Tuesday, November 27, 2007

11/27/2007 Results

WWTBAM: Tom Mathias is back with us to shoot for $50,000....maybe more. BTW, he loves to drink beer. After throwing away a government question, here is his $50,000 question:

What is the only Asian country in the world with a dragon on its national flag?

A: Malaysia
B: Bangladesh
C: Bhutan
D: Nepal

My gut was Malaysia. The 50:50 leaves the bottom two. He says Nepal....

A: Malaysia
B: Bangladesh
C: Bhutan
D: Nepal

...no more money for him today. He leaves with yesterday's $25,000.

Shannon Thomas from Manhattan Beach, CA is next. When she got the call to be on this show, she broke out in hives on her hands! She also fears 50:50 situations, as she usually picks the wrong choice in other places. $16,000 question:

Thanks to a controversial 2007 decision by George W. Bush, Lewis "Scooter" Libby avoided doing time for which of these countries?

A: Bribery
B: Obstruction of justice
C: Treason
D: Tax evasion

It's one of the middle choices. She goes with OOJ....

A: Bribery
B: Obstruction of justice
C: Treason
D: Tax evasion

...got it! She still has all of her lifelines as we face this $25,000 question:

Bearnaise, a classic French sauce often served over steak, is traditionally flavored with which of these herbs?

A: Coriander
B: Rosemary
C: Sage
D: Tarragon

I think it's either rosemary or sage. She then polls the audience. 57% said tarragon, 33% said my gut of rosemary, 6% said coriander and 4% said sage. After using the 50:50, sage and tarragon are left. She then risks it by going with the audience on tarragon...

A: Coriander
B: Rosemary
C: Sage
D: Tarragon

...she now has $25,000! For $50,000, after switching....

Wanted chess legend Bobby Fischer avoided deportation to the U.S. in 2005 when he was granted citizenship by what country?

A: Iceland
B: Turkey
C: Singapore
D: Serbia

She decides to call her boss, Kirk, who says nothing in time. She then says Singapore...

A: Iceland
B: Turkey
C: Singapore
D: Serbia

...game over, so she also can't add on to her $25,000. Answer: Iceland. She might have gotten it if she had saved her 50:50.

John Sharpe from West New York, NJ will be back tomorrow to start at $2,000.

TPIR: Today's opening players are Sonia Fisher, Octavio Ortega, Cynthia Hamilton and Eric Tapia. The first IUFB is a big screen plasma TV.

Eric: $1,800
Cynthia: $2,900
Octavio: $2,200
Sonia: BUCK

ARP: $2,698, giving double O the chance to play Lucky Seven for a Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., ALB/Traction, WLocks)! First number is 2. His second number choice is 7, but it's 5, so there goes two bucks. His middle number pick is 8...it's actually 6, so he loses another $2. Fourth number pick is 5...it's 4, so he's down to $2. If his last number pick is 4, 5 or 6, he wins....

...but he says 3, so he's flat broke. Too bad. ARP: $25,645. He played this very well, I will admit, but he was just too smart for his own good this day. This was one of the earlier-taped episodes, where most games were easy back then. If it had been a later-taped episode, he might have won.

Next player is Donna Armstrong and the second IUFB is a pool table.

Donna: $1,200
Sonia: $1,070
Eric: $850
Cynthia: BUCK

ARP: $1,300, so Armstong will play Clock Game for $1,000, a karoke machine and a sofa. The price of the machine is $739. She says $1,100...$900...$800...$700...$750...and ones down from there to get the right price. She has 16 seconds left to get the ARP of the sofa, which is $963. She says $1,500...$1,400...$1,300...$1,200...$1,100...$1,000...$900....$950...$970....$960...and one ups from there to win everything!

Next is Kimberlyn Wiliams and the third IUFB is his/her bikes.

Kimberlyn: $950
Sonia: $182
Eric: $850
Cynthia: $951

ARP: $1,060, giving Hamilton the chance at Plinko. The first SP is a shredder marked at $29, and she picks the 9, and it's $59. The second SP is a tool kit marked at $10 and she picks the 1...but it's $50. Third item is a football humidifier marked at $38, and she picks the 3...$35. Final item is a video camera marked at $39 and she picks the 9...it's $79, so she now has four chips.

1. $100 (Right)
2. $500 (Left)
3. DUD (Right)
4. DUD (Left)

The only winner this half gets to the Showcase.

