misses out on a possible 18 points. Four H's go into the question.
(EKASEWFNKTLI)- The Acidic Anne Robinson said goodbye to many struggling contestants on what TV game show? He gets "Weakest Link" for two F's and goes to 72, and it's time to solve...



...he gets the puzzle right to go to 82! But this game ain't over yet. Here's another board:

_ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _?

ANSWER: _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _

After the lady misses the first mini-question of the board, the man heats up, and after getting Tijuana on a later mini-question, the board now reads...

_ H A _/_ R _ _ I _ _ N _/_ A _/_ O R N/IN/

G _ O R G I A?

ANSWER: _ I _ _ _ _/_ A R _ _ R

...he goes for another puzzle solve...



...he's right again to go to 122, and he'll take that to the $5,000 round!

After the famous words of Chuck Woolery expire ("two minutes, two seconds"), here's his $5,000 board:


ANSWER: _ _ _ _

Can he close it out?....



...he does for the money!
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