Monday, November 26, 2007

11/26/2007 Results

TPIR: Robert O' Damah, Sherri Johnson, Gonzalo Gonzalez and Raymond Diero start off Contestant's Row today. Opening the IUFBs is a pool table.

Raymond: $3,100
Gonzalo: $1,200
Sherri: $785
Robert: $1,201

ARP: $2,800, so O' Damah from the University of Florida is walking the Golden Road! At stake is a tea set, a set of guitars for girls and, worth more than $98,000, a Winnebago Sightseer Motorhome (Std., Seats, Monitor, TV, Shades, Interior)!!! We start off with a 92 cent price for the snack sticks. Here's the setup for the tea set...

$ _ 5 0

...he chooses the 9 and of course is right! Now, for the guitars...

$ 1, _ 7 6

...I'm not sure, but I think the 5 is the middle digit. He agrees with me....

$ 1, 5 7 6

...NO! He should've chosen the 9 again, because the ARP was $1,976! Those guitars costed more than I thought!

The next player is Geraldine Sprouse and the second IUFB is a wine cooler. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Clorox wipes.

Geraldine: $490
Raymond: $850
Gonzalo: $900
Sherri: $1,200

ARP: $999, so Gonzalez will play Danger Price for a home theater system, luggage, a baby's crib and power tools. The Danger Price this time is $1,597. His first pick is the luggage, which is $820. The second pick is the tools, which are $1,140. He finally picks the speakers....sorry. The crib was $2,049.

Next is Patricia Kelly and the third IUFB is camera equipment.

Patricia: $1,200
Sherri: $800
Geraldine: $500
Raymond: $950

ARP: $1,500, giving Kelly the chance to play Magic Number for a sofa and a mini sailboat. She sets her number at $1,516. The boat is $3,195, and the sofa's ARP...$1,801.

The Golden Road player gets to the Showcase.

Next is Victor Mercado and the next IUFB is a BBQ. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Oreos.

Victor: $1,600
Sherri: $2,500
Geraldine: $750
Raymond: $1,800

ARP: $1,199, meaning Sprouse plays Double Prices for a trip to Vegas, and Wayne Newton shows up! How about that! It's either $1,921 or $2,500. She says $1,921....NO FREAKIN' WAY.

Next is Britney Castillo and the next IUFB is a home gym.

Britney: $2,200
Raymond: $1,500
Victor: $2,600
Sherri: $1,300

All are over.

Britney: $1,100
Raymond: $999
Victor: $550
Sherri: $1,000

ARP: $878, giving Mercado the chance to play Any Number for ski equipment or a Ford Ranger (Std., AC, Stereo, Tilt/Cruise). The car plug given on the show was incorrect. Anyway, the first number in the price of the truck is 1. His first pick is 8...middle number of the skiing stuff
($ _ 8 _). Second pick is 7...last number of the skiing stuff ($ _ 8 7). Third pick is 5...last number of the truck ($ 1 _, _ _ 5). Fourth pick is 6...that's the second number of the truck
($ 1 6, _ _ 5). Fifth selection is 4....fourth number of the truck
($ 1 6, _ 4 5)! His sixth pick is 9, and I groaned...because that completes the skiing price ($ 9 8 7). The truck was $16,245 and the piggy bank had $3.01 in it today.

The last player is Carla Lees and the final IUFB is a ceiling fan light.

Carla: $439
Sherri: $495
Britney: $550
Raymond: $400

ARP: $2,080, giving Castillo the chance to break today's drought by playing Now or Then for a trip to Bangkok worth $7,600. Then today is September 1996. The products today are Cascade, Capri Sun, tweezers, Oxi Clean, sleeping aid and NutraMist. Her first pick is the drinks, marked at $2.29, and she says THEN...NO WAY. Second pick is the tweezers, marked at $9.99, and she says THEN...but that's NOW. Third pick is the Cascade, marked at $3.09, and she says NOW...THEN. She must get the remaining products right or we will have been skunked. First up is the spray, marked at $7.99, and she says NOW...right. Second is the snoring aid, marked at $1.99, and she says THEN....NO, so for the first time in the Drew Carey era, we have a WINLESS SHOW. Too bad.

The other car game player gets to the Showcase.

The first Showcase features Desdemonia the Delusional Decorator. First, she says instead of having a sofa in your house, have a new raft. Second, according to her, dump all of your artwork for a new motorcycle. Finally, she makes sure that some people make tire tracks all over your house's floor by having somebody driving into your house a new Pontiac Grand Prix (Std., Stereo). The Florida student PASSES this to Mercado, who bids $28,000. For the student, we have Sherri's Berries, a dining room and a spa, and he bids 17 grand.