Raphael Gabra then comes on down and the fourth IUFB is a pearl necklace.

Raphael: $999
Kimberly: $800
Sonia: $850
Eric: $1,000

ARP: $1,950, so Tapia will play Any Number for a desk or a Dodge Dakota (Std., Paint, AT, Mats, ALB, Heater). First number of the truck is 2. His first pick is 4...the desk is worth at least $400. His second pick is 6...there's at least six bucks in the piggy bank today. Third pick is 2...that's the last number of the piggy bank ($ 6. _ 2). Fourth pick is 3...he wins $6.32. Unlike Lucky Seven, this playing wasn't that easy- the truck was $21,075 and the desk was $498.

Jacquelyn Schwab then exits the audience and the next IUFB is a collection of water inflatables.

Jacquelyn: $650
Raphael: $1,300
Kimberlyn: $500
Sonia: $651

ARP: $990, meaning Fisher is the last person of the first four contestants to exit Contestant's Row. She'll play Grocery Game for an outdoor package worth $11,364. The groceries available are Ziploc bags, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, pineapple slices and soup. Her first purchase is one box of Ziploc bags, which are $2.79. Second pick is eight pineapple cans, after originally wanting to say ten. Bad move- if she had stuck with ten, as the ARP for each one was $1.79, she would've won with a total of $20.69. Instead, she now has $17.11. She then goes with three cans of soup. Each one is $1.07, meaning she still wins big with a grand total of $20.32!

The final player is Brian Burchussa and the final IUFB is kayaking equipment.

Brian: $1,700
Jacquelyn: $1,100
Raphael: $1,101
Kimberlyn: $1,200

All are over.

Brian: $1,070
Jacquelyn: $975
Raphael: $900
Kimberlyn: $1,000

ARP: $1,077, so double B will play Double Prices for a snowmobile. It's either $6,242 or $7,998. He picks $7,998, my guess....he wins!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 60...and 40 for $1,000! BB spins the dollar too! Fisher spins 45...and again, so she's done. Tapia spins 80 cents, while BB...gets 90 cents and will be in the Showcase!

First Showcase features two models trying to build a TPIR robot. First, they want to use some new binocculars for its eyes. Second, for its brain, they use a new laptop computer. Finally, now that it's activated, they tell it to clean a new TrailManor trailer. Armstrong bids $36,000, which is a WILLY OF THE CENTURY. For BB, we have a dining room, a cappuccino machine and a Mexican Cruise and he bids one buck.

ARP for him: $17,852. ARP for the lady: $27,478. If she had listened to my bid of $25,000, she would've won. Instead, BB wins today and takes home $27,927 in cash and prizes.

Family Feud: The Krause family defends their championship for the first time against the Cowleys. The challengers are led by Janice, and she's got Patrice, Philip, Darold and Lamont with her, and they have come from Chicago to "double down". OK, now.

Opening question: Classic movies that are often ranked as one of the ten best movies of all time on certain lists. Starting with:

1. "Gone with the Wind" (43, Janice)

The family from Chicago will play. Patrice starts the round with "The Sound of Music"....bottom answer (3)! Philip then goes with "A Christmas Story"....I don't think so. Next is Darold with "The Blues Brothers"...not up there, either. Lamont then tries to save the team with a guess of "Miracle on 34th Street"...three strikes in a row. Michelle then goes for the steal with "Casablanca"...that's #2 (9) for 46 points. Not said:

3. "It's a Wonderful Life" (7)
4. "The Wizard of Oz" (4)
5. "Citizen Kane" (3)
6. "Pretty Woman" (3)

Next question: Things that get released. Starting with:

1. Prisoners (24, Alana)

The champs will play this time. Julie's first guess today is movies...#4 (13)! Lee is next with plays...no. Jeff then says caged animals...that and fish are #3 (17)! Michelle is next up with new menu items...no. Alana tries to avert a steal opportunity for now with just plain ol' food....NO- STRIKE THREE. Janice goes for a slight lead with balloons...that's #6 (5) for 54. Answers not given:

2. Gas (17)
5. Music/CDs (7)
7. Breath (3)

Double: Name something you need if you wanted to open a funeral home. Starting with:

1. Dead people (25, Philip)

The challengers will play. Darold's next guess is caskets...#2 (24)! Lamont then says hurses...no. Janice tries to do better with plots...I don't think so. Patrice then answers morticians...the entire staff is #3 (16)! Philip then blanks out, so the champs have a chance to take the lead back. Michelle says that one of the remaining answers is a chapel...NO, so the challengers still lead with 184. Let's reveal those bottom answers:

4. Money (7)
5. License (6)

Triple: Name something that you give grown-up men in order to calm them down. Lee rings in with TV...that counts as the remote for #3 (16). Darold tries to do better with other women...bottom answer (16), so he may have just caused the champs to be home free here. Jeff says car keys...no. Michelle then says food...#2 (18)! If they don't get the top answer in two chances, they're in big trouble. Alana thinks that the answer up top is beer...all booze (36) is good enough for the win at 304!

Fast Money: Here are the questions posed to Jeff and Lee this time.

1. According to 100 women, name something you would let men do if you wanted them to.
2. Name something you might find on top of a pie.
3. Name something police might keep in their lockers.
4. Name something big stars have that's also big.
5. Name something specific that strays.

My guesses:
1. Sleep (Watch TV was my second guess)
2. Whipped cream (A cherry was my other guess)
3. Uniforms (Handcuffs was my second guess)
4. Limo
5. People (Animals was my second guess)

Jeff says watch football, whipped cream, change of clothes, egos and cats for 178! Lee blanked out on the last question. Her first guess is sporting events. Her second guess is ice cream...18 said it. Her third answer is pictures for the police question...9 is enough for $20,000! She also gave the #1 answer on her last guess for the fourth question with houses! Two-day total for this team: $20,655.

At the end of the show, a memorable moments reel was shown!

WOF: Kelly Ripa did a shout out to begin the show. Tonight's players are Lauren Bauman (in the blue) from West Memphis, Arkansas (who is a stay-at-home mom), Clark Elkins from Virginia Beach, VA (who is a lieutenant from the U.S. Navy) and Heather Berry from Kingsburg, CA.

Bauman gets LAUGHING OUT LOUD for $1,000 and then FINISHED BASEMENT to go to $3,000.

Round 1 category is Husband & Wife and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 trip to Ireland, inspired by the new movie "P.S., I Love You". After she calls the F, we have...

_ _ R _/_ N _ _ _ N _/&/

_ E N N _ F E R/_ _ _ E _

...I know it now, and she does too with MARC ANTHONY & JENNIFER LOPEZ! That takes her to $7,450.

(Flashback moment from 1999: The infamous A GROUP OF PILL-PUSHERS guess from a show from NYC!)

Jackpot Round category is Fictional Character. Early on, Berry calls the N for the Wild Card. Bauman then calls a pair of T's for the Free Spin and $600. After missing out on at least a $3,500 payoff, she uses her Free Spin. Next, she calls the L for the 25 wedge prize- a $2,500 gift certificate from Target. After she buys the I's, we have...

_ L I N _ A/THE/_ _ _ _/_ I T C H

...and she solves GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH for $1,750 and the Target prize, for a new total of $11,700.

Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Song Title. After she buys the A's, we have...

A L _ _ S T

_ A R A _ _ S E

...and she solves ALMOST PARADISE for another grand and a trip to Hawaii, making her new total 21 grand!

The Virginia guy gets his first $3,000 with VISITING TEAM! Next category is Around the House. After Bauman fills out the first word by calling a $5,000 F, we have...

FLAT/S _ R _ _ N/T _ L _ _ _ S _ _ N

...it took me a little while, but I know it, and she does as well with FLAT SCREEN TELEVISION! She's now up to $26,700. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,500 a pop. After she calls the T's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ R _/_ N _/_ _ N T R _ S T

...I've got it...but she doesn't. The man calls the C's but can't solve. Berry calls the M and has seven grand at stake, but she can't solve. Bauman calls the D and blanks. The man calls the P and solves COMPARE AND CONTRAST to finish with $7,500. Berry has the $1,000 consolation check and Bauman wins by a landslide with $26,700!

Can she really prove she's that good of a player in the bonus round? Let's find out. She spins the I and the category is On the Map. Starting with:

_ L _ _ S T _ _ _

Bauman calls C, H, F and A and gets...

F L A _ S T A F F

..the F's and the A did it for her- FLAGSTAFF! She wins $30,000 for a grand total of $56,700 in cash and prizes! One of the best players I've seen all season!
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