ARP for the student: $16,910, so he's over. Don't tell me the dubious history from a February 2006 show is going to happen here. ARP for Mercado........

....$28,243, meaning not only has he stopped today's skid, he is a DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER!!!! He takes home $47,018!

WWTBAM: Sandra Bates resumes her game. BTW, she has an identical twin sister! After getting to a thousand, here's her $2,000 question:

What classic rock song's first line urges you to "get your motor runnin', head out on the highway"?

A: "Purple Haze"
B: "My Generation"
C: "Light My Fire"
D: "Born to be Wild"

She asks the audience, and 96% said "Born to be Wild". She agrees and is right. Next, for $4,000:

Kiddingly referred to as the only food that is "made" backwards, Edam is a type of what?

A: Fruit
B: Pasta
C: Cheese
D: Vegetable

She says cheese right away...

A: Fruit
B: Pasta
C: Cheese
D: Vegetable

...right! $8,000 question:

A mixture consisting of 70% isopropanol and 30% water is commonly sold in pharmacies under what generic name?

A: Hairspray
B: Rubbing alcohol
C: Contact lens solution
D: Mouthwash

The 50:50 leaves the top two. This is not too much help to her, so she calls Susan, who says nothing. She then goes for it with hairspray...

A: Hairspray
B: Rubbing alcohol
C: Contact lens solution
D: Mouthwash

....NO, so she leaves with a grand and a DVD game.

Next is Tom Mathias from Nashville. For $2,000:

By definition, sage is a grayish shade of what color?

A: Orange
B: Red
C: Yellow
D: Green

94% of the audience said green. He agrees and is right. Three questions later, for $16,000:

Each year on May 2nd, what world-famous museum is open free to the public for the "Fiesta Oficial de la Comunidad de Madrid"?

A: Louvre
B: Hermitage
C: Prado
D: Uffizi

He's pretty sure it's Prado....

A: Louvre
B: Hermitage
C: Prado
D: Uffizi

...right! For $25,000:

On the front cover of The Beatles album "Let it Be", who is the only Beatle without a moustache?

A: Paul McCartney
B: John Lennon
C: George Harrison
D: Ringo Starr

He decides to phone Mike, who's pretty sure it's Lennon. BTW, this is the last question today. If he gets it right, he'll go for the big money tomorrow. He locks in Lennon, with the 50:50 still not being used yet...

A: Paul McCartney
B: John Lennon
C: George Harrison
D: Ringo Starr

...he's coming back tomorrow, knowing he can't leave with less than $25,000!

Family Feud: Back for their second time is the Laugherty family, and they're facing the Krauses today. The challengers are led by Michelle, and she's with Alana, Julie, Lee and Jeff.

Opening question: Things butlers do. Starting with:

1. Open door/announce (48, Michelle)
4. Clean (5, Greg)

The Krause clan will play. Alana starts things off with answering the phone...NO. Julie says lay out the clothes...#3 (9)! Lee is next with serving food...#2 (31)! Next is Jeff with a guess of turning down the We then go back to Michelle, who says driving people around...three strikes. For the steal, Greg says taking out the, so the challengers get the game's first 93 points. Not said:

5. Take coats/hats (2)
6. Run errands (2)

Second question: Name a question a wife asks her husband that he pretends not to hear. Starting with:

3. "Where have you been?" (7, James)
7. "Where's the money?" (3, Alana)

The champs will start off this time. Kristy's answer is "Can you take out the trash?"...that's #2 (25)! Jackie then answers doing the dishes...counting as "Can you help clean the house?", that's #5 (5)! John then says "Can you turn the TV down?" Greg's next guess is "Stop hangng out with your friends"....NO WAY. James is back with "Can you turn the TV off?"...three strikes for them. To give her team a bigger lead, Michelle's answer is "Can you come here?", so the champs get 40 points. Unsaid answers, including the top answer:

1. "How (fat) do I look?" (32)
4. "Do you love me?" (6)
6. "Jewelry/diamond?" (3)

Double: When they're accused of wrongdoing, name something politicans do. Starting with:

1. Deny it (68, Julie)

The Krauses play. Lee says write a book about Jeff's next answer is seeking the words of Amy Winehouse, Michelle then tries to break the slump with saying it's something else...also known as spinning the story, that's #4 (6)! Alana then goes with them saying there's nothing wrong with it....STRIKEOUT. To give the champs the lead, Greg says resign...that's #3 with apologizing (7) to take them to 188! Rest of the board:

2. Blame others (11)
5. Bribe somebody (4)

Triple: Activities where your fingers might get tired. Jackie rings in first with typing...NUMBER ONE (67), so the champs start this crucial round! John then goes with knitting...#3 (6)! Greg's next guess is playing the piano...#2 (14)! James then says the bottom answer is writing...but it's not. Kristy then takes a stab at it with sewing...NO WAY. Jackie then gets the last shot with thumb wrestling....STRIKEOUT. This steal is for the game. Michelle says the dreaded #4 answer is playing video games. The rock bottom answer is...playing video games (5), so we have new champs at 354!

Fast Money: Jeff and Lee take on the big board for $20,000.

1. According to 100 single guys, name the longest time you've gone witout cleaning the toilet.
2. Name something expensive sold by the pound.
3. Name something a lot of people start but don't finish.
4. Name the most popular cereal.
5. A place with a lot of mirrors.

My guesses:
1. A week
2. Meat (Fruit was my second guess)
3. Homework (Work was my second guess)
4. Frosted Flakes
5. Fun house

Jeff says two months, ground beef (counts as meat), kid projects, Cheerios and a dressing room for 83. Lee says a year, gold, school, Lucky Charms and bathroom for 131 and $655. Unsaid #1 answers:

1. A week
3. A book
5. Fun house

WOF: It's "Holiday Movie Magic" week! Last season during this week, the $100,000 was won for the first time that season. Will history repeat itself this week? Let's find out.

Tonight's players are Ann Rombo (in the blue) from Boston, NY (who wants to be a stand-up comic), Jacob Almero from L.A. (originally from Michigan; he's a chemical engineer) and Jaime Staggs from Scotsdale, AZ (who is a marketer for a local grocery chain).

The future comic gets BOX OFFICE HITS for $1,000, while the only male player tonight gets PRINCE CHARMING for $2,000.

Round 1 category is People (not the magazine category) and out on the wheel now is a trip to London worth $5,500 (inspired by the movie "The Golden Compass"). The expanded $2,500 wedge is not available this week. Early on, Staggs calls an N for the Free Spin and $300. After she calls the L's, we have...

L _ A D _ _ S/AND/_ _ L L _ _ _ _ S

...she then buys the I, but that's a dud, so she uses her Free Spin. After she then calls two R's for $600, we now have...

L _ A D _ R S/AND/_ _ L L _ _ _ R S

...I know this. After buying the E's, she solves LEADERS AND FOLLOWERS to get on the board with $4,750.

(Flashback moment from 2002: A misprinted image of Pat Sajak's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is shown at the end of an episode.)

Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. At the start, the winner of the last round picks up the 25 wedge prize- 25 months of movie rentals from Blockbuster and a DVD player, worth $1,000. After she buys the E's later, we have...

E _ _ L _ R I N G/AN/E _ _ I T I N G/N E _/

_ I T _

...I don't have a clue. She calls two C's for $1,200 and says EXPLORING AN EXCITING NEW CITY...she's going to be doing just that soon, as she just won a trip to Buenos Aires! She also wins $4,900 and the Blockbuster prize, for a new total of $17,150!

Big Money Round category is Same Name. Staggs calls some N's while on the Big Money Wedge early on for $5,000! She then calls the S's next for the Wild Card. After the man buys the A's, we have...

_ A M E S/&

S A _ _ N _ S

_ _ N D

...I've got it. He calls a $700 J and a $600 B, and then solves JAMES & SAVINGS BOND for $2,250 and $4,250 total.

Staggs then solves CARLSBAD CAVERNS to go to $20,150. Next category is Phrase. Sadly, she loses her Wild Card to a Bankrupt early on. Soon into the round, we go to Speed-Up Mode with consonants being worth $1,600 a pop. After she calls the N, we have...

_ T/_ _ _ _ S/_/_ _ T/_ _/S _ N S _

...I know it now, but she doesn't. The other lady calls the L but can't solve either. The man calls the M and solves IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE to finish with $6,750. Rombo leaves with $1,000 while Staggs is off to Bonusland with $20,150!

Cars this week are a Jeep and a BMW Z4 Convertible. She spins the O in BONUS and the category is Place. Starting with:

_ _ N _

_ _ _ L T

I know it already. Staggs calls G, H, C and A and gets...

_ A N _

_ A _ L T it enough to solve BANK VAULT...YES, with a second left! And she'll be taking $35,000 from this show's bank vault, for a total of $55,150 in cash and prizes!

At the end of the show, clips from the 25th Anniversary Party held in, I do believe, NYC, were shown.
